Blog Post #33 – July 18, 2017


Hello Pogoians!

This is the 33rd edition of the Pogo Insider. The reason I mention that is because one of my favorite songs is called “33” (by The Smashing Pumpkins) so the 1990s in me needed to get that out there. Happy 33rd Pogo Insider!

Did you happen to notice which two games were part of the Wednesday Challenge that started last Wednesday, July 12? Yup yup, Poppit! Party (premiere Wed Challenge for Poppit! Party!!) AND, my personal favorite, Phlinx! I just finished both Badges and it was SUPER fun.


Sneak Peek

Here’s a preview for the Thursday Mini release of Beat the Heat! What do you all think of those sharks on the shorts and that really fun shark mouth on the swimsuit? Also, I’m a bit hungry for some watermelon after looking at these. What’s your favorite summer fruit?!


And the winner is….

Last week, you voted in a Pogo Insider exclusive poll for an upcoming Mini hairstyle. The popular vote went to: SHORT HAIR! Woohoo! You can expect to see this new short hairstyle out in the Mini mall later on. Don’t worry, though: the Mini artists are working to include other hairstyles as well, we just wanted a vote to help us decide what to go with for the first item!.


Crossword Cove Reminder

If you’re a regular player, make sure you get caught up on all your Crossword Cove puzzles. We’ll be switching it to a UK format on August 1. You can read more about that here.


We thank you

Pogo is celebrating 14 years of Club Pogo and it started yesterday! If you’re a Club Member, you received 10 FREE Badges for the (2nd) Pogo Badge Marathon. If you haven’t picked those up yet,  here’s the deal. You MUST activate the Badges and once you activate the Badge, you have 2 weeks to complete the Challenge. However, if you are aiming for the Badge Marathon special animated Badge, you MUST complete ALL TEN Badges before Sunday, July 23rd at 11:59 PM PDT.

And now, here is a complete list of the Club Pogo Membership Anniversary activities! Woohoo!

  •  4 FREE Legendary Badges. Open them in your gifts by clicking here.
  •  FREE Mini! Click here for that.
  •  1 FREE Coupon good for 1 FREE Mix n Match Badge. This Excludes Legendary Badges, Decades Badges, and Limited Edition Badges. Click here and use the coupon code: FREEMNM17
  • 3 in 1 Time Management Power Pack from iWin downloadable games. Claim that by clicking here.
  • 25% off (up to 20) Mix n Match Badges using coupon code: CPDAYMNM17.  This Excludes Legendary Badges, Decades Badges, and Limited Edition Badges. Claim by clicking here.
  • 1 FREE Premium Badge Album using coupon code: FREEPBA17 (This sale excludes PBA 120). Click here to apply code.
  • 25% off up to 20 Premium Badge Albums using Coupon Code: CPDAYPBA17 and click here for that! (This sale excludes PBA 120).
  • Mix n Match back from the Vault JAVA SALE! Click here.
  • Check your Special Edition Album for this year’s commemorative Special Celebration Badge. Check it out by clicking here.
  • Starting Friday July 21 through Sunday July 23, Solitaire Gardens will have a 25% off sale on all Power Ups and Seeds.
  • And my very favorite Club Pogo Anniversary Celebration is…the release of 19 of the most player requested Premium Badge Albums! WHAT?! Yes, so click here to see those.

ATTENTION: All coupon codes expire on July 23, 2017 at 11:59:59 PM PDT.

QUESTION for all Club Pogo members: How long have you been a Club Pogo member? Please share with us your favorite Club Pogo moment in the comments below.




Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. When will the 2nd phase of Poppit! Party be available? I’ve already collected all the costumes and leveled them up!

A. Congratulations if this is you. Congratulations if this will be you eventually, for collecting all the costumes is not easy! I also love to see Pogoians such as yourselves enjoying a game so much that they do complete all the goals so quickly. I’m also happy that you’re enjoying Poppit! Party so much that you’re looking forward to even MORE Poppit! Party. So when is that “phase 2” of Poppit! Party going to arrive on Pogo? I asked the team and those costumes and all the features are still being worked on. They are still in the planning and design stages at this time. Awww, I know but turn those frowns upside down because just as soon as they have any information, I will let you all know here. I really will!


