Blog Post #34 – July 25, 2017



Greetings fellow Pogoians!

We’re in the middle of summer, can you believe it? Not only is the sun shining down to remind me that it’s summer, but my garden is in peak season right now with zucchini and tomatoes! Can I see a show of hands here on all those who agree that garden-fresh tomatoes are one of the best tasting foods on this planet? I’m pretty sure Gardener Spike in Poppit! Party feels the same way.


Sneak Peek

Pogo_Rachael is back this week with a behind the scenes look into an upcoming episode of CLUE Secrets & Spies.

“We’ve had lots of episodes about time machines on CLUE in the past, usually involving some sort of malfunction – as I imagine time machines would be pretty buggy at first – but this time I thought it’d be fun to explore the idea of a company mass-producing faulty time machines without any thought as to the impact it would have. Here’s a scene preview from next week’s episode, ‘Time After Time!’”




Next Tuesday, August 1, is the changeover of styles for Crossword Cove. We’ve put together an article with more information for you about this changeover – if you’re a Crossword Cove fan, please take a moment to read it over! Click here to read the Crossword Cove article.


Club Pogo Membership Appreciation Week

Thank you to all Club Pogo members and Happy 14th Anniversary to Club Pogo! Let’s be real here, it’s always fun at Pogo but last week was extra fun. Am I right? It’s like when you get two extra cookies in the bag. Mmmm…cookies….ok focus, Pogo_Llama, focus.

Last week’s celebration had special sales, 10 free Badges for the Badge Marathon, a Free Mini item, and even more freebies…I’m beaming just thinking about it. How did you all do in the Badge Marathon? I was able to wrangle up the Mahjong Escape and Poppit! Bingo Badges right away, but then Tri-Peaks slowed me down as I was striving for those 10-card streaks 18 times. I have to thank the players in the chat rooms that I was talking to while playing. So many of you were providing very helpful tips and kept my motivation going to complete my Badges.


It’s poll time!

Sooooo ……Did you complete the Badge Marathon AND which of the ten Badge Marathon Badges was your favorite?

Take the poll and let us know!

Which Game Badge was the most fun for you to complete for the July 2017 Badge Marathon?

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Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)


Q. Are there plans to develop a system to let friends know my status in chat?

A. This question has me curious and now I have several questions regarding this question.

First off, this is what currently is available with chat and notifications of your friends: If you join a chat room and your friend is in there, there will be a display message that says your friend is in the chat. You can also see in your friend’s list where your friends are if they are online and if they allow that option.

The short answer to the question is no, there are not plans to implement anything further in chat right now. However, I’m the player advocate and that means I listen to the Pogo community and see what I can relay to the team. Which leads me to ask: how do you keep in touch with friends here on Pogo? How would you LIKE to keep in touch with friends here on Pogo? Chat notifications you say? Please let me know what specifically you’d like to see by commenting below.


I come from a long line of bingo players so it’s no surprise I LOVE Poppit! Bingo. And honestly, how can I not with THIS face smiling at me all the time. The Great Wall of China Spike and I have similar smiles.

Smile on, my friends!





NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • How about some new levels on Match and Merge. love the game. Love Pogo

  • I would really love to see some badges for Mahjongg Dark Dimensions please and thank you!(:

  • I only did a couple of the badges to many to little time.
    Thank you for all the goodies and freebies.
    Pogo chat seems to be going away with the new games. The chat list is on bottom and can not see it while playing. Folks come to say hi and think you are not answering them.

    • You’re welcome, dogset.

    • I agree with dogset. on the new games. The whole point of being in pogo for 17 years is meeting friends and chatting.

  • Loved the Marathon ! The badges were not hard to do at all. The badge we got today for completing it , is awesome :) Thank you for the info on Flash ! I read your Blog and info more then I ever have, anything on Pogo lol. It is very informative. Enjoyed the new PBA and the new MnM badges. Looking forward to that special challenge, whatever it may be…

    • Thanks for your comment, KhloeKat1. I’m very happy you enjoyed the Badge Marathon and all the festivities surrounding it. :)

  • good Thursday afternoon,
    I see by todays Post that some Jave games are going H5ml. Thats great news! Aces up is a
    favorite. Please consider Pogo Addiction for the change also. I think that is the overall
    favorite of many Pogoites. There are so many great Jave games and I know they cant all be
    changed over. But one can alsways hope, lol. HAGD.

  • I see the announcement about Flash Thank You

  • POGO…Thank You for the Great Looking Marathon Badge. It is a STAR in my book.

  • Thank you for the badge marathon and all the badge gifts! That was a nice touch.

