Blog post #3 – December 20, 2016

It’s now December 20th and you’re reading the 3rd Pogo Insider Blog with me, Pogo_Llama!

What’s your favorite Holiday show being played on television right now? I have to admit, it’s hard not to get swept up in the holiday festivities but I do have to focus on creating a fun and rewarding experience for you, our dear Pogo players. By the way, my favorite holiday show is the Claymation version of Jack Frost. I love the puppet, Dommie.

I sure wish Phlinx had some festiveness in it! Yes, I’m still playing it and my current high score of balls dropped is 38! That’s way more than the 25 I reported last week. I’m pretty proud. I have earned 10 of the 51 available Phlinx Badges so far. I started playing on Hard most recently but with the Badges, I’ve had to go back n forth and am currently at Normal, which seems harder, sometimes. Do you ever get that feeling, too?

Okay so what’s going on in Pogo? The 12 Days of Pogo is happening right now.  There are still several days left of the 12 Days of Pogo so please keep current by checking out the main page to view all the information.

Amazing Minis

Take note! The Amazing Mini holiday show will return on Thursday, December 22nd. Yes, that means it’s only two days away, so start prepping your Mini now. Full details and rules are located here. The theme is Jolly Holidays and I’m definitely looking pretty jolly with the festive llama.

Sneak Peek

I just finished talking to another one of our Pogo artists, Marshall. He wanted to share a sketch for an upcoming January Mix-n-Magic Badge for Everyone Wins Bingo. The Badge has been named “Passing Game” Badge. I tell you what, I shall sport this Badge super proudly. Especially seeing where it came from originally. And that, my friends, is the definition of a true Pogo sneak peek.

When asked how he came up with the badge, Marshall gave me some insight into his thought process:

“I try to make the badge images relate to the game challenge, and the challenge for this game was to pass the wild (golden) pinecone to another player 77 times. So pretty quickly, I thought of the “Everyone Wins Bingo” squirrel dressed in a football uniform, running down a football field and about to catch the golden pinecone, as it’s passed to him. Bam, there’s a badge!”


Thank you, Marshall! Look forward to that Badge coming out in January.


Poppit! Bingo Questions

When you enter a session in Poppit! Bingo, the “Bingo’s needed” is always different. Why is that?
The Bingo’s needed is dependent on how many players are actually in the room. There is some mathematical calculations used for that but as I am not a wizard (just a llama), I do not have those exact numbers. However, I can assure you, those numbers are very digit-like and numbery.

There are 8 badges list in the challenge tab, one for each room. We earn the badge corresponding on the previous room, so we unlock room 6 and get the badge for room 5, unlock room 7 and get the badge for room 6, unlock room 8 and get the badge for room 7 at rank 29. That’s it. The stats page say “all rank badges earned” but it’s not true, the last one is missing.

Oh my, what a very insightful question. Thank you for asking this and for playing long enough to come across it. The 8th room Badge makers have not yet shared what the requirements will be for Room 8. They are very secretive these days so not even I, Pogo_Llama, know. But no worries, all information will be released to the land of Pogo in the coming new year. One more piece of info here – we are looking to expand the rooms which will set up the XP requirements to earn the Room 8 Badge.



Every week, I’d like to answer a few of your Pogo-related questions. Please understand that I am unable to respond to your personal technical questions. To submit those questions, go to our Help Page here. To submit your question, please go here and I’ll select two every week. Here are the questions I selected this week.

How do I remove someone from my Friends list?
This is actually quite simple. Click on the Friends tab and then scroll down to the My Friends List section. Find the player you’d like to remove and look to your right at the Options drop-down menu. Click on that and select Remove from List and then refresh. Bam….removed! Here’s a mighty fine picture to illustrate:


I would like to know if you will reconsider having the “Hall of Fame” mini contest.
First off, thank you so much for enjoying Minis so much. We love that you love them and definitely want to make the Minis remain special pieces of your lives and of part of the Pogo experience. Good news! We are actually holding the next Amazing Mini Show in two days, on Thursday, December 22nd. After that, we’ll be hosting a Valentine’s Day Mini show, spring show, 4th of July show, Halloween and back to the holidays. In between those times, we will be hosting Fireside Chats. We’ll keep you posted here on all that information.

Thank you for reading the 3rd edition of the Pogo Insider. Please go here to the Pogo forums to leave a question or feedback. You all are awesome.

Happy holidays,

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