Onward I go back to start in on the Badge Marathon!

Please don’t forget to comment below on the question I asked above. How long have you been a Club Pogo member? Thank you for being here!





NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • Thank You

  • Been a member for 8 years. Favorite memories met lyonhearted033 in Bingo Leal we become real close. Adopted each other he is big bro, which makes me little sis. We would play a game together till we ranked out in it. Then pick another one and do it all over again. While ranking out in POGO Bowl we met sandi1943. Several in the room was talking about life in general and problems they had. One mentioned fibromyalgia. I asked who it was, sandi1943 said it was her. I also suffer with it we are both at the severe stage. We hit it of with that and adopted each other as sisters, that was February 2010, she lost her husband late August of that year. We would talk on the phone everyday. I made myself a promise no telling her for quite a while that I was gonna make her laugh at least once a day. Whether on purpose or by opening my mouth and putting my foot in LOL. We talked on the phone 6-10 hors a day everyday. October 20,2010 we became mother and daughter. I call her mom or mum that one is has a special meaning behind it. We have matching rings that says hers mum & daughter on top and the date inside, mine daughter & mum. So far I’ve ben able to keep that promise to make her laugh everyday that we have talked. In that 7 years there has been maybe a month total we didn’t get to talk with a day here and there. Only because one of us was too sick or in too much pain from our fibromyalgia to hold the phone to talk. We play together everyday we are able to get on the computer. We have fun competing with each other to see who gets the badge first. In Clue we do the same thing for each room. But with a little more fun. We always help each other find their items. One time she had read her list to me as we always do. Hers was jumping out at me and I would tell her where they were. We had all of hers found before any of mine. And didn’t realize it till she clicked the last one. And I had none of mine and had to do it on my own lol. We would be talking and find we had so many things in common. That I got a book and started writing them down. As of now we have over 420 things in common. Back to my big bro lyonhearted033, he don’t get to play any more had some small strokes a few years back. And his short term memory won’t allow him to play. But we are still family and very close. These two may not be related to me by blood except for the blood of Jesus. But they are more family then I was born into. They are real family to me, and me to them.

    • Beautiful story of your 8 years in Club Pogo membership, tweetymonkey. Simply wonderful and thank you for sharing it with us all in the Pogo community. Pogo really is a place of gathering and getting through all of life’s happenings. I’m so glad you and your family are here.

    • One thing I meant to add and forgot to about me and my mom was. We live over 1,300 miles apart and have not been able to meet in person “YET’. But we was on the phone playing Mahjong Safari and the game said she had one match. She couldn’t find it. I told her look in the top right corner. She said I did it’s not there. I said yes it is look again. And there it was. Now as we all know there is no way in the world I could see her game, but that is how close we are. We can feel when something is wrong with the other person. Whether it be good or bad we have felt what the other one is feeling.
      Also an important part I left out for my brother is we live even further apart. It is over 2,000 miles apart. He took a bus and came to see me so we could meet in person. We spent the weekend getting to know each other. Met with a big hug and left with a big hug with me crying. We ate out. He went to church with me and my husband on Sunday. He is a Vietnam Vet the Lord blessed me with a song I wrote. I was able to have a friend to help me surprise him and she sung it for me and I did the sign language to it. And it was about serving in our military, with tears streaming down my face.

  • Well I have so much to say, want this to get posted so will have to watch what I say LOL. First I have been a member since 2008. Didn’t start getting into badges until 2009, it took awhile, but I became a badge nut and now I am just badge crazed LOL, This is the best site of it’s kind for the price and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Was so happy those PBA were brought back for people who hadn’t done them. I had bought them a long time ago and what made me the happiest is the Java re-release of MnM badges. Took me down memory lane and made me smile. I come on this site to relax and even though it is virtual and many people say why do you do the badges, they are worthless. Well to me they aren’t, they make me happy and that’s all that counts. I anxiously look forward to new releases and always hope a favorite game will be for one of the badges or in a album. Pogo has changed and so have people. I made many good friends along the way, some have died, some left because their health prevented them from playing anymore and some are still in my friends. People need to remember we are only given one life and one chance at it, so enjoy it. Have fun playing the games, don’t be rude, don’t fight, be helpful to people playing games. Also go to Help if you need help with the games. Check under the game or games you have trouble with in that forum. And quit being rude to Pogo_ Llama, I read all of the posts, she works for EA and is doing the job she is paid to do, she is not tech support LOL Most of all just use common sense, it makes life so much easier. I love the raining watermelon, who doesn’t like to eat watermelon or smell freshly mown grass that smells like it LOL Happy 14th Anniversary Club Pogo. Hope for many more years on here and more fun as time goes by :)

