Blog Post #28 – June 13, 2017



Greetings to you all! Welcome to another edition of the Pogo Insider!

I’ve been playing a lot of Poppit! Party since Tuesday and I’ve very much enjoyed answering questions and chatting with you all there. Have a question? Please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.

How many of you out there love Crossword Cove? Do you start your morning with a fresh crossword and cup of coffee like me?

Did you know there are actually different versions of crossword puzzles for different countries? It’s true! So starting August 1, we’re going to try out something fun and a little bit new. You’re currently playing U.S. crossword rules, but we’re going to try out British-style puzzle layouts. Don’t worry—all the answers will remain rooted in American trivia, with American English spelling.

I’ve highlighted the details in a separate article you can read right here. If you’re a Crossword Cove regular, please take a look!


Sneak Peek

Pogo artist extraordinaire Tony has another sneak peeks to share.

Here’s one for the Fourth of July!

4thJuly_scetch   4thJuly_screenshot

Tony says, “Fireworks on the bay. You can’t get much closer to Fourth of July action. Especially when a sort of famous lady is about to kick start this party. Just give her a second to finish her mahjong game.”

There you go, Pogoians! Another fabulous Badge creation by Tony!


Poppit! Party Q and A

Thanks for all the great Poppit! Party questions. Here are answers to two of the most common questions I’ve gotten.

Q: How do I track my progress in Poppit! Party?

A: It’s all about costumes. Collect as many of Spike’s costume pieces as you can to unlock and level them up. Costume pieces can be quite random, so you’ll probably end up completing costumes in a different order than your fellow players.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of PopCoins I can have?

A: Spike can only carry 25,000 PopCoins at a time. If you want to keep earning more, you’ll have to spend some first. Take them to the Marketplace where you can buy more costume pieces. You can also use them to unlock extra inventory spots in the Marketplace, giving you more shopping options. I know you need that Watering Can for the Gardener costume (I picked that one because I have a wishful-thinking green thumb). To learn more about the Marketplace, check out this article.


Site-Wide Challenge

By popular demand, we have a new Site-Wide Challenge for Father’s Day! The games that will be included are:

  • Mahjong Escape
  • Undiscovered World
  • Big City Adventure

Here’s the best part, the Site Wide Challenge begins TOMORROW, June 14th! You’ll have one week to work together to complete a ginormous goal in order to win a snazzy animated Badge. Watch the blog tomorrow for an in-depth article with all the Site Wide Challenge details.



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: Are there plans to put more ranks in Pogo Bowl? Are there plans to make a “super fast” option for Pogo Bowl?

A: Strike it up! Thanks to everyone sending us Pogo Bowl requests and suggestions. I’ve relayed those requests to the Pogo team and told them there’s a lot of love for Pogo Bowl. The team told me it’s “quite possible” for something exciting to happen in the future. Yes, this is vague. I’ll keep you posted if I hear any good news. Thanks for your requests. I’m here, I’m listening and I’m advocating for you.

Also of note, I’m currently playing a round of Pogo Bowl. I thought I’d go in and play a bit since you all talked about it so much. I just activated the Sweet Sevens Badge so now I have to knock down 777 pins in a week. Here I go! Third frame in, and so far no strikes. Have any great Pogo Bowl tips to share?


Getting back to where we started, let’s talk Poppit! Party. How many of you have been playing since it came out last Tuesday? Let me know which costumes you’ve won. My first was the chef costume, and I told him to bake me some brownies. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to head back in and pop some more balloons. As the poet Rainer Maria Rilke once wrote, “The only journey is the one within.” Onward I go in my journey to Poppit! Party.

Before I go, here’s one last question for you: If you see a Super Pop up on top, do you pop it? I’m not sure if I should!

Thanks again for reading the Pogo Insider. I’m really happy you’re all here. Please be safe and have a happy Father’s Day on Sunday!

Remember: “You can’t have a party without the balloons!” – Spike






NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!


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  • Thank you Pogo for the free M&M in Poppit! Party. I will activate and complete it after the Site-Wide Challenge.

  • A MILLION THANKS 4 the site wide challange. I was Johnny on the spot along with my mom to activate it. Was in the top 5 l believe to do so. Always look forward to these. Love it with all my heart. Do know for a fact we was both in the top 21 to be a part of it. I tried Undiscovered World first it is my favorite of the 3. But would freeze on the last kevel.

    Also THANKS so much for the Poppit Party Badge very nice surprise.

