Blog Post #22 – May 2, 2017



Greetings Pogo!

Thank you so much for reading the Pogo Insider! It’s Tuesday, May 2 and I have to ask the question “Where does the time go!?” PHLINX II! That’s where all my time has been spent lately. Oh, and Poppit! Bingo and Sushi Cat 2 when I was working on the last set of Wednesday Challenge Badges (I LOVE Sushi Cat 2, by the way). How about you?

What would you name the cat in Sushi Cat 2? I’d like to name the cat Blanche. I’m assuming the cat is female and only based on the fact that I like the name Blanche for a cat. :)


Sneak Peek

Pogo_Rachael just came over here and told me something so exciting that I’m having a hard time sitting down in my chair– so I’m actually standing UP to type this. She said:

We’re so fond of the explorer character and her unusual feline pal, Nile, that we decided to celebrate them with two free Minis! These will be available for you in the Mini Mall this coming Thursday, May 4!”

And here’s what they look like. I LOVE it. Thank you, Pogo_Rachael!



Pogo Insider exclusive sale

There’s currently a one-day only sale going on in Trizzle! Head on over to Trizzle for  25x Remove Doll power-ups for 9 Gems. It’s one day only and that one day is right now.


Phlinx II

As a reminder, at the beginning of every month, all the progress you made towards last month’s Celestial Glyph set is gone, as a new Celestial Glyph set takes its place. If you want to pick up where you left off and finish the previous set, you can spend some Gems to unlock it again in the Chamber of the Past.

Do you have questions on how to play Phlinx II? Always feel free to comment below and ask away and you can also check out these articles to see if your question has been answered.

Again, please leave a comment below if you have further questions. I’ve also been playing Phlinx II a whole bunch, so if you see me in chat, please say hello and ask me any (non-technical) questions you may have.



You may remember in last week’s blog  we conducted a poll asking, “Which game would you like to see as a Challenge for a free Legendary Badge in July?” I’m excited to announce the game selected is… Yahtzee Party! Thanks to all who chimed in and took this poll. I can’t wait to see what Pogo_Limes has planned for this Badge come July. (Sequels of excitement sound from Pogo_Llama!)


Badge Marathon

Pogo_Limes just peered over at me and said he wanted to say a bit more about the upcoming Badge Marathon. Nice! And this is exactly what he had to say:

“Hi Pogoians! If you have not heard yet, the Badge Marathon is coming up next Monday May 8. We noticed some questions about what this is exactly and is it related to the Super Badge Challenge. I can tell you that this IS separate from the Super Badge Challenge and you will not have to buy any Badges.”

On Monday, May 8, you will receive 10 FREE Badge Challenges in your mailbox courtesy of Spike. (Aww, he’s so nice!) Players who complete all 10 by May 14th will get a prize. Here are clues for 3 of the games that will be a part of the Badge Marathon:

Game #1 – Turkey

Game #2 – Right the wrongs in this story

Game #3 – Travelling card game

You can find the answers to those clues and more details of the event on the Blog page on Friday, May 5.

OH! And Tony sent over a rough sketch of the Badge Marathon Special Badge!


Thank you soooooo much, Tony. I love seeing sketches and how they develop into the final art.



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)


Q. Can we please have more Badges for Java games?

A. I talked, again, to Pogo_Limes and this is what he had to say: “That is a great idea and one thing we are exploring is running a ‘JAVA Sale.’ These will all be Java titles and we will try to dig as deep into the Vault as we can. We are tentatively planning this for June but that is not confirmed yet.” Keep your eyes on the Blog and we will announce it when it is ready.


I’m headed back to Phlinx II now. I’m really trying to get to Celestial so I can open up the Month of May and get the INSERT NAME HERE Badge. Anyone get to May’s Celestial yet?

Thank you all so much for reading. I really appreciate it and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Take care,





NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • Use IE 11 for JAVA games. Use a good virus protection. I use Webroot and yes you have to buy it. You can go into Webroot and make adjustments to make it worth while. I contacted webroot and they helped me with all questions. And I do not work for Webroot or Pogo. I have tried several and that’s the only one that I have found that will not slow down your computer.

