Blog Post #21 – April 25, 2017


Happy World Penguin Day!

Did you know it was World Penguin Day? Stop on over here to get your free Tokens in Mahjong Safari in honor of this delightful flightless seabird who reigns in the southern hemisphere.

Next week we’ll be traveling to Seoul in Mahjong Escape! Mmmm … that sounds delicious! I looooove some bibimbap. What’s your favorite Korean dish? Comment below! (Yup, my mind went STRAIGHT to food!) Oh, and here’s a preview of what it’ll look like! mjeS


Phlinx II

I’m curious what you all thought about Phlinx II, which was released last Tuesday! Did you love it, like it, or are you still finding your way through it? Do you have non-technical related questions? If so, please comment below with them and I’ll do my very best to find the answers for you.

In the meantime, one of the Phlinx II Producers, Joe, and I went over some player-facing questions we found in the Forums and answered them right here in this News article. Don’t forget there was already an article of questions made here and an article all about Phlinx II Badges here.

Sneak peek:

I have TWO sneak peeks for you this week. First up is from Pogo Artist Tony’s Limited Edition Badge for Father’s Day. Tony describes this Badge as, “Deep in the Tri-Peaks Solitaire Temple, a pair of young adventurers must make a daring escape when their ceremonial Father’s Day offering doesn’t go as planned.”

FathersDay_screenshot FathersDay_sketch

Mini Preview: “Cooking Up Fun” for April 27. (That’s THIS coming Thursday!)
Of this particular Mini release, Pogo_Rachael says, “One thing our Mini makers have in common with our Players is a slightly saucy sense of humor. If it involves puns or wordplay AND food, all the better! We’ve had our Mini artists whip up a handful of silly new food-themed Minis just for you! Hopefully this sneak peek whets your appetite.”


Which Mini in this collection is your favorite? I personally like the look of the hamburger head but my healthy side is telling me to go for the broccoli!


Behind the Scenes … with Pogo People!

We’re taking the Pogo Insider Questions to a whole new level this week with an in-depth interview with Pogo’s own, Pogo_Limes. I’ve rounded up your questions from last week’s blog so here we go!

Pogo_Llama: Hi Pogo_Limes! Would you please take a few sentences to tell the Pogo Community about yourself?

Pogo_Limes: Hello everybody, I’m Pogo Limes. Some of you may have seen me around on some Pogo Mini Shows. I handle the content side of Pogo, this includes scheduling any new content that you see, such as Challenges, Events and Badges. I’ve been at Pogo for 3+ years now and I mostly stay “behind the scenes,” as the saying goes. I also work closely with a lot of familiar (Mini) faces that you may have seen.

Pogo_Llama: Let’s get right to the heart of it. What we all want to know is whether you have any content updates for us, Mr. Limes?

Pogo_Limes: We have an exciting year planned for Badge Collectors. The early part of this year was really about setting everything up so we can get a lot of great things out for the Community. (Pogo_Llama: !!!!!) Now we are focused on bringing out new Events and scores of Badges. First of all, congratulations to the Community on another successful encounter with our last Side Wide Challenge. I love seeing how you all successfully pull through at the end. Besides the Site Wide Challenge, we are working hard behind the scenes to come up with even more fun, new Events.

While I would love to share all of our plans, some of it’s just not yet ready, but I can give a sneak peek on an upcoming new Event … wait for it … The Badge Marathon.

One noticeable difference with the Badge Marathon is this event does not involve working together with the Community like the Site Wide Challenge. We’ll share a full preview of what this Event entails next week, but let me just say that if you like Free Badges, you won’t be disappointed.

So, get ready. This Event is starting on May 8th and will last one week!


Pogo_Llama: OH Mylanta this sounds amazing, Sir Limes! The Community has certainly been awesome with their requests for Badges. I wonder if we could ask them for their advice on some upcoming Badges?
Pogo_Limes: Indeed. Thanks to the Community for sharing their feedback about how they love all of the free Badges they received in 2016. This was not a one-time thing, and you can all look forward to more free Badges this year.

In July, you’ll all receive THREE FREE Legendary Badges! We have two games chosen already, but we’d love for the Community choose the third game from a list of games that may not always be the player’s first choice. How about we create a poll with some games that we provide and the winner of this poll will be the 3rd game for the July giveaway? You can all vote on your favorite game. After one week the top game from the Community Poll will be added to the July Badge Giveaway!

Pogo_Llama: YES! That sounds absolutely awesome! Folks, please take this poll!

Which game would you like to see as a Challenge for a free Legendary Badge in July? (Please select one)

Loading ... Loading ...

And now it’s time to answer questions directly from the Pogo Community!