    • Thanks to you and your mother for participating in the Site Wide Challenge. Hope you’re having a great time. :)

  • I know this doesn’t pertain to the subject at hand but…Why doesn’t the person/people who does/do the minis make a Tortoiseshell cat..or several? I have sent more than several requests over the years & have been totally ignored. A CALICO cat is NOT the same as a TORTOISESHELL cat.

    • Thank you for the request for a tortoiseshell cat. Do you have one?

      • Pogo_Llama, i had a Tortoiseshell cat from Nov 10, 2004 to May 24, 2014. I found her at my daughters house. She was so very smart. She was my >ONLY< support when i was going thru Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2014. I was diagnosed in late 2013.
        The vet had diagnosed her w/Lymphoma & or Irritable Bowel Disease. She would throw up but turn right around & eat afterwards. On May 24, 2014 (3 days before my B'day) she was throwing up bloody liquids & i knew couldn't let her suffer any more so i had her put to sleep. :'(

        This is why i would really like the ones who do the minis to make some TORTOISESHELL CATS. And make some for the left & right side. PLEASE?? So i can have a few in Memory of my Sweet lil Kallee.

        • Thank you for sharing your story and memories of Kallee. I’m so sorry for your loss of her and for your fight through stage 3 breast Cancer. I cannot imagine. All the very best to you and I have passed your suggestion along.

  • I am not looking forward to the change in crossword cove. I do not like the other version at all! One of the main reasons I keep my membership is to play it and if it is changed then there is no reason for me to stay. Just wondering if there is a way to have a choice between the different versions.

  • Don’t like crossword Cove. And don’t like Match and merge either. I love word search however. Of course we all have our likes and dislikes don’t we now??

    • Absolutely! Yes we do all have our likes and dislikes, FullerRex. That’s the beauty of Pogo, so many different games to select from. :)

  • Some of the Legendary Badges that were released should have been for Tri Peaks….I already have all of the re-released Tri Peak badges…Also I like the Mahjong Escape released like it usually is. I didn’t like that it was released earlier…I look forward to the new change in Crossword Cove, have been catching up so to speak on the puzzles, I haven’t done. Those two Decade badges that were released last Friday, were great, look forward to more of them ..Also appreciate the gift of the Poppit Party badge this morning, was a nice surprise, enjoyed playing it. The mini’s released last Thursday are fantastic and I was so happy to see the Magical Library. The books and owls made me smile :) Have a good day and week :)

    • Thanks so much for all your feedback here, KhloeKat1. I hope you have a great week, too. :)

  • Myself and several other players have been experiencing an issue with several games not giving credit, advancing to the next level, or both. It is getting very frustrating having to refresh the screen to try and get credit for playing, and even that is not working right any longer on some games. I am missing out on weekly badges because they can’t be played. Why pay all of that money for a membership and not be allowed to play your favourite games, and we sure won’t be purchasing badges in these games.

    • Hiya Kimberbry,
      Thanks for reporting that you and other players have been experiencing some issues when playing Pogo. Please check out the handy dandy Pogo troubleshooting page by clicking here. I totally understand the frustration and I hope these help you out. Not being able to play your games is NOT what we want here. We want you playing and having a great time. Thanks again for dropping a comment line to me.

  • hi POGO_LIAMA been playing all day in not getting any credit for the site wide challenge, let me no please if its not working, TY

    • Hi starman1953,
      You won’t actually see any popups giving credit for a Site Wide Challenge for your personal efforts as it’s done as a group effort. You can view collective progress here. Thanks!

  • I agree with SusieQ, the site-wide challenges really get monotonous if you are really trying to do your part to get it. The numbers you require seem to be getting higher and higher, so takes diligence on our part to get it.

    Also, someone mentioned the bowling ball colors hurting the eyes. Off subject, but the winter season in Mahjong Garden hurts the eyes also. If I can’t immediately change to another season, I have to put sunglasses on to avoid the glare.

    Re: Crossword Cove changes. How about giving us the option to play the old way vs. the new way? Make everyone happy!

    • Thank you Ruthann…. I thought I was the only one that had the problem in Mahjong Garden winter season… I always try and save the winter for the last or make sure I have another season ready to clear after winter… I also wish pogo could fix that problem… good luck

  • Hi I would like to know what happened to the badge for long time appreciation players? It was there but now its gone where did you put so we have chance to see what it is all about? Thank you. I would also like to leave a comment about Mahjong Escape I really do not like that game as it is very hard ones eyes, and cannot understand why you always have it on for some reason, it would be nice not to see it for awhile.Thanks

    • Hello Luckyme2005F,
      Which long time appreciation Badge are you referring to? Can you please provide the name of the Badge?
      Thank you for your feedback on Mahjong Escape.

