Blog Post #23 – May 9, 2017



Hello mighty Pogoians,

Welcome to Tuesday!

You know what? I love hearing from you all, so thank you. Thank you for chatting with me in games and for leaving comments in the blog.

Last week was soooooo much fun with the Sushi Cat name discussion. You all provided many, many, many great name suggestions and even stories that went with the names. I was impressed! Some of my favorite name suggestions included “BB” and “Camila”, but honestly, each and every one was fun and made me smile. And pointing out the fact that Sushi Cat is round and bouncy and therefore needed a round and bouncy name really had me thinking. I’m still thinking – that’s a hard but fun one and I’ve yet to come up with a name that support both round and bouncy!


Sneak Peek:

Memorial Day is only a few weeks away here in the U.S. (And a great big huge and wonderful “THANK YOU” to all military for your service.) Pogo_Rachael is giving us a preview of what will be available this Thursday on May 11th.

Pogo_Rachael’s thoughts on this Mini preview,

“We’re celebrating our armed forces with this release – Pogo always loves to get patriotic, and this release is no exception. We haven’t forgotten Mother’s Day, either, as we have a few special minis for moms and even one for grandmas.”




So not only do I put StoryQuest up there as one of my “Top 3” favorite Pogo games (Have you tried out the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs episodes yet?!), but now it’s even more awesome as there’s an in-game Pogo Insider sale happening today only. Make your way to StoryQuest  where, just for today, you can purchase 10x Reveal It power-up for 8 Gems! Yay!


Phlinx II Premier Wednesday

Phlinx II’s first ever Wednesday Challenge will be out tomorrow! This is super-duper exciting and I can’t wait to jump in and get in on that Badge. (I’ll be in chat, so stop by and say hi if you see me!) If you are, by chance, having issues playing Phlinx II and are using Internet Explorer, I recommend switching to another supported browser which includes one of the following: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.


Badge Marathon

Ready, set, GO! Let the Badge Marathon begin (oh, it already did begin yesterday!) Every Pogo player has been gifted 10 FREE Mix-n-Match Badges. Yay! Have you activated your Badges yet? Do you have the details? (I’m asking so many questions here.) Go here to read all about it. And, if you’d like to help fellow players out with the Badge Marathon games tips n tricks, please go here to this article where you can read and reply to your fellow Pogians.

I want to make sure you have all the details so you can complete all 10 Badges and then get the (SUPER AWESOMELY COOL LOOKING) animated Badge. Good luck, but you won’t need it because you’re all awesome and can totally do these!




Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)


Q. Are there any plans to create separate Badge albums for Hidden Object Games?

A. I saw a number of people posting this question in a few different ways. (And thanks for posting your questions here in this forum thread, I really appreciate them all). I would like to acknowledge it as it’s definitely a fantastic suggestion. I agree that this would be a fabulous addition to our already fun Badge system. (As I say this, I’m remembering having a blast working on three different Peggle Badges last Wednesday!) So with that said, I will pass this suggestion along to Pogo_Limes and the rest of the team. They are currently looking at different possibilities to make the Badge system even better and more awesome, so this is definitely right on point. Thank you so much for chiming in.


Today is a fantastic day. I heard this quote the other day and wanted to share it with you all, “Happiness is here and now,” and to that, I very much agree. Happiness is in Pogo, as well. :)
Thank you all for joining me here in the Pogo Insider. Oh! And a special “thank you” to Pogo_Cactuar who (very patiently) taught me how to play Canasta so I could get the No Joke Badge last week. Not only did she have an amazing amount of patience but also skill so I learned a few tricks as well.
See you in chat in various games (currently you can find me in the various Badge Marathon game chat rooms) and please leave your non-technical game questions below.






NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!










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  • Hi Pogo Llama, I know you don’t do technical issues…but since you’ve been ‘selling’ Phlinx II so hard, please know I a extremely frustrated. Every time I finish a game I cannot collect my tokens or get credit for playing the game. It’s happened at least 20 times. I keep trying. The game freezes at the end. I’ve tried everything from my end…must be a pogo problem. Since you are the ‘insider’, please pass that problem on to someone on the inside. Thank you.

    • Hi CareAllB,
      Thank you for reporting your issues with Phlinx II. Can I ask which browser you’re currently playing it on? I do recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge if you’re not already. And yes, I very much will pass this along to the team. Thank you for your patience with it and for playing. :)

      • Thank you Llama, I have used IE ever since I joined Pogo and only changed one time when Pogo recommended it and then had to go back to IE when Pogo had problems supporting the change they recommended. I seriously have NO problems using IE and do not want to change it. I reached the celestial level playing all day on May 1st!! No problems whatsoever then. Only within the last few days has the freezing problem cropped up. Oddly, I will play one game, goes through fine, the next one freezes. I’m wondering since they recently made changes to the game if that has caused difficulty. I will not give up IE when it works beautifully for everything else. That is why I felt there was a problem with Phlinz 2. And we all depend on the technical expertise of the wizards and ‘brains’ at Pogo to help us out. Thank you for your willingness to listen and respond. I really appreciate it.