    I see that next week’s Wednesday challenge is in Poppit Party and I have a question – will more costumes be released by then? I have now completed all the costumes AND with the limit on the coins there is no interest or incentive to play it now… I am contemplating leaving that badge until after more costumes are released.

    • Hello Hellga99,
      Thank you for the message and I’m so happy you enjoyed the Badge Marathon and the festivities that surrounded it.
      New costumes will not be released for next week’s Wednesday Challenge with Poppit! Party. Thank you for your question.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the freebies last week and the marathon was fun and I did manage to get it done to earn the special badge. But I see from reading the other comments that many people said they couldn’t finish. It should be mentioned that the various challenges lasted much longer than the given time for the special badge. They can still earn the individual badges if they keep playing them within the allotted time.

    I liked during the marathon I could activated all 10 and divided my playing time in playing them. But on the free set I picked I had to complete one at a time. If I tried to activate another one I either had to activate a new one and lose progress on the one I was working on.

    I’m waiting on my tomatoes to get ripe! I have some large green ones but they are being stubborn on getting ripe. At least it always seems that way waiting on good fresh garden tomatoes. LOL

    • Zazzo_,
      You’re a rockstar. Thank you. Your tips are so helpful so thank you for sharing them. Good luck on the waiting on your tomatoes. I would have a VERY hard time waiting to eat such deliciousness! Take care.

  • Pogo has made a lot of good changes and additions to the games and the site. Standing Ovation!
    Can you tell us August game of month? Thank you very much!!!!

    • Thanks so much for enjoying Pogo and all there is to offer. We love having ya! Stay tuned for August Game of the Month!

  • could you tell me which blog has the info on cookie connect. Please!!!!

    • also could you give us a list of all the Java games. I have several badges to finish on them.

      • Please click on All Games and when you look to the far right side of the page, you will see a header called “Technology” and under that, you can select from Flash or Java to see which of our games are under those formats. Thank you. option

    • Hi mama,
      I’m happy to research which blog you’re looking for. Could you please tell me what information about Cookie Connect you’re looking for, though? Is it instructional information? Thank you.

      • yes it is the instructional information. Thank you for getting back to me so soon. By the why, I love the new Pogo games, a little difficult at first, but it gets easier with the instructions.

  • Hey Llama,

    PLEASE ask the Pogo Tech Team to tweak a few things in some of the Hidden Objects games for us so that we will know which cities, episodes, or quests we still need to work on and which ones we have already “Completed”.

    For example: – In “Big City Adventure”, if they could change the words and colors to show us:

    ‘Completed’ in ‘GREEN’ type when we finish a city,
    ‘In Progress’, or ‘Not Complete’ in ‘YELLOW’ type for the ones we have started, but NOT yet finished,
    ‘Begin’ or ‘Start’ in all ‘WHITE’ or ‘White with a RED outline’ on the ones we haven’t started playing yet.
    * Also, it would help so much if they could ENLARGE the Print type on this one especially as it’s very hard to read the words on the map.

    – In “Clue”, please ask them to change it to read . . .
    ‘Play Again’ in ‘GREEN’ type for our completed episodes, and
    ‘Play Now’ in ‘ANOTHER’ color other than Green please to show the ones that are purchased, but NOT worked.

    – In “Undiscovered World”, . . .
    Please ask them to change the ones that we’ve ‘Completed’ to ‘ANOTHER’ color other than ‘White’ so we can tell the difference.

    – In “Claire Hart”, they have it somewhat better for us, but . . .
    Please change “Play Now” to ‘ANOTHER’ color other than Green, that would help us know where we last left off

    Thanks so much Llama for listening and being our advocate, you’re the BEST! : )

    • I will pass these very well thought out points along to the team. Thank you for taking the time to make them.

  • The Marathon Completion badge lQQks great.
    Thank the designer please! Thanks for
    a fun marathon!

  • I enjoyed most the games and would love to see more ranks in Tri Peaks. tyvm


    • Hi ams0994,
      Thank you for participating in the Badge Marathon and so glad you enjoyed it. To win the Badge Marathon special Badge, players had to complete all 10 Badges by July 23 at 11:59PM PDT. Players that did not reach that goal were not awarded the Badge. The free Mini was in your Gifts. Thank you!

  • Hi Pogo_Llama! I would like to thank-you for all of your very timely posts and information. My post is concerning the issue with Flash. I am aware Pogo is working to make some games like Trizzle and World Class Solitaire available in the HTML format. I am really, really hoping that Mahjong Garden, Pogo Bowl, and Tri Peaks Solitaire are also among the Flash games that will be changed over, as those are my most favorites Flash games.

    • Hi Pogo_Llama! I am very sorry to bother you again but I just thought of another Flash game I would love to be formatted to HTML, along with the other games I’ve already listed in my two other posts (Mahjong Garden, Pogo Bowl, Tri Peaks Solitaire, Bejeweled 3, and Canasta) and that game is Claire Hart: Soul Searcher.