  • Is anyone else having a problem in Undiscovered World trying to pick up the puzzle pieces? I’ve tried in IE and in Chrome and after the first piece I cannot pick up any other piece. In order to get past the puzzle, I had to purchase for 16 gems the “get past this section” power ups so I could get out of that area.

    I’m running Windows 10 on both my desktop and my laptop. Everything is up to date. Help!

    • Please make sure your zoom is set to 100%. This often happens if it’s not. Thank you.

      • That does not help, tried that first…

      • Making sure zoom is set at 1005 doesn’t help, I click the right arrow until getting last piece then I can pick up pieces, but do it in sequence or won’t work.

    • I am having the same problem with puzzle pieces. In both Internet explorer and Mozilla.I have windows 7.

      • Please make sure your zoom on your browser and your operating system settings is set to 100%. Some people also recommend working backwards by putting the last piece in first. Thanks for playing, yoshi.

    • Try starting with the last piece of the puzzle and work to the first piece. I had to do that once. I’m having a problem with the newest Undiscovered World. It froze at the very end and now won’t load and I didn’t get the badge

    • I, too, am having trouble with Undiscovered World puzzle. I can finish puzzle, but then it will not let me “continue” to finish chapter.

      I tried different resolutions, to no avail. When I opened case with EA help, I was told it was a “problem they are working on…”


      • working the puzzle backwards, last piece to first, WORKS! I have completed 4 chapters in a row with this method. Who would have thought???

      • Yes, this is the issue we posted about regarding the latest Flash update which you can read here. Have you tried playing in another browser to see if it works? Thank you.

    • Yes, I had trouble picking up the puzzle pieces as well :(

    • I had to look in help for this issue too. Someone said do the puzzle backwards starting with the last puzzle piece first and do not skip any pieces. Sounds weird but it worked. Hope that helps you too.

    • Dani-Sweet I have the same problem on Undiscovered Word, although I did get by them by playing on FIREFOX. snowwhite7plyr

      • I have never had a problem playing Undiscovered world. I just got through playing a lot of episodes using IE 11 and had no problems whatsoever. It helps if you look at your home page and in the lower left corner any problems are usually listed that are happening, also check the news, the forums, the answer sites.

    • im,having problems in Undiscovered World,the last 2 games,i finished,iam not getting credit for,after completing the episodes.

      • Hi Bmoon43,
        Thanks for reporting this. Our team is looking into that issue right now and I apologize for those experiencing it.

    • I have that problem only when I enlarge the screen it will not pick up the pieces.

  • Bought the latest Undiscovered badge . When I finished there was no credit of completing the puzzle at the end. Did it several times and still no credit for finishing it. It shows badge done except for puzzle.

    • Hi grannysgarden65,
      Are you referring to the latest Mix n Match Badge or the latest episode of Undiscovered World? Thank you.

  • Is it possible to make accessing the help section easier? Please could you ask them if they would make it easier. I can’t get through to the help desk with my issues. I am not all that tech savvy.
    I really love pogo. I have been a member since its beginning.
    I just wanted to air a bit of frustration.
    Please could you also tell the developers about my issues with crossword cove? I am sorry to be forced to lose that game.

    • Hello lbryct,
      Have you been able to submit a customer support ticket at all? You can do so by clicking here and going through the steps. What issues are you having that you’d like to contact support regarding? Thank you for reaching out.

  • I love Crossword Cove. However, I can’t play it and haven’t been able to play it in over a week. I did whatever I could to fix it and nothing I keep getting the same error. It has been over a week and it is still not working. I know that I am not the only one and have posted about it in the forums section. It won’t work on any web site that I try. Can you please up date those of us that love this game, when it will be working again?

    • Hi Irish_Princess2,
      Are you using the Microsoft Edge browser by chance? The Edge browser icon looks a lot like Internet Explorer’s icon so be mindful of that. If you are using Edge, you can always click the three little dots in the upper right hand corner and select to open in Internet Explorer. I hope this helps.