    • i had this problem also. I finally tried monzilla and it worked perfectly. hope this will help you

  • I like “Bobby Bubbles” for a Sushi Cat name, sounds round and bouncy lol

    • That’s a fun one….Mr. Bobby Bubbles….I can hear the “bounce” in that for sure. Haha. Thanks, Smooth!

  • Can we have a badge album for the badges pogo is giving us please. I now have two M&M books that I will not get finished.

    • Hiya dogset and thank you for your suggestion on the Badge Album idea. I know the team is always thinking of ways to make the Badge system more efficient and better for players so your thoughts definitely help with that. Have a great day!

      • I love this idea too…..would be great to have all the POGO badges together. Hope its possible, keeping fingers crossed

  • Thank you POGO for the Great Minis today and for the GRRRRRR Legendary Badges..Love them all.Tell all the POGO TEAM THANK YOU..

  • RE: Phlinx II…..I have done everything I can think of to play this game and get the badge however, it is freezing up when I finish the game and doesn’t award me tokens/ranks. I am using Google Chrome. When are you going to fix this Pogo? Very frustrating to pay to play and this is happening.

    • Hiya OsborneConcrete,
      Thanks for reporting that and sorry to hear about the Phlinx II freezing issue you’re experiencing. I’ll pass this along to the team but also please go here and report it to customer service so they can document it and our team can take a more in depth look into it. Please also make sure to include the version of Google Chrome you’re using. Thank you!


  • I am not sure if this is the right place but here goes. Today I hit 12 years with Pogo. 12 years ago I made history have a major hip rebuild (my age is why I made history) anyway I was laid up over 4 months and because a friend gave me a free pogo pass and I liked the paid version so much. I decided to join. Pogo helped me through that long recovery. I still play because Now it’s relaxing and fun. Thanks Pogo!

    • Wow! A major hip rebuild! Well first off, that is a great something to have gone through!
      I’m really happy to hear Pogo became a way to pass the time for you while you were healing! Love it, and love it that you find it relaxing still. Thank you for your 12 years! <3

  • Dropping by for a quick comment or two/three (LOL)

    1…love the new release, really great. Big old thanks to that team.
    2…great idea on the badge marathon. Lots of fun, hope this happens again.
    3…on releasing older badges, can you please go waaaaaay back into the vault, say before 2007..would love to have some of those old great badges.

    Llama, Cactuar and team keep up the great work, I so love this place (LOL)

    • Thank you very much for your comments, DivaDarling222. Did you finish all 10 Badges yet?

  • Still waiting for the badge rank 50 in poppit bingo. Would love to see this as it has been a long time, and very frustrating to see a a empty star for rank 50. Hope it come soon thank you POGO CREW:

  • Pogo Llama.Do you know when the next album is coming out???? Pogo is with me when I am doing my care giving. My patients love many of the games.They love the bright colors. Thank You for all POGO has done for us.

    • Hiya Dianne00Betty,
      Good to hear from you and thank you for letting me know that your patients enjoy many Pogo games. Which seem to be their favorites? I love hearing about this and always want to know what I can do more of for the community, so thank YOU (and all of the Pogo community) for being here and sharing with both us and others.
      As for the next album, I’m not at liberty to say but it is on the way. :)

  • I joined Pogo way back in 2003 I think it was 2003 any way I play a lot of Spades as I really enjoy it I like the hidden object game Claire Hart Soul Searcher also too and so I also too play some Jungle Gin which is Gin Rummy really but I just wish it was possible to have more group badges where you play with as many as 200 000 other Pogo members I am a paid up member so I enjoy more than the freebie members but I was a freebie member once I like your web site it offers a wide variety of games and so I am so happy it exists like so many others I started out rehabilitation playing but then I am 72 I guess old age rehab is a constant thing for me us older members spend more time at Pogo as we have less to do other wise again keep up the good work at Pogo and so again THANK YOU for your web site… Mvk35

    • Mvk35, thank you so so much for being a part of Pogo since 2003 and for sharing this with us all. I am sorry to hear rebhab is a constant for you but love that Pogo is accessible to you wherever you are. Lots of appreciation and kindness being sent your way from me. <3

  • Pogo Llama…About my patients..They rank from 85 to 94. They Love Poppit Bingo my 85 year does. My 94 loves the word games..especially word whomp. They love all the Characters..They want to know their names..etc..etc. It is helping with their memory. God Bless them.. My 91 year old likes them all. She loves the bright colors and music..Keep up the good work POGO.