    • I agree, Pogo Bowl in in the Tournament.

  • Loved the Marathon great fun to do,will be watching for another one, thank you Pogo.

  • are we ever going to get any new word games????????

  • Hi Pogo_Llama! I thought of a couple of more Flash games I would love to see formatted to HTML to add to the three games mentioned in my previous post (those games being Mahjong Garden, Pogo Bowl, and Tri Peaks Solitaire), and they are Bejeweled 3 and Canasta.

  • There are several games that I would like to see converted to HTML: dice city roller, thousand island solitaire, penguin blocks, lottso, and lottso express, just to name a few. I would also like to see more ranks added to dice city, thousand Island, and lottso express

  • I did not get to finish the marathon,. It is hard to play the marathon and keep up with the tournament which goes for 2 weeks. Was sorry I DID not get it finished as I always like playing in them

    • I really appreciate that you did participate in the Badge Marathon, Patvb123. Thank you. Which challenge was your favorite?

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the marathon and I wish I had been able to do it, dang it. Oh well, next time! haha I also wanted to say what a shock it was, but super cool, when coming back from a vacation and finding all those freebies!!!! Wow, what an awesome treat THAT was huh?? I love almost all of the badge challenges and can’t wait to start them.

    And kind of a side note here….and it’s probably just me (lol) but I’ve been REALLY missing some of the the old Pogo games we used to have challenges in! I mean, they aren’t the greatest games of all time but they’re so “Pogo!” Know what I mean? Like Greenback Bayou, Fortune Bingo, Word Whomp Whackdown, Tumble Bees and several other oldie but goodies. I dunno why I’ve been missing them, but I have. hahaha Anyone else here feel the same way? Thanks again for all the great freebies for us members!!!

    • Howdy Burdhunter3232,
      Thank you for our comment. I wish you had had more time for the Badge Marathon as well. I do hope you had fun with the time you did have playing it. Good luck on going forth to win the Badges from it. :)

  • playing blind here in one eye on the hidden objects. i could not see the top half with left eyed. as it ws not in the large, as in the large when i clicked all over the board for things to pop out, it would click on things that weren’t in the list. so i went back to small. and waited on the clues, i am up to like 252 now right eye is blind. can’t see out of it. but the clues work on the small only without giving you a far out place where you have to click around it until it hits.

    • Hello Skittlesdcat1
      Thank you for reporting what you are experiencing while playing a Hidden Object Game while not having sight in one eye. I will pass this along as it’s a valid issue to consider when making games in the future. Thank you for being a part of Pogo.

  • Please do not change Crossword. I love this puzzle and it would be a shame to change it.

  • I almost blew it with the marathon. I thought it was cool that POGO gave us so many badges to do. I was opening them one at a time and taking my time doing them. You know, you would open one and it would say that you had 3 weeks to get it done. Then at some point I saw that we were suppose to finish them all in a week to get a special badge. Fortunately I am retired because at that point I was going to have to hustle. Well, I was able to finish them up on Saturday. But I will say that I didn’t get much else accomplished at my The only POGO game that I like that I seem to have trouble with is POPPIT BINGO. After each game it freezes and I have to go back to the POGO home page to work my way back in. I don’t seem to lose anything. It is just a hassle. I understand it is because I am using IE which apparently does not support this particular game very well. It worked fine until you made those last updates. I do find it interesting that all the other HTML games seem to work just fine.

    • Hello! Oh my, well I am very happy you were able to get all the Badges done despite the start. I’ll definitely make it a point to have the start/end and challenges more clear in the future. Where would it be helpful to list all of the details so you and other players will be able to see them?

      • I don’t know. I think it would just be helpful if I paid more Maybe in the big square where you announce everything (but then again maybe it was there and I didn’t read)like ATTENTION: Finish the marathon by Sunday and you will get a special badge.

  • Speaking of poppit party I noticed that it is one of the challenges next week…Since I am
    maxed out on everything I will not be able to get the 250,ooo popcoins required to get the badge…since I have every challenge badge you offer, it is of concern to me and I am sure others in the same situation…Any chance that part two will be on line by then…thanks..

    • Hi boxerbrats_,
      The Wednesday Challenge for tomorrow in Poppit! Party will not be PopCoins-related so you will be able to participate. Thank you.

  • I wish these big badge marathons could at least last for a few months though…..

  • cant get my java games to play need help

  • I would like to see the option to search for friends by geographical location. Then I could find fellow pogonians who live nearby!