      • Hi Pogo Llama,
        Thank you for your feedback. I do have Microsoft Edge. I did try what you suggested and it still didn’t work. I have tried playing in Firefox and Internet Explorer and I get the same error on all of them. I do know that there are others having the same problem, could Pogo please look into it in order to get the problem fixed, so that everyone can play Crossword Cove. I do enjoy this game so much. It keeps me on my toes. lol Anyway thank you again for getting back to me. I love Pogo and your blog.

        • Thanks for your reply and will forward your report along. Thank you for reading the blog and for playing Pogo.

  • Thanks for the blog Llama! Thanks for taking
    the time to reply to us too!
    The SWC seems so daunting. Add me with others this
    is too much of the same games. IMO too many zeros on
    this SWC!
    Was hoping for new ranks in lots of games. They aren’t
    forthcoming lol. Cookie Connect for one lol. I like
    Pparty but not great at it.
    Have a great week. Happy Father’s Day to all.

  • Maybe you need to remind players to ACTIVATE the Site Wide Challenge. I see only 15,000 have done so.

  • Playing undiscovered world, the game freezes up after you finish the puzzle, so you don’t get credit for the game. played it 3 times and froze up each time I completed the puzzle. Probably why the percentage isn’t going up. Why play?? Also, it would be nice to have a new level to play in Mahjong escape. Hate replaying levels.

    • Hello lanasbrooks2,
      This is a known issue that we’re working to fix. You can read about this here. Perhaps try another browser and see if that works better. Thank you!

  • i dont likecrossword dont play it

  • I find that playing mini golf very relaxing and cant understand why more people don’t play it.

  • Can pogo give us the option for the space bar on the top, I had it some how it got removed it was so easy to just press the pogo and you were connected right to all the games. I hope I am explaining it correct. thanks it advance for your help.


    • Hi pappi65,
      I’m sorry but I’m not sure what space bar on the top you’re speaking of. Do you have more information on this? Thank you.

      • I think it is on when you first turn on you computer on MSN the space bar was there and you could just click on pogo and it takes you right to it. wish I knew the exact information, it was a while ago you gave all pogo players to activate it.

        Thanks, pappi65

        • Hi pappi65,
          I believe what you are looking for is to bookmark to your browser. Is this correct? Which browser are you using?

  • I contacted the Help Desk regarding my Undiscovered World problem – game froze after doing the puzzle, not getting the badge and not loading now. Absolutely NO HELP. He sent me a link that was supposed to show me how to get the episode to open back up. NOT….It only showed my operating system etc

    • Hi there,
      What browser are you using?

      • Tried both IE and FF. Wouldn’t open on either one

        • Hello there,
          I’m sorry those did not work. It sounds like this is the Flash issue I wrote an article about yesterday that our team is working to fix. You can read that article here and I’ll keep you posted on updates as they become available. Thank you.

  • I am just loving Poppit Party and also Poppit Bingo my two new favorite games, please have more badges come out for these games, can’t enough of Poppit Party….Love being a pogo member for 7 years, Thanks Pogo!

    • Thank you for the comment. Super duper happy you’re enjoying playing the new Poppit! games. Have a great day and enjoy.

  • It would be really nice to have more ma-john escapes to try for especially when there is a challenge in that game. Thank you.

  • One more thing, could we get some new hairstyles and summer clothing in the mini mall? that would be great…Thanks!

  • Hi Pogo Llama!

    Just wanted to say THANKS to you and Club Pogo for the Site-Wide challenge for Father’s Day!

    Also, a BIG THANKS for the POPPIT PARTY! badge. Love this game!

    You had asked a question about SUPER POPS???? I find the more SUPER POPS I pop…. the more points for popcoins are added! Hope I answered your question? This game is becoming very addictive! LOL!

    Keep up the great work Club Pogo! All the best, Stick.

    • Thank you very much for the comment, Stick. Good luck on the Badges for Poppit! Party and the Site-Wide Challenge!!

  • Could you please give me an explanation as to why my bowling tip wasn’t approved by moderators ? I was trying to give advice to you and other players on how to improve on the game.
    Aside from that, i am so in love with poppit party! I can be found to be playing for hours at a time!
    I am going to try to quit smoking today. This will keep me occupied while dealing with the withdrawal from the cigarettes. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    • HI there Maddogturkey1,
      Do you mean the tip on looking at Youtube for tips? That was approved and thank you for the tip.
      Also very happy to hear you’re enjoying Poppit! Party so much. Love it.
      I’m sending you positive thoughts on quitting smoking. You can do it, Maddogturkey1!!

  • I asked a question this morning , but I guess it was not worth Pogo Llama to help me or reply will never send in another question.