PTD889096: How do you decide which games to use for Challenges & why do some games with no Ranks or Game Award Badges (the incredibly boring Find-O-Vision & the somewhat fun Pyramid Solitaire) receive more Challenges than some games that have Ranks & Game Award Badges (the amusing Monkey Gems & Payday Poker)?

Pogo_Limes: We try to choose games players spend lots of time playing, aka “game time.” So, it’s a bit of balancing act that we constantly try to maintain. And we try as best we can to please everyone. I can look into where we can get Monkey Gems and Payday Poker into the Challenge rotation, for sure. For Payday Poker we just released a new Art Badge for which came out on Sunday! Thanks for the suggestion!

PTD889096: Another question – there are a ton of Badges/Challenges for HOGs (hidden object games) like Clue, Claire Hart & Big City Adventure, but relatively few for Undiscovered World & Sherlock Holmes. (Thank you for including Sherlock in the latest Site-Wide Challenge.) Are there any plans to increase the number of Badges for Undiscovered World & (especially) Sherlock Holmes?

Pogo_Limes: Because CLUE, Claire Hart and Big City Adventure have a bigger following, likely because they’ve been out for a longer time, we have more Badges for them. I can say that there is a Wednesday Challenge coming out next month for Undiscovered World, though. Also, I would expect the number of Badges for each of those HOGs to be closer to each other this year.

MomsBassetHound: Payday Poker was released 3/17/16 and there has never been a Badge, Weekly or Premium. Why? It’s a great game, but without Badges there’s really no incentive to play it. Thanks!

Pogo_Limes: Thanks for your question, MomsBassetHound! We didn’t see a lot of players gravitate towards Payday Poker so we didn’t run as many Challenges for it. Since this is the 2nd question for Payday Poker, I can add it to an upcoming Wednesday Challenge (Shhh…. In July!) and see what Players think! :)

Lalascrazy7: Can you please bring back the Best of Bowling PBA Album? Can you make it possible for us to choose which rank ball we play with (like the cups in Yahtzee or the pieces in Monopoly)?

Pogo_Limes: Yes, we can absolutely bring back the Best of Bowling PBA Album. Look for it sometime next month or early June. Making a simple change such as choosing rank ball can sometimes be way more complicated on the backend. We might not get to it right away, but we can look into it for the future.Thank you for your question!

Maddogturkey1: Can you ask Pogo_Limes if he could incorporate more cats into the Badges? Also can you please have more kitties in the Mini Mall. Us cat lovers/owners are left out in the cold a lot of the time.

Pogo_Limes: I love cats! I used to have a snowshoe cat, actually! I just asked Pogo_Rachael and she said there is a Collectible Leopard coming out soon soooo…does that count? There is also a “feline” collectible coming with more cats. For Badges, there are some plans, but nothing immediate. Thanks for that very purrrfect question.

dryphoenix: Doesn’t it make sense while people can still play Java programming games, to bring out of the vault a large number of Java M&Ms and albums with java challenges?

Pogo_Limes: We are working on bringing out Java releases. Just recently, we tested this with a couple Badges in the re-release. The one concern we have is seeing an influx of complaints from unhappy players who purchase the Badge without being able to play. But if everything works out, we’ll totally re-release more Java Badges. Thanks for your question, dryphoenix.

Pogo_Llama: There you have it folks! Don’t you feel like you know Pogo_Limes just a wee bit better now? Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much, Pogo_Limes, for this very informational interview and for taking the time to answer player questions from the blog comments.



‘Tis that time, my dear Pogoians, where I bid adu and go forth with Tuesday. Thank you for reading another edition of the Pogo Insider. A reminder we’re on Pinterest, Facebook AND you can leave your (non-technical) comments below here in this blog or in this forum thread.


Take care,



NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • I hope someone can help me….My mom and I enjoyed many years of POGO….but as of January she went to a Nursing facility. She is 89 and has dementia. How do I cancel her subscription? I’m also not sure of her password for POGO. I need to talk to someone. ThankYou

    • Hi OldGoldie777,
      So sorry to hear about your mom. I wish you both the best.
      Please contact Customer Support and they’ll work with you on this. You can go to the Help page and then go to “contact us” to submit a support ticket. I suggest perhaps asking for a call-back for a time when you’re near your mom in case she’s needed to help answer any security questions – if that is possible.
      Thank you.

  • I have been a member for many years and I have been waiting for Pogo to bring back the Breast Cancer edition badge,( or any special edition for any Cancer actually ) maybe with a donation with Purchase ,,I have been a survivor and also know so many Pogo friends with this disease or are gone from it ,
    Just a suggestion ,I know it would be a seller and I know many members who would wear it proudly
    thanks LD

    • Hi hotlalala3261, Thank you for the suggestion of bringing back the Breast Cancer Badge. Congratulations on also being a breast cancer survivor! My thoughts are with you and I’m so glad you’re doing well.