    • Beautiful. Thank you for letting me in on their likes of Pogo. Please tell them “hello and thank you” from me, too. Have a wonderful day. :)

  • Can you do anything about the music? Not everyone likes it. Every game needs a way to cut the music but not the sound.

    • Hi hi hi, yyak1949.
      Indeed this is a common request and the team is aware of it. Having sound options is always a good thing. Thank you for your comment.

  • pogo Llama I finished all 10 marathon badges when do I get the speial gift

    • Nice work on completing all 10 Badges! The animated Badge will be sent out sometime after the event ends. Thank you.

      • thank you LLAM. I totally loved your pick in games.i refused to give up even when my eyeballs were falling out . I just dusted them off and put them back in and kept going.THANK YOU FOR YHE ENJOYMENT

  • A lot of people are having trouble with Phlinx II. I tried going to Foxfire & Pogo would not let me in. So I think you should fix IE problem because I’m sure a lot of people have IE. Thanks for listening

    • Thank you for reporting this, Sadie3594. Our team has been notified and is investigating. Thank you!

      • Thank you for your help. It let me win 1 game & its went back to freezing up again but I felt lucky to win that one game. Thank you again for the help

  • how about trampet for the sushi cat, as it is both round and bouncy lol

  • Sushi, Gizmo, Obelix, Yo-Yo

  • Thank You for Sherlock Holmes Badges ..I see new one,Be getting it soon.
    Just finishing Phlinx11 – I’m in Cleopatra, I need 30 of each Glyph and I’ll have Month 2.
    May I add also, I was freezing a lot in IE until a friend told me to try Edge, well I haven’t froze yet and I been playing on Edge for a month now. Edge is for people who have Windows 10

    Thank You

  • how do I get the cupcakes and getpast stage83 been working on this one forever it seems like any hints or help would be grateful

    thank you


  • sorry about that in cookie connect


  • Very unhappy with the Badge Marathon. Can’t move the cookies in Cookie Connect. I complete the challenges and go back to the games and it indicates I haven’t done so. there is nowhere to check your progress. Just a bit frustrated right now. I love CLUB POGO, I have around quite a while and can’t see ever leaving but this is bothering me.

    • Hi ladyvikesfan,
      Thank you for writing in with your comments about the Badge Marathon. There’s been a number of comments about not being able to see progress and I will pass this along. I do appreciate you being a part of the Pogo community and want to help out in anyway I can so that you continue to love it. Thank you, again, for letting me know your thoughts.

  • Hi Pogo Llama,
    After spending 5 days with the marathon, I have decided that the world will not shatter if I don’t finish these Marathon Badges. I appreciate the badges you have given us with no charge. I use a MAC and it has so many issues with Java and Flash. that I will not finish them by the deadline. That’s okay. When I have spare time I will work on them. I spent a lot of money on gems. Every new game comes with a set of power-ups you can buy with gems. I am amazed there are so many people that have finished this Marathon.
    I hope members reach whatever goal you have set.

  • Hello, and we Love this Blog, it is both interesting and Fun. Solitare Gardens is a terrific game, will a new one be released on the 15th? Also, have not heard anything lately about Poppit Party being released. Will this be in the near future? We appreciate all your hard work Pogo Llama, and all the terrific efforts of the entire Pogo crew. These pogo games help so much, as my husband and I have many medical problems, and I am in severe pain every day, and Pogo helps us relax.

    • Hi rjjkemk,
      I’m so sorry to hear you’re in severe pain every day and I am glad Pogo is here for you during these times. Yes, SG usually updates on the 15th of each month. Poppit! Party is close but not out yet. I will let you all know more when I know more. :) Thank you!

  • I also use Edge for all my games. No problems yet. Also thanks for the Marathon. I did finish it last night. It was tough but I was determined and met some great people while we played these games and had a lot of laughs.
    Thanks to the Pogo team for the 10 games and coming up with the marathon idea.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to Llama and all Mothers.

  • The only 2 challenges I completed in the Marathon were Pogo Bowl and Story Quest….the rest of the Challenges were way to time consuming (remember many have to complete the Wednesday Challenges plus get the Mothers Day Badge)….some of us work and can’t devote 24/7 to Pogo. It seem those that have more time and don’t work have Pogo’s ear on how difficult to make the challenges. Please consider us working Pogo members. Thanks for listening Pogo LLama

    P.S. I am enjoying Phlinx II and did get my badge and I loved loved loved the Yahtzee Challenge, Yahtzee and Pogo Bowl are two games neglected as far as Challenges!

  • Just finished the latest Mix and Match for clue. Had to finish 4 episodes in under 30 minutes. It was a blast I got all 4 done in 10:18 seconds. And before anyone ask or judges me. NO I DID NOT USE A BOT. First of all it is against POGO rules, and I despise them. I did it myself my fastest time in Clue for one episode is 1:18. Clue is my favorite game on here.

    • Great great work on that Clue Mix n Math, tweetymonkey! VERY great job!