    • What was your question, Mrskittycat2009? I looked around for it as I may have missed it but I’m unable to find anything from you before this post. Thank you.

  • I watch chat and read some of the remarks being made by different players.It kind of upset me.It has been typed to just activate the wide site challenge and let the other players make the goal and just collect the badge and the free tokens.maybe pogo could make it a little better and put a challenge for the lazy players and say we have to win at least one badge before we can collect the free tokens and free animated is not fair to us players to do the work and players that don’t play reap the free items.thanks for letting me vent.

    • I understand your frustration, TrueColors11. Thank you for your focus and participating in the Site-Wide Challenge and I’m always here to listen.

  • Here is a trick that helped me out big time when I use to play Pogo Bowl & it helped me to win a perfect game a few times. To make it easier to see, use the zoom feature on the browser that you’re using (I set my zoom level to 150%). Hope this helps out in Pogo Bowl.

    • Thank you very much for this Pogo Bowl tip, Jerseygirl! I will go try that out now.

  • When is POGO going to upgrade their servers so we can play some of the older games? I have tried accessing them with Firefox, Google and Explorere 11 and they won’t load. Your servers haven’t been updated since 2008 and we are paying for games we can’t play.

    • Hi there, KathOH, thanks for your comment.
      Which games are you trying to access? Are they the Java games? If so, that could be the reason you are unable to play them as most of the supported browsers have stopped supporting Java.

  • Hi Pogo_Liama, i want to know if the mini will offer some things about father’s day? Every one knows it will be on this sunday. I was surprise thursday there aren’t gifts for our father or our man who are dad. Thank you to answer me! bye bye!

    • Great great question, anikavive337. Unfortunately, there will not be any new Mini items for Father’s Day. I apologize and wish all father’s a very happy father’s day.

  • Hi what I don’t understand why aren’t we getting the new pba albums we use to get them the 1st week of the month know I don’t know when we are getting them last one was may 16 know why isn’t the june one out yet geee everthing has really changed on pogo I have been with pogo for 11 yrs probably the question wont even be answered but ty anyway

    • Hiya connie08244,
      Thanks for asking and I’m happy you’re excited for the next PBA. We do and will continue to release PBAs at some point during the month. Be on the lookout for June’s PBA, it is coming. Thank you!

  • I am looking for my Free Butterfly Garden Mini. I can’t find it.
    Where should I find it at?
    Thank you

      Hello there Lala,
      If you received the free butterfly background offer, you’ll have to accept it to get it. Once you’ve done that, please go to the Mini Mall and view all items. The background should be in there. Thank you.

      • how do i accept the butterfly garden background i cant find any place to accept it. i have pushed on and everthing else where do you find the accept button help. thank you.

        • Hiya Neon, If you received the free butterfly background offer, you’ll have to accept it to get it. Once you’ve done that, please go to the Mini Mall and view all items. The background should be in there. Thank you.

  • Hi, I was wondering why Bejeweled Slots shows my stats, but none of the other slot games do, like Zuma Slots and the rest. Any reason why ?

    • Great question, Krazichic and thanks for the feedback on wanting the stats on the old slot games. I’ve asked the team about it and they said to keep an eye out as we’re still in the process of rolling those out. Thanks!

  • I keep getting a pogo pop-up that says I have 4 days to get my special free background but yet can’t find it in the mini mall. Where y’all hiding it? LOL

    • Hello there Lala,
      Please click on the offer as you’ll have to accept it to get the free background. Once you’ve done that, please go to the Mini Mall and view all items. The background should be in there. Thank you.

  • in poppit party, i have all of the costumes, but did not get badge for getting them. do i have to get them all to level 2 before i get it?

    • it showed up.

    • Hiya Pammy,
      WOW!!! Well first off, great work on getting ALL of the costumes in Poppit! Party. Thank you for playing it and that’s just awesome to hear. There are two Badges available for that feat and you must level up the costumes to level 4 for the first Badge and level up to level 5 for the second Badge for that. Thank you!

  • When will the “Secret Pieces” be revealed in Monopoly: World Edition?

    • All you have to do, duk, is go HERE and type in: COMING SOON as the password and you’ll get those secret pieces. Thanks!

  • on letters from nowhere my husband cant play his screen stays black and we have tried it on 4 other computers and it is still black and no sound either

    • Is the scree name that’s having this issue redgreen49 or is it something else? If it’s another scree name, please have that name comment on the blog. Thank you.

