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I’m currently taking a break from the  Monopoly the World Edition Wednesday Challenge to write this blog. How many of you out there in Pogo have finished this Wednesday Challenge Badge already? I completed the Undiscovered World Badge fairly fast but this one sure is proving to be a challenge … which is what it’s all about …..go me go!

So, then, what is going on in Pogo this week? A lot. A whole lot. Remember my reference to frosting brownies from last week’s Pogo Insider? Well, the brownies have been frosted and here they are…..


Poppit! Party

Question: what do knitters, astronauts, gardeners and baseball players all have in common? …….I’ll wait as you guess. If you said Poppit! Party, then you are very correct! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: Poppit! Party is now live and if you click right here  you can play it on Pogo if you’re a Club Pogo member!

Here’s a few tips on how to play Poppit! Party. If you have any further non-technical questions, please let me know by asking in the comments below. If you’re having technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. 

Power Ups

PopCoins, The Marketplace, and Daily Pop Goals

If you’d like to see all of the many fabulous Spike costumes available in Poppit! Party, you can click here to read the article called Spike’s Costumes in Poppit! Party. It’s a nice read because the costumes themselves are fun! Super fun, in fact. To collect a piece of a Spike costume, play Poppit as you always have and prizes will float down. Some of those prizes include pieces of Spike costumes.


Sneak Peek

I have TWO sneak peeks for you from Pogo artist Tony, plus a Mini sneak peek, too!

These are two of the Decade Badges that will be coming at you soon.

Tony was quoted as saying the following about Decades Badge 1: “When I was tasked with making a badge showcasing the 1920s the very first thing that popped into my head were the 1920’s dances. This badge celebrates the Charleston, Fox Trot and all the extravagant live shows of the time.”

Decade1_Sketch  Decade1_badge

Tony was quoted as saying the following about Decades Badge 2: “For the second badge in the 1920’s series I thought I’d try to capture a glamorous moment on the street outside the show where a Starlet is waving to the crowd and paparazzi.”

Decade2_Sketch  Decade2_badge

Thank you soooo much for these fun Badges, Tony!

On the Mini front, this week’s new release is Storybook-themed! Here’s a preview straight from Pogo_Rachael, who tells us that this release will have a mix of storybook and fairytale Minis, plus a request straight from several players: Humpty Dumpty!



Thank you so much, Pogo_Rachael and Tony! (I spy that unicorn in one of the Minis!)



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q. When is Pogo going to be available to play on a tablet?

A. Excellent question! Some of you may remember seeing me mention that Pogo is working on having a feature for Pogo to go on tablets. If you didn’t read about it, no worries, you can read all about that here.

And guess what? I have an update for you! This particular Pogo product is currently still in development. We here at Pogo are making sure it’s the best possible experience for you all so it will take some time as we work on it. This will be a gradual roll-out and you can definitely count on me to keep you all posted when I hear anything else that I am able to update you on with this new feature. I’m SO excited that YOU’RE excited for it. It truly will be just another awesome Pogo product. Thanks for staying tuned here to the Pogo Insider.


Okay folks! It’s back to Monopoly: The World Edition for me! I just HAVE to get that Badge. Thanks again for reading and have a great day/week.







NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I use this and also SeaMonkey, I have no problems with either :)

  • LOVE LOVE ..The new Party Poppit Thank You Pogo…All of the POGO TEAM is awesome..

  • I am enjoying Poppit Party. I have played a few games and already managed to unlock both the Police man and chef costumes. Does anyone else think that Spike sounds a bit like Mickey Mouse when he says “woo”? I also managed to get myself a badge while playing Poppit Party. It might be a newly released game, but I can see it becoming popular (and addictive) very quickly.

    • Spike and Mickey, huh?! Haha, yes! I can see it.
      Thank you for playing and letting us know what you think about Poppit! Party, Nicole. Soooo glad you’re enjoying it.

  • I tried Poppit Party. It’s okay. I don’t know what I expected, maybe a new or different Poppit themed game. But this seems to be just Poppit with a bunch of silly costumes added on for Spike. Poppit Party suffers from the same hard-on-the-eyes problem that Phlinx 2 has. The balloons have an odd, almost shimmery, edge to them and seem to be constantly moving. Add to that having to wait for graphics to disappear before you can make the next move, I had a headache after 3 rounds. Not going to be playing this one unless it is a challenge or badge. Glad Safari is still supporting Java/Flash so I can keep playing the good Pogo games.