  • A popup about a survey on pogo keeps coming up every 30 seconds or so wont even let my computer get on somethng about giving free gifts if you answer. It has come up at least 500 more times after I answered it and did not want any of the gifts. PLEASE: PLEASE< get it off my screen permently. I would be afraid to click on anything else pogo was offering at this time, and I LOVE POGO

    • Hi Sherry,
      It appears that your computer has picked up some malware. This was not picked up from Pogo but from an outside source. Please go here to contact customer support on how to get rid of it. Thank you.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama I love Pogo and all that you do for members and non members. My question is they anyway I can reset my coins in Poppit Party I got all the costumes and my coins count is at max please helllllllllllppppppppppppp.

    thank u

    • Hi Mrgoo40,
      Thank you for your question about Poppit! Party. Congratulations on winning ALL the costumes! There is not a reset option at this time. The team is looking at expanding to more costumes in the future but there is no estimated time of devilry on that. I will keep you posted here, on the blog, when I get more information. Thank you.

  • will i ever be able to play tumble bees & word craft on flash?

    • Hi Raji2217,
      Great question. Those games will not be available on Flash. Thank you for asking and for playing.

  • So sorry about change to Crossword Cove. I will play next two days, then won’t bother with it anymore.

  • i JOINED THE MARATHON,HOWEVER, I HAD A VERY VERY HARD TIME WITH SWEET TOOTH 2. I THOUGHT IT was awful to get 90 5 in a row in such a short time. I did not finish in time, however, I did finish ALL the others on time. I would like to know how many finished the Marathon.

    • Thank you for participating in the Badge Marathon, mealmoochertq. I do not have the data on how many finished the Badge Marathon, unfortunately. But thank you for being a part of it.

  • OMG!!! The badge marathon was amazing!! Thank you so much for all of your generosity. I went to look and see what the marathon was about about and i was blown away at all of the freebies! Free badges, a whole free album! WOW!! I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you again and keep up all of the good work~

    • Well thank you so so much, fairytalesink! I am VERY happy you enjoyed the Badge Marathon and festivities that went along with it a few weeks back. I’ll be sure to share your comment with the team. Thank you!

  • Hello Llama, Your question was about chat and though there have been some comments on the subject most posts are not dealing with the subject. I have been playing on Pogo for many years when ads popped up and you had to wait for your game to come back up. When I saw you could pay to get rid of the ads I jumped at the chance. I have seen many, many changes over the years but the way chat is displayed now is not a good change. I want my private chat with my dear friends. I don’t want to talk about personal things in an open room. Most of my Pogo friends I have never met just like most Pogo players we have come here to play games and make friends. I can’t chat to my friends while playing a game when the chat space is at the bottom. So my request is for the chat space to go back to the side and give us back our private chat please.

    • HI attilabc1,
      Thank you for your feedback on chat. I really value your thoughts and will pass along the message.

  • I just paid for the year of pogo,then used gems for 4 games.I went to play them and would not DOWNLOAD. What is going I cant play poppit,marjong,world classic solitare and really most games.I tried canasta that i play all the time and cant. please fix these issues. I would not have paid yesterday if i knew I cant play games.

    • Thank you for renewing your Club Pogo subscription, Karen13460. Please contact customer support as they will have to look into this for you. Thank you.

  • I just wondering why the chat boxes doesn’t stay active anymore like it use to you have to click in it every time you want to say something.

    Thank you

    • Hi defab151,
      Thanks for your question. That is actually the way chat works as when you play a game, that is where the cursor is directed. I understand the hassle but that is the way it generally works with chat and the games. Thank you for asking.

  • Hello Pogo Llama, my favorite game is Qwerty, Do you suppose you could pass it along to the Pogo team to come up with PBA on just this game? I have been a member for 7 years , so if they already had one I missed it so maybe it can be brought back? Please let me know…Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hello annetteg48,
      Thanks for your question about Qwerty. I will ask, but as it’s Java, I’m not sure that’s possible. Thank you for asking and for enjoying the game.

  • I have been told that I cannot purchase any more gems until October my Anniversary date. I am having withdraw problems as I cannot play games where I need to purchase help. Is this true?

    • Hi Janet,
      That doesn’t sound right. Please head over to customer support (click here) and let them know what is going on so they can help you out. Thank you.

  • I would LOVE to see High Stakes Pool be added back so we can play it. I’ve missed it so much!!!

  • I only play Scrabble. Will the Java/Adobe thing affect Scrabble on Pogo?

  • Is there any possibility that the next time you have a Badge marathon you put it in it’s own separate album, so we can work on other MandM badges at the same time?. Those marathons are very time intensive and it would give us more reward for the time spent playing those marathons

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I definitely will pass this along to the team as I feel it’s a great idea but not sure what would be required to implement it.