    • Thank you for sharing your story of being a Club Pogo member since 2008, KhloeKat1. You hit the nail on the head by saying we must enjoy the life we have.
      I hope you have a terrific rest of the week. Take much care.

  • Where do I go to suggest an idea for a mini? I waited to see the new summer-themed minis, but not the one I really wanted. I’d like to see a hammock between 2 trees, sun shining, small table with drink on it, and a person in the hammock with a hand fan (just holding the fan, no action). That to me is summer!! Less beach scenes and more backyard, real summer beaters; or something like that.

    • I will actually pass your suggestion along to Pogo_Rachael. Thank you for posting it right here. I love the idea of a hammock on a Mini. I just laid in one a few weeks ago and read a book. Very relaxing.

  • Been a member since 2009.My favorite moment was meeting the love of my life on here. Thank you pogo for bringing us together. I never would have met him if not for you guys.:)

    • Thank you for being a Club Pogo member since 2009, swtluv4u! WOW! And many happy wishes to you and your love that you met here on Pogo!

      • we are trying to do the challenges in tri-peaks and in first class solitare…the game will not load,it has not been a problem in the past …im assuming its on pogos end…please fix this as we paid to play the challenges and we cant…..thanks

        • Which browser are you using? I just tried to load the games on Chrome and both loaded for me.

  • Wow..I love all the new summer clothes from the mini mall..GREAT job. A big hooray who ever designs them…

    • Thank you soooo much for saying so, Diane00Betty! I will let Pogo_Rachael know!

  • I’ve been a Club Pogo member for 8 years now. I’m confused by all the badges in the Marathon because of the FREE badges you so thoughtfully gave us Club players. What badges are in the “till Sunday to complete” and which are from the other free albums? It took a LONG time to get the “5 candies” badge and the 1st Class Solitaire one, also. I just finished the Canasta 32,000 points badge in a few hours. That went much faster and I really enjoy the game. Brings back memories of my teen years in the 50’s! :)

    • Hello iwidow62 and thank you for 8 years of Club Pogo Membership!
      If you are trying for the Badge Marathon animated Badge, you have until July 23 at 11:59 PM PDT to complete all 10 of those Badges. That’s just to qualify for that one animated Badge. But you have the time allotted on the specific Badge to complete it. Many of the Badges have different completion goals on them.
      Also, I just wanted to say, I love that Canasta brought back some great memories for you. :)
      Thank you!

  • Help .. trying to get free album & badge .. pressed click here and go to add album where do I add the code..??

    • Hi c48fishswm,
      Once you’ve selected the Badge/Album you’d like and clicked on “Add to Cart,” please click on “Checkout” and then on the next screen you’ll see an area to put the code in. Once you’ve entered the correct code in that space, hit “Apply” and then “Confirm”. I do hope that helps! Thank you.

  • Asked around and one of pogo’s buddies helped me sorry Thanks for free items :)

  • Never written before but am now a widow and have to rely on you for more help. I have a Mac so run into problems from time to time with games that, apparently, others do not. Especially when there is a Java update. Right now I cannot play any Java games because there is a new version out & I do not know how to update it. Also when my son set up my new computer, I thought he said he set it where any new version would automatically update. Guess he didn’t. Can you give me some help about this? Thanks.

    • Hello oSoSt,
      Welcome and hanks for writing to me here in the comments.
      For any and all technical help (that includes loading issues and browser questions and Java updates), I’m going to have to point you to Pogo customer support. You can reach them by clicking here and they will be able to take a closer look into your questions and help you out. Thank you for commenting and for being here.