    • Hi dimsheep,
      Thank you for your comments on Poppit! Party and for reporting that it’s hard on the eyes. I will pass that feedback along to the team. I am sorry that it is having that affect on your eyes. It is a good thing for us to know as we do not want any of our players experiencing issues related to that.

    • You can adjust the color spectrum on your computer so things hard on your eyes are not.
      Most computers show colors in 25 million pixels and 16 million pixels. For many eye conditions this is hard. Ask someone to help you reduce the pixels (settings/display)
      on your computer. Also, most screens have a dimmer. This could help too. It is a shame to miss out on super fun new games due to vision issues. Good luck. TheQ9999

  • I am afraid to use the HELP I get charged 10.49$ to my credit card.

    I am anxious to see these games cant wait. Thank You. God Bless you and kittys.

    • Please understand that Pogo customer support will never ever charge you. If you are charged, that is from a fake Pogo help site. Please click here to read more information on that and please be aware of this.

      • I have used Help twice (maybe more), got charged but never received any answers. Once, started on the Help page, once from the Forums page. I’ve even been one hold and never did get to talk to anyone. Best bet is just check the forum. Also, why is everything so HOG oriented? I.E. “What’s Happening on POGO” on the home page, I have problems with my eyes also.
        Thank you.

        • Oh no… appears you have been using a fake Pogo help site. Please click here to read more about this and be aware that we at Pogo will never ever charge for help services.

    • @ msbasss and Idarkness231

      When your credit card is billed for your subscription or for gems, the transaction will show *PURCHASE EA POGO HELP EA COM CA CARD#### as per the Help article Pogo – Manage your payment information and purchases.

  • I like word games the best. I hope POGO keeps players like me in mind when they develop new games.

  • About the Poppit Party, When you get up to the Tourist costume and up the game freezes, also is there a way to speed up the popping of the balloons, it goes by so slowwww, Other than that I made it to rank 10, unlocked 12 costumes, and received 9 badges, but to me it sounds like fish in a fish bowl, lol, but he does sound like Mickey Mouse, Please try to see if we can speed up the popping like in regular Poppit where you can click on the balloons right after each other instead of waiting for the last batch to pop Thanks HAGD

    • Also you can’t play it in IE cause you don’t have any sound, and it freezes up, And in Firefox, after you play for awhile it freezes up,

    • Howdy Chipawea9, and thanks for your Poppit! Party feedback, so glad you’re enjoying it and climbing up those ranks!
      I will pass the faster-popping-balloons request along. For the freezing issue, you’ll have to contact Pogo customer support so they can look into that issue for you. Thanks again!

  • iv been a pogo member since 2011, today pogo well not load any game for me do I need to close my account???? I love pogo but not worth it if I cant play anymore, so please help me

    • Hi MaybesMama,
      Oh yikes! Yes you definitely need to be able to load Pogo so please contact customer support and tell them what you just told me. They’ll be able to take a closer look at it for you. Thanks!

  • I have been playing Poppit Party for two days, and I am loving it. I do have a couple questions about this game:

    – is the 25,000 max for popcoins permanent or is it tied to your current level
    – each costume has three power-ups associated with it – but it’s possible to continue to level up beyond 3. how many total levels are there for each costume? Does anything change in terms of power-ups after level 3 is achieved and all three power-ups are unlocked?
    – what are generated objectives and how do you fulfill them?

    Thank you so much!

    • Great and insightful questions, Hellga99!
      1. 25,000 PopCoins is the current limit, regardless of level.
      2. There are currently 5 levels for each costume. Nothing with the costume changes beyond level 3, however, you do get Badges at level 4 and 5.
      3. Generated Objectives are unlike Daily Objectives in that there will always be 3 generated objectives (the ones with the “target” icon behind them) to work on. Once one is fulfilled, another will be generated to take its place.

      I hope these answers help. Thanks so much.

      • Thanks, Pogo_Llama!