    • You can have a java sale but it does me nor my family and church friends any good. I haven’t been able to play any java games since December of 2015. It doesn’t work on internet 11 at all. I love dice city and miss not playing it.

      • I use IE 11 for all Pogo games including Java ones without a problem.

      • Have you tried the Firefox browser its free!

      • Use a different browser…Chrome is great…Firefox is too.

      • mega ditto go back to suporting java e a makes millon dollar profit so fix the java problem

      • I play java games on IE 11 and they work fine….. they do not work on chrome.

      • Use firefox to play java games

      • @IadoreyouJesus: I have 11 and it is working fine on all the games I play. I gave up on FF, Chrome, and came back to IE. And like I said, I am 11 and/but I do not use Edge. Maybe it’s Edge that is causing your problems.(or that confounded Conteria(sp)!) So sorry that you are having that problem. There is a fix, but I’m not teckie enough to tell you how. You need someone in Pogo Help. Help is there!

      • That is puzzling, as it works fine for me, also read this entire blog because two people mentioned two other browsers that use Java that i had never heard of…

  • Thanks, e 1, Your comments and suggestions are always so helpful. and ty also to pogo_llama
    4 all your diligence in aiding us older pogo players! I’m going to try the Phlinx 11 suggestions. I have found it boring replaying common, then noble, then royal, and failing,and then starting all over again. repeat, repeat, repeat…jeez..
    Any ways, Thanks again.

  • Hey would it be too much to ask for you to get ALL the games to work on just ONE browser so we don’t need to use 3 or 4 different browsers. Oh and Pogo Llama would it be possible to get Highland Golf back so we can get in 18 good games of golf and kick around good ole Haggis again . I sure miss that game.

    • Indeed, Kindone8. Having all Pogo games working on every single browser is what we’d like to happen. Unfortunately, Pogo has no control over what browsers do and how they function. But, we do try as much as we can. :)
      Highland Golf….I will pass that request along. Are you a fan of golfing? I can play a pretty good game of mini golf.

  • Where are the answers to the clues?

    • Hi Connie! Answers to the clues for the games for the Badge Marathon? Everyone will find out on Monday. :)

    • Hi Connie when I see the clue’s I think turkey is pogo bowl right the wrong’s in this story maybe story quest and for the last clue travelling card game maybe first class or world class solitaire.

  • This is not directly related to Pogo BUT it is news on upcoming improvements in web browsers look at web assembly through Mozilla. I read about this new browser and it sounds exciting.

  • Thank You Pogo Llama for this get Badge Marathon coming up on Monday..Can’t wait. keep up the good work POGO. POGO is the Best Deal around.

  • Opps!!! Great Badge Marathon. got so excited didn’t spell Great right…lol…lol

  • I’ve collected all 4 glyphs in royal phlinx twice and still havent unlocked celestial phlinx. Am I doing something wrong?

    • You must collect them 4 times for a total of 16 Royal Glyphs. :)

    • I have now collected thousands of glyphs, playing 3000 games, a ton of tokens and badges and I still have not won that very last game to get to Celestial. I refuse to buy power ups and I have now realized that is probably the only way to do it. So I will quit for now, give my mouse a break. Good luck to you

      • Never give up, lilttleitaly7113. Never give up! No purchases necessary to achieve Celestial. Good luck and all the best.

  • I really hope there will be some new minis celebrating Mothers Day, which is coming up very soon.

  • I run Windows 10 and IE, and play all the games. If it hangs up and doesn’t want to load, hit the F5 key ( on the top row of your keyboard) and it will rethink everything, and reload, just wait a minute. Please don’t take away the old games! We who like to play them and can load them should have them, shouldn’t we? Hugs to all!

    • When you use Windows 10 and IE, how do you get the games to not appear tiny? I have to reset the resolution every time I want to use pogo on IE.

      • Hi Stephwolfe,
        It sounds like the zoom may be in too much on the screen.
        Please try this to enlarge the screen….

        Select these three buttons on the keyboard: Ctrl & +

        Or select Ctrl & scroll mouse wheel up

        Or look in your address bar and you may see a magnifying glass. If you DO see a magnifying glass, this means you’re zoomed in or out. Click that magnifying glass and it’ll restore your settings back to what you had them at.