  • I already did several of the 10 badges. Yes I clicked on the activate button and it said I won. Now I have to do them again WHY

    • Not to worry, GN. That’s a known issue and as long as you completed them once, you will not have to complete them again in order to have them count towards the entire marathon.

  • I have been playing with pogo since january of 2001 when everything was free. I reluctantly finally joined Club pogo officially about a year after it was offered. Lovely, could get in all the games again. Now it seems as well as our subscriptions there is just getting to much gem al a carte. I mean really. I am thankful I am not a competitive type of person or I would be broke. This badge and that badge and mixed up badges, power ups in games all cost gems gems gems which of course cost $$$$. This is not a complaint, merely an observation. I think it is starting to get a bit “much”…pardon the pun. Ty for allowing me to comment. ( First time I ever posted anything in any forum on the site)

    • Thank you sooooo much for being a Club Pogo member since one year after its beginning. And thank you for your feedback and thoughts. I really do appreciate you being a part of the Pogo community, beanbag2774 and I hope you’re still having a great time playing Pogo.

  • Member since 2007.

  • When are they going to add more levels for Cookie Connect? Please stop adding more ranks to other games, if one wishes more, let them re-set their stats and try beat their first original scores. Every time myself and a few others rank out in a game you add more ranks, not to mention too many points to get to your next level rank.

    • Hi missyn69,
      I do know that new levels for Cookie Connect are in the planning stages. I will let you know more once I hear more. Thank you for asking and for enjoying the game.

  • Love getting the 10 free badges for the marathon. Thanks so much. I have a suggestion for the next time something like this is done. Please, once the gift has been opened and is in the player’s collection, along with the number of the badge could the name of the game also be listed. When I went back to activate my gift badges, I had no idea what game went with which badge number.

    • I will absolutely pass this suggestion along, Popper10. Thank you soooo much for commenting and for playing.

  • Like the new outfits for summer, but the new hair styles are not what I expected, they are aweful in my opinion, very disappointed, hopefully better ones come out soon!

    • Thank you for your feedback, annetteg48. Which hairstyles are you looking for?

  • thank you so much Pogo for all the free things. Happy Birthday. I love Pogo.

  • Been here since 2008 i believe :) Love the site and all the games. Am retired so have a lot of time to be a badge addict lol.
    One suggestion…on this page i read most of the comments, at the end would it be possible to have a “return to top” button to push. Make things easier.

    • Hello there “badge addict”, NHdeb46! Thank you for being here since 2008 and for the suggestion on more efficient navigation at the end of the blog. I do realize it can get quite long and scrolling up takes longer. Have a great weekend.

  • i have been with POGO for 10 years and i have enjoyed a moment there was a little while i could not play due my daughters illness and i miss it but she was more important at the time. she passed away in May and POGO has helped me a lot and I LOVE POGO very much.

    • Thank you for your comment, froggynva1944, and please accept my condolences on the passing of your daughter. I’m really glad Pogo has been here for you for the last 10 years and most recently in May with the passing of your daughter. Hugs.

  • October 7, 2003, I became addicted to POGO. I LOVE Sweet Tooth 2. Thank you for free badges. I’ve got one more to get done by Sunday to get animated badge. Wish me luck as it’s the hardest one to me, Tri Peak Solitaire – 10 card streak. Not one of my favorites !!! Time to get back to it.

  • after reading some ones suggestion for on how long its been since plyrs have seen any new summer clothes,,mostly swimwear,for the younger age group,in last 4 years,,at 1st I thought it would be,by passed,so I was extra pleased to see pogo staff prove me wrong,,tysm for for taking the request on board,now I,and prob lots of other plyrs,,old,n,new,can compliment our summer backgrounds with some half decent swimwear,ty for the work that must have gone in2 all those mini items,this year,

  • pogo member since July 4 2001 then Club pogo on July 2005. I love the pogo games very much and it make my brain active during play the puzzle games.

  • July 4, 2004 I joined POGO.

  • Hi, I’ve been with Pogo since 2000 and have met some wonderful friends here. I was very active from 2000-2007 when I even played in tournaments on some of the games. One of the best moments for me is when one of my friends started a friendship with another Pogo member! She was in Canada and he was in England. They got together and got married a few years later. I’ve tried to keep in touch, but time got away from me and before you know it, almost 10 years has passed by that I haven’t played on Pogo! Sadly, I just found out that this friend has passed away. I feel the need to come back and play, even if it’s just for a little time per day. My daughter was young when I started playing here, now she is a 20 yr old working for Disney. Thanks for the free gifts. I still love Pogo!