      • Thank you Pogo_Llama. This is useful. Also, how are the 50 ranks counted? Is it balloons popped or games won? I am curious. Thank you for such an awesome version of Poppit. I love Poppit party even more than I loved Poppit show (download). Thanks for the new fun features. Happy gamer here. TheQ9999

        • Hi hi hi, TheQ9999.

          The ranks are counted by balloons popped. Thank you and very happy to hear you’re enjoying it!

      • Hello, I do have to edit one part of question 3….
        The Generated Objectives will be generated once one is fulfilled, but not until the end of the day. Please keep that in mind. Thank you!

  • the Monopoly stunk robots cheated. And please get rid of Slingo blast it is not a fun game

    • Thanks for your feedback!

    • I hated the Monopoly challenge….people were not friendly or helpful and you can NEVER win playing robots. Therefore, NO BADGE!!! Hated that challenge!

  • Why couldn’t i play undiscover world. The Puzzles wouldn’t move. to finish the games.I did what it said double click the puzzles and then place them.But the puzzles didn’t move?

    • Hmmmm… may be something to do with the zoom on your browser. Please make sure it’s not zoomed in too far.

    • max zoom is 100% for this.

    • I’m having the same problem with Undiscovered World. It’s one of my favorite games but it stopped letting me place puzzle pieces for the past month. Nothing has changed on my computer and no other games seem to be affected. Help please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Help, I am not able to play any of the HTML5 games. Why? Please help.

  • i love poppit party poppit party the best game pogo has in long time
    i love poppit bingo too please fix poppit bingo to turn off music but have bingo caller the music i get tired of but i need to hear the bingo caller to been able to play
    please add ranks and badge to poppit bingo
    please keep add new costume for spike and badge on poppit party
    i am happy for poppit party because my learning disability make games like solitaire and mahjong hard for me
    thank you pogo_llama for your time

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Krista80s. I’m really happy you’re enjoying Poppit! Party and Poppit! Bingo. There are more ranks and badges coming for Poppit! Bingo so stay tuned. Thank you for being a part of Pogo.

      • I too love Poppit Bingo; however rank 50 doesn’t seem to be recording bingos. Is this just a bug that will be fixed ?
        I play anyway…Poppit Bingo and Garden Solitaire are my favorites now

        • More ranks for Poppit! Bingo are in the near future and thank you shall be able to go about rank 50. Yay! Thank you.

  • I BOUGHT THE FATHERS Day Badge. Won it, friend saw I won’t it, it did not appear in my badges. I sent chat to EA Help. Today it is not there. Said I never won it. How fair is that? Still having problem loading Pogo. Wish you would fix it. Sure nothing will be done, as usual. Getting frustrated with Pogo. I purchase many gems and badges. Will refrain from that. Thank you for your anticipated reply.

    • Hi XKVMDWruth710,
      Sorry to hear this happened to you and thanks for reporting it. Could you please tell me your customer support ticket confirmation number? Thank you.

    • thanks for getting me my gems jean

  • I’m loving poppit party tyty but I have a question about the java rerelease when is it coming I cant wait been hoarding gems for this one

    • Hi TheDustyRose74,
      So happy you’re enjoying Poppit! Party. Yay! What’s your favorite costume so far?
      I’m also excited that YOU’RE excited for the Java Badge release! I’m not able to say much now but I will when I can.
      Thanks much!

      • I’m trying to get to the disco costume I keep getting pieces but that’s the one I want the most thanks

  • I love Poppit Bingo! I have been having issues with getting the credits to move pass level 50. I have contacted the Help Center but they were not able to fix the problem. The Help Center had me dump my cookies and cache but this did not work. They also had me try on a different browser. This did not work either. I am thinking that the game is not set up to go past level 50 and I will tell you why. My neighbor, who is also a Club Pogo Member can play Poppit Bingo on this same computer and has no problems with the game, but, she is only level 10. Please give me some insight on this issue.

    • Hiya Tobyt1516,
      Thanks for writing in. Level 50 is the top level in Poppit! Bingo right now but more levels are coming shortly. Thank you!