  • The site wide challenge is a bit boring for me due to the fact that Undiscovered World is not allowing me to complete any levels… The game constantly freezes after I complete the jigsaw puzzle at the end… Therefore, I cannot continue any further with that episode. Extremely frustrating after MONTHS of this issue… And, yes, I have talked with EA technical agents…
    Hopefully, the next site wide challenge will include game I CAN play
    BTW thanks for the Poppit Party, it lends a fun slant on the otherwise mundane Poppit game.
    Keep up the good work Pogo

    • Thank you for your comment, UrAngelHeart, and for reporting your issue with Undiscovered World. Have you received any troubleshooting tips for this issue?
      I’m very happy you’re enjoying Poppit! Party. It is great fun, for sure. :)

  • I just tried Undiscovered World again and… vwa-lah it works!!!!!!! TY Pogo techs, you are the Best!!!!!!!

  • Can more ranks be added in World solitare?

  • Thank you so much for all the fun games. I would also like to thank you for all the free badges you have given me (us) over the years. Love the site wide challenges, game of the month, and all the daily challenges. Love this web site so much.

  • I love you llama but there’s just 1 game I want to let you know I hate. I have been playing pogo for years and never hated a game as much as one time I didn’t like Zuma because being as old as I am and having severe arthiritis in my hands I couldn’t keep up with it. now its therapy for me and I can do it . ut, Zombie for me is no fun i’m ss I love everything else . you are doing a fabulous job . all of you that’s why I’m with you so long.have a great fathers day in your family.

    • Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on Plants Vs. Zombies, bvlady45. I’m glad you worked through Zuma and now enjoy it. Have a great week – happy Monday!

  • I love Poppit Party too! It IS hard to resist those super pops. I try to stick to my strategy, but sometimes the urge to pop gets the better of me. Come play with me sometime.

  • Please, please, please we are begging for new levels in poppit bingo when are we going to get them????? I also noticed you didn’t address my question about Phlinx II. Did you just ignore the part where I spent over $100 dollars on it and still cannot win!! Do you not answer questions that are hard?? Thanks for listening and maybe this time I will get an answer.

    • Hello Cateyes1122,
      Poppit! Bingo updates and new levels are coming super soon. Please read more about it here. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I’ve looked for the new, free mini item “butterfly garden” and haven’t been able to find it. Could you please give the exact location? Have a wonderful week!

    Thanks, in advance!


    • Hello Linda,
      If you received the free butterfly background offer, you’ll have to accept it to get it. Once you’ve done that, please go to the Mini Mall and view all items. The background should be in there. Thank you.

  • Pogo_Llama

    Please, Please, Please can we Please have other games in challenges besides Mahjong or Hidden Object Games…For the SiteWide Challenge what did we have???? Mahjong Escape or 2 Hidden Object Games…..and then next week’s Wednesday’s challenge Clue Secrets & Spies yet another Hidden Object Game. And Im not the only one that feels this way, read the comments in the Game Forums under Badges & Challenges……Pogo has so many wonderful game surely Pogo can up with more variety than this!!!! Thank you!

    • Hiya Spurt, thanks for the suggestion of having different games. Which ones would you like to see for Challenges?

  • is there anything in the works for more jigsaw detective puzzles or word search? Been a long time since any new ones came out.

    • Hiya Bobbie,
      You’re so right, it has been awhile since the jigsaw puzzles or word searches have been available on Pogo. I’d love to see both of those (especially word searches!) and I will pass this along to the team. Thank you.

  • thank you pogo for inventing this game program for us to enjoy, I have been with you in the game rooms since 2 years after you opened these great pogo games.This is great for the very old people who are shut in and forgotten thanks again, We love you and goodbye dear friend

    • nannybee1940,
      This comment means a lot to me. Thank you so much and I’m glad Pogo is here for you and all of the Pogo community. Take care. Have a great Monday and week.

  • Hi, I cannot get java and there’s a lot of games i cant finish in my albums, why cant they all be flash games, and why cant we all use java anymore. Thank you

    • Hi there, rlstatic9
      Unfortunately, the browsers out there have decided to no longer support Java and as we’re separate companies, we are unable to do much about it. What Pogo can do is make games that are supported by browsers and those are the HTML 5 games you’re now seeing on Pogo. It’s a lengthy process to transform a Java game to Flash or HTML 5, but we are working on doing that for the future. Thanks for your understanding and for playing Pogo.