    • Thank you for being a part of Pogo since the beginning, wcaddey_. I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend and am glad Pogo is here for you. Take care.

  • I have been on Pogo since 2000 and a paying member since they opened memberships. I also love everything about Pogo. The friends I have meet mean so much to me. Having fewer friends since my retirement I feel blessed by the friends I have on here. Thank you Pogo for all you do and the wonderful free gifts!!!

  • Thank you for all the goodies. I couldn’t find the Special Edition Badge in my album. Enjoy the weekend!

  • I came on this morning and the badge is up for me to play. Not sure what happened but if you fixed it I thank you. If it was a glitch then I’m glad it fixed itself :)))

  • Been playing in the Marathon….14 yrs with Pogo always do…..I completed the Poppit. Bingo badge took 3 days and now all of a sudden…it’s back to 0/100…..this really gets in my craw…what’s up…I know I’m not gonna finish the Marathon “cause the games were too long and lousy..but don’t take away what I’ve completed….please respond

  • This is a question: In Poppit!Bingo, is it possible to shut down the music without shutting down the bingo caller? The music is so distracting from the caller. Please let me know. Thank you very much.


    • Hi Goldenjem2,
      Turning off the music in Poppit! Bingo without shutting down the bingo caller is not currently an option. However it is one that has been requested a lot and the team is aware of this desired feature. Thank you.

  • Hello Pogo_Llama I have been a pogo member since (March 2000) 5 months after Pogo started. Club Pogo Member 11 years ..17 years of memories ,some good some bad.! I remember our minis were paper stick figures, HaHa Pogo sure has come a long way. Pogo has been there for me when I suffered with depression after losing 3 brothers within a 15 month period. I just totally shut down lost touch with reality into a place called Cyber world. spent most of my days and nights in Pogo Land. It was the best therapy for me ! I have purchased all of the download games only those where you can earn free mini items. Way To Go Bowling,Lottso Deluxe, Mahjong, Poppit, etc! Please oh Please can I hope for more download games like that.! I am a huge Mini Item addict and earning them free mini items made the cost of the games well worth it.! I would like to Thank POGO for just being here.! Love N Hugs to You All whom has made POGO the GREATEST GAME SITE on the World Wide Web !!

    • Thank you for being a Club Member for the last 11 years, BradsGal219! Those are a lot of great memories. Here’s to many more to come!

  • I’ve been a Club player since 2010 (hence my username lol)

    While I’m not happy about all the changes I’ve seen over the years I can still play all my favorite games counting Java (haven’t updated Firfox so can still play) and still have fun coming on every day

    I’m still waiting to see the salt and Pepper hairdo and Tiki Bro costumes return to the mall, would love for the Facebook Level prizes to be moved to the Game Award section so those who got them can find them easier (sorting A-Z and going page by page takes FOREVER), and for a subcategory under seasonal to separate all the holidays added but I really can’t complain

    Even if I probably would have all the badges done (don’t understand Hearts nor can bowl over 200 lol) I wish I had found Pogo way back when it started…reason I’m so excited to see rereleases in terms of badges and even mini items….means newbies like me can catch up on all the fun the vets have been having long before we came lol

    • Thank you for being a Club player since 2010, doglvr2010. I also thank you for your suggestions on Minis and your feedback.