  • it would be nice to see more premium badge albums with all the badges for one game like the one with 10 badges for hog heaven slots

  • Where is the recolor balloon in poppit party its part of todays daily challege

    • GREAT question, Motherhenssis!
      Recolor Balloon: Change the color of any balloon on the board. Found in Chef Spike, Tiki Brother Spike, and Disco Dancer Spike.
      You can find out more on Poppit! Party Power Ups by clicking here to read this article. Thanks!

  • I am so very much enjoying poppit party. pogo needs to come out with more new games.

  • having been a member for some years,and have bought untold items from the mini mall,during all 4 seasons,from each section,,backgrounds,goodies,,clothes,,but in the last 4.mabe 5,theres been very little,or nothing,from each of those sections,,even less during summer,,as many have noticed,in pogo,,like swimwear,the bikini type,its just been for 1 age group,in last 4 year,mid 50s,styles,much like the clothes,not really something 4 the younger generation,that prefers more trendier items,,and mabe a few backgrounds and goodies 2 compliment them,,would be appreciated ,this year,if possible?? mabe pogo has got some lined up??,,after 4/5 years of absence of these items,,

    • Thanks for the request of swimwear for the Minis and I passed it along to Pogo_Rachael. :)

  • Pogo team..I love this Fairy Tale mini mall..Good Job POGO TEAM..

  • Hi POGO_LIAMA is there any way you can talk to some one about making Backgammon so you can play the bots, I like this game but haft to wait for some one to join me, in if there a sore loser they leave in you don’t get credit. it would be nice if POGO could help me out. (*_*)

    • Thanks so much for the request on Backgammon, starman. I’m glad you’re enjoying that game. Unfortunately, as Backgammon is a Java game, we’re likely not going to update it as browsers are moving away from supporting the Java format. Thank you, though.

  • Loved the Mini Mall Release today,
    I would Like to see More Badge Albums With out Java games
    for those of us who can no longer Play any of the old java games

  • need more room for snapshots

  • Hi Pogo_Llama!!!!
    Is there any word on when that awesome Java re-release might happen??
    Also, I like poppit party, but I do agree that we sld b able to pop em a little faster!!
    Thanks so much!!
    I love the mini items that were released, (Fairy Tale), Its pretty cute!!

    • Thanks for the comment on the Mini! So glad you like the fairy tale release. I’ll let you all know more about the Java Badge re-release when it becomes available. Thank you!!

  • Thank you Pogo for adding Poppit Party because I absolutely LOVE this game!

  • If you can I would love to see more native American backgrounds and clothing also. that would be great. I’ve seen a beautiful white full length dress on a few people, they said got it some time ago and i couldn’t find it in the minis. thank you so very much.

    • Thank you for the request, Beejay2943. i will send your request for more native American backgrounds and clothing. Thanks!

  • Enjoying Poppit Party. Thanks for another great new game :) Hubby is looking for more levels in Solitaire gardens. Yes, he finished the farm ones. Will there be more?

  • Just bought the New Mahjong Safari Badge…Love it. Thank You POGO Tony. Great Design. The 20′ had great flare with their clothes.

  • got a few ideas on requests first off I love the super hero costume. but I’d like to see more like wonder woman, spider girl loved she’ra growing up to have that would be amazing or some of the chacters and villians. or something retro like 50’s rockabilly style

    • Thank you for the requests, ajowens425. I will be passing these along.

  • pla add more card games like spades; plus more free clue games gems get 2 pricey.

  • in poppit party. if you get all of them to level 5. will you still be able to do the daily objective in poppit party the reason I ask is you have to buy a piece of customs with your coins to complete your daily objective each day in poppit party

    • Oh my! Are you at level 5 with the costumes already on all of them?! If so, congrats! I’ll look into this question for you. Thank you!!!!

  • The Monopoly challenge was TERRIBLE. Tried to play with people, either they wouldn’t allow me to join or they would leave, no help. Have been playing POGO for a long time and I remember when people playing on here were friendly & helpful. It is impossible to win playing robots….this was absolutely one of the WORST challenges. PLEASE do not make a challenge that makes players depend on other players to play or help!

    • I’m so sorry you had that experience while playing the Monopoly challenge this week. Thank you for reporting this.

  • on monopoly…make sure you mark the custom and it is so much easier…got within an hour.

  • hi POGO_LIAMA can you make more risk badge I love this game been playing sense I was a kid