        Please let me know if that helps.

  • I went to Trizzle to get the badge that is on sale. But, I didn’t see it.. Does that mean I all ready have it??? Can you tell me the name of the badge please. Thank You

    • Hi Dianne00Betty. There is not currently a new Trizzle Badge on Sale. Do you mean the one-day only sale for the Trizzle Power Up? That was only on Tuesday when the blog came out. Sorry you missed that.

  • You meed to get more exciting games to play. You should get the old games working before adding new ones. You also be able to get all on one on one web site. Getting games to load has been very challenge.

    • Hi shihtzuqueen1, Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. Which Pogo games are your favorites?

  • I have tried the Phlinx 11, and like a lot of people ,I got tired of not getting credit for what I played . I had also asked some pogo players about cookie connect. They either
    don’t know or don’t want to help. I am stuck on level 32. I’m not sure what I need to do to get the cupcakes at the bottom. Do I get the stars or the down arrows? Any information would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Hi Pogo_LLama

    Thank you for the free minis….I love the cat, Nile, from Phlinx II! Thank you for being an advocate for Pogo members for the Java games, many of us love the creativity and play of those games.

    I think the answers for the Marathon are:
    Pogo Bowl
    Story Quest
    World Class Solitaire

    Have a great weekend!

    • I do believe you are very correct in your answers for the Badge Marathon! Enjoy and good luck, Spurt81!

  • Please, Please, Please…..update and keep the Daily Crossword…..I would truly enjoy iy and I’m others would agree with me….TY

  • Do you have to buy the month of April for Phlinx II to do the weekly challenge for May 10th?

    • Hi there,
      Nope, you will never have to buy anything for a Wednesday Challenge. If you didn’t hear the April Badges, you may want to purchase them to earn them but you do not have to do that. It’s just there if you’d like all the Badges and you hadn’t yet completed it. Thanks!

  • Please bring back the Coconut Boom Box that used to be in the “Goodies” section a couple of years ago.

  • I think the Sushi cat’s name should be Sophie!

  • I was just wondering why there seems to be hardly any weekly challenges anymore for certain old card games like turbo 21, ride the tide or even poker. As a longtime club pogo member and avid card player I would like to see some more in the future. Thanks again.

    • Hi RCBills1206,
      Thanks for the question. Some of those games require Java and as browsers continue to no longer support Java, we have moved away from offering them as Challenges as they are becoming increasingly harder to get to actually load and play. So sorry for this and I appreciate the question. I hope this helps clarify. Oh! And we ARE looking into ways to transfer those Java games over, but I do not know which games or when or if that’ll happen. We are aware, though. Thank you!

  • The phlinx2 game will only allow me to play one game, get one relic, and then it freezes and I don’t get credit for even that one game. Any Ideas?

    • Which browser are you using, LadyRedFox1968? I recommend Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

  • Love playing [Canasta] but, your points given are very very low! How about increasing the reward points?

    • I LOVE CANASTA! Haha! Yes! Absolutely. I will pass this along. I just learned to play this game last week and I’m starting my day off to it now each morning. How often do you play?

  • I am still waiting for Pinochle to not require Java. Can it please happen soon. I miss my game.

  • I’d like to know if Pogo could perhaps have a wheelchair for our minis. Some of us ar wheelchair bound, and it expresses who we are. Thanks.

    • I will absolutely put that request in. Thank you so much, EllenR1047.

  • I think sushi is Japanese in origin. So is Yoko Ono !! so Yoko sounds great to me.

    • Love it! I love a good Yoko Ono story and Beatles-type reference as well. :)

  • I have trouble loading fortune bingo and the golf game where do i go to download java and it tells me to do explorer 11 could you help me on this please thank you i would appreciate it

  • Will there ever be a way for those of us on Chrome to ever play all the games? I have a whole album full of badges I can’t get because I can not play the game. There are a lot of games I can’t play


    • HI Jbkr62,
      Unfortunately that is up to those at Google who work on the Chrome browser. We do not have anything to do with that. Sorry…

  • Every month you advertise you are bringing back from the vault M&M badges for the game of the month and they are never there. I am trying to get badges I missed out on, but I am not getting any where.