      • Thanks for the reply 8)

        I just think bringing some of those much older items back would be awesome for us later players

        I also think having a special 300 day for Bowling for those of us who can’t even make 150 would be cool (ok maybe not 300 but a setup with upside down easier to knock down pins and lines that help aim the ball)…the closest I ever came was back in 2012 when the format changed to the UK style for the Olympics…missed by 2 pins and have never gotten close again say for the old download Way To Go Bowling with the camera following the ball and easier controls (and powerups lol)

        Well even if these things never happen this week was a BLAST and made me feel like my membership was appreciated so thank you and all those behind the scenes 8)

  • ive been a member 11 years

  • Just want to say thanks SO much for the generosity that you have shown to us while celebrating your 14th year & to tell you that WE APPRECIATE YOU TOO! It’s so much fun to be given badges, mini mall items & all of the things you come up with during these times. I don’t know of another game site that does this kind of thing for it’s members. Oh & I REALLY love the member appreciation badge, it’s just too cute!! I’ve enjoyed my 6 years with you & look forward to many multiples of it. POGO keeps me sane, keeps me company, occupies my time, helps me to forget about my chronic pain at times, lifts my spirits – but mostly it helps me to feel like a kid again. Playing games & dressing my mini takes me back about 50 years … & that’s a good thing.
    Thank you & God Bless to you & the staff that makes this whole thing work for us.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and for being a part of Pogo for the last 6 years!

  • I have been a Club Pogo Member since 2005. I admit I am addicted! Lol! I have made several good friends in various games. I have a friend that lives in England and we play daily as our schedules allow. We have grown close. Love the games ! Thanks for keeping us updated Pogo Llama. Have a blessed day,

  • `I absolutely love the new challenge concept you are doing. I have been here since 2000 and did the original infamous duck challenge . At that time I was a stay at home mom and could get it done. Now that I am working and just have the weekend and a bit after work I am not going to finish. Have been working feverishly all weekend and I am a badge and a half short.Considering that a lot of people have limited time maybe on the next challenge give us a week and a half or two?? or does that defeat the challenge?
    I also wanted to add after reading froggynya’s comment that my sister passed in Dec and my dad in April and Pogo has been my sanity. for the last 17 years I could always turn to Pogo and the friendships I have developed here. I love Pogo!!!!! I even have one of the original style Pogo mugs lol thank you and I don’t mean to complain.

    • pamdew_727, Thank you so much for being a part of Pogo since 2000. I’m really really glad Pogo has been here for you through so many of life’s challenges including something so hard as the passing of loved ones.

  • I joined Pogo in the summer of 2000. I didn’t join the club until 2004 when I busted my foot and was off work. Now I am happily retired and can play Pogo until the wee small hours of the morning if I want!

    • Thank you for being a Club Pogo member, Chickenfist13!! Remember to get some sleep, too, now and then. ;)

  • Been a member since May 15, 2002 and for the past three years I have Christmas gifted Pogo to my niece. Club Pogo has given me many years of enjoyment. I have over 2,000 badges and strive to win each week’s daily challenges. Missed the first marathon deadline by a few hours but succeeded on latest one.

    • LOVE it, syljoann7! Thank you for being a member since 2002 and for getting your niece in on the Pogo action!!

  • I was a club pogo member for a long time under a different name. When I came back I couldn’t remeber that name so I had to start a new one. My twin sister (Tippsee2) who has been a member for a long time and lives in a different state now. this is how we stay connected. we miss each other so much. 50 yrs. and this is the farthest we have lived apart. we are both pogo addicts.
    Thank you pogo for the long distance connection. Thank you Pogo_Llama for your blogs they are very informative. you rock!!!!

    • hank you for being a Club Pogo member and for sharing your beautiful sister-story with me!

  • I been a member since 1997 before it became There was only 5 games at that time. I say WOW on all games that have been added since

    • Thank you for being with Pogo since the beginning, Glory_dee. Which game is your very favorite of the new games?

      • My 2 favorite games now are Bowling (which I wished was on Java) the other one is Monopoly Slots

      • my favorite are too many to say which one. So I will say Monopoly Slots

  • Hello. I was wondering if Pogo would consider going back to offering different weekly polls instead of having a monthly poll ( the same poll re-posted weekly)?

  • Loved the Marathon, it was perfect timing for me and I loved the mix of easy/hard, fast/slow badges.
    I’m also loving Poppit Party – though not as much as those who have already unlocked and leveled up everything, WOW!! I’m taking my time but having fun with it. The only thing I don’t like about it is Spike’s…enthusiasm. The other sound effects are fun but his constant “Woo!”gets on my nerves. Sorry, Spike.

    • Haha! Oh no, poor Spike. I won’t let him know that he gets annoying, although everyone has their moments, I guess. :)