    • Hi Atilla-the-Hen (I totally love your player name!)
      Good news! The M&M Badges for Game of the Month are there. Here’s how to find them: Head on over to the Badges page and click on Find a Badge. Please sort by release date and you’ll see they are actually available during Game of the Month. If you are not seeing them, that could mean you already have them. One other tip, when you’re searching for the Badges, make sure you have “include Badges I’ve earned” and “include Badges I’ve purchased” are unchecked so you can see if you already have them. Thanks for the question.

  • I haven’t been able to play Java games in over a year. I am happy for those who can, but please don’t exclude people like me on badges. Also – question about new ranks. In the past, although it didn’t show, we still accumulated totals for what we needed toward new ranks. This was added to our rank when new ones were added. i.e. when canasta went from 50 to 70 – loyal players who continued playing and had topped out at 50 jumped right to 70 because they had accumulated after they topped out. This hasn’t been done recently. Can you explain why it changed? I would love to see it again because it adds that little competitive edge that keeps all games interesting and keeps me playing.

    • Thanks for your comment and question, Cobbyjaniew. In regards to the Java Badges, while Pogo may be releasing previously made Badges for Java games, they will not be mandatory to purchase. If players are unable to play Java games, we definitely recommend against purchasing them. Also, please be assured the Pogo team is continuing to make Badges available for all players.
      The ranks question is a really good one and I will try to go more in depth to this question in a future blog. Thank you!

  • i really miss playing those java games edge does not support them and neither does google chrome or firefox….please can you fix them so we can play them once again? i know i am not alone in this.

    • Hi Siskey01,
      Awww, I’m sorry you’re missing those Java games. I know it’s hard to not be able to play your Pogo favorites.
      So what is going on with that is… browsers are taking away the option of Java and as a result, Java will be unplayable on these browsers. Unfortunately we have nothing to do with this and we can only offer what is being supported out there which is why we are moving to HTML 5 as that is what the browsers are now going to. I hope this helps clarify. Thank you for your question.

  • Here is a new problem with Java games. I got a new laptop with a 4k screen. The Java games are so tiny, I have to open the screen magnifier to see them. Some games you can play with the magnifier on, but most are just an exercise in frustration. I am just hoping I can get all of the Java badges before my old laptop dies completely.

    • HI dartsngames,
      It sounds like the zoom may be in too much on the screen.
      Please try this to enlarge the screen….

      Select these three buttons on the keyboard: Ctrl & +

      Or select Ctrl & scroll mouse wheel up

      Or look in your address bar and you may see a magnifying glass. If you DO see a magnifying glass, this means you’re zoomed in or out. Click that magnifying glass and it’ll restore your settings back to what you had them at.

      Please let me know if that helps.

  • I am having so much trouble with Cookie Drop game. I can’t get past level 28. Do you have any hints or suggestions without me having to buy gems to use? Thanks in advance.
    Please could POGO also find it in their hearts to add more than 1 new level per month to Mahjong Escape? I love that game so much and finish the levels too quickly. Please try. Thanks in advance. I love my CLUB POGO !

  • Thanks for a fantastic blog ~ appreciate all of the great info. As to Sushi Cat, sorry to say, but I don’t care for this game at all ~ it seems aimed at a more juvenile age band. Speaking of the free mini items, I think they are super wonderful ~ fantastic art work. The fact that they are free is icing on the cake! PS: Thanks Magicbanner1 for the F5 hint ~ it will come in handy! Happy weekend all, Joan

  • Someone told me that Pogo would delete LOTTSO is this a fact or a rumor?

    • Hi target,
      Pogo will keep up all Java games until there is not a supported browser to play them on. Browsers are taking away the option of Java and as a result, Java will be unplayable on these browsers. Unfortunately we have nothing to do with this and we can only offer what is being supported out there which is why we are moving to HTML 5 as that is what the browsers are now going to. I hope this helps clarify. Thank you for your question.

  • Pogo Llama, with the badge marathon on Monday are we going to be able to activate all 10 at once or just the normal two badges at one time? Thank you.

  • Why is it that some games wont load due to a long running script?

  • Hello there – just finished the badge marathon – where do we find the badge? Thank goodness for the flu – gave me lots of time to play!