  • Hi
    I miss doing your Jigsaw puzzles! They were nice to play! Are there any that don’t need java to play them?
    Oh and by the way I think pogo is the best!!!

    • Hiya mybbwoof,
      This is a great comment because I also really enjoy jigsaw puzzles and we do not have any that aren’t Java right now. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • Llama I loved both of those games too . poppit party and sushi cat .

  • New Hair! Definitely need some new do’s in the mini mall. The hair that comes with the princess hat, can you make it just hair? Would be nice:) Thanks.

  • I have a great sense of humor, but that is a mess in the mini mall :(…Hope it is better, next week lol

  • Thank you for my rank 121 in Canasta. Love it.


    • Hi there,
      HTML 5 is what is replacing Java on the browsers. That is what our newer game are made of, such as Poppit! Bingo and Phlinx II. Thank you!

  • I LOVE LOVE all the new mini items. Good job Pogo. Can’t wait to make a FUN mini with them. Have a Good Week End Everyone. When is a new Album coming out??? Soon I Hope.

    • I love the new food Mini items as well! What did you dress up as? I’m currently broccoli, haha!

  • When will they change the cities on World Solitaire? I suggest Prague and Las Vegas for a start

    • Hi NiceDavid2,
      Thank you for the suggestion. There are no plans for this at this time but I will pass it along.

  • Keep those Majong escape games coming. I really love them all.

  • I just renewed Pogo for $39.99… don’t mind playing but lost all my favorite games…I downloaded Foxfire and Mozilla still doesn’t work…will it ever be a Lottso day for me again..thanks for your time…would love to talk to someone at ea sports but no phone # for pogo…..

  • How do you get the gold ball to plop over into the reserve area in Phlinx 11? I have tried everyway I can think of and no luck. I have read all of the how to play and have not found an answer.

    • Hi sissymom1999,
      Thanks for asking.
      Please refer to this photo and note the red circle in the right bottom corner. Ball Swapper
      When you have a ball you’d like to swap out, click on the area the ball is in and it’ll swap out. You can click again to use the ball. I hope this helps. Thanks for the question.

  • How does someone give someone else gem from their account to your account

    • Hi there.
      It’s not possible to gift Gems. If you’d like to gift someone Gems, you can do so by purchasing them the following items directly: Mini Items, Mix n Match Badges, Premium Badge Albums, and CLUE episodes. Thank you.

  • Anymore plans for extra ranks in Spades?

    • Sorry, sbearmdb25, there is nothing in the works for more Spades ranks at this time.

  • I am SO happy I found this blog! Great and helpful information from both POGO and other members! Thanks so much for having this!

    • Well thank you very very much for your kind words, here4fun777! I’m happy to have you here reading the blog and as part of the Pogo community.

  • I still would love to see Java games converted. I’ve been playing on other gaming websites way more than Pogo because of this.

    • We’re definitely working on it and investigating what Pogo can do. Thank you!

  • Please help-noticed my club time rewards are going to be ready in 7 days My account is not up for renewal until October or November. My husband’s account was blocked the other day because he needed to renew his membership, BUT he became a member in October. He renewed his membership for $39.99 because he couldn’t access Clubpogo games any other way.
    Tried using “contact us” but wouldn’t let me sign in. Would appreciate your sending this to someone who can check out why we are being charged another 39.99 after only 6 months??
    Alice Hamett

    • Hi Alice,

      There are two programs.

      Club Time Rewards – This tracks how long you’ve been a member and it usually does not coincide with your renewal date. You will get a Badge and a Mini item with this.

      Renewal Rewards – This is when you are on the auto-renew plan. For example, if you’re on the yearly plan, you get 100 free Gems and 1 free month of Club Pogo every time you renew. This pushes your renewal date back a month each time so your renewal date will always be changing.

      Unfortunately we are unable to discuss account specifics in a public forum such as this so you will have to contact customer support. Start by clicking here to contact customer support.

      Sorry for your troubles and I hope this helps.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama-
    1st of all, thank you for this weekly blog. There were times in the last couple years when I almost said goodbye to POGO because there was NO communication between the site and its’ membership. Many familiar staffers were gone w/o notice, nobody ever answered our questions.
    I am encouraged to see you guys monitoring/answering the membership. You, especially, are a gift!

    I cannot say that I like the new Phlinx. It is much harder to get good aim with this new version and the gameplay seems slower. I used to fly through the levels….now I struggle with them. Not fun….but it was never my favorite game anyway so no great loss there!

    I continue to hope that the JAVA wordgames (Qwerty, TunbleBees etc) AND some Solitaire games (Addiction, Aces Up )will eventually be done in HTML (Or even flash at this point) because these are some of the games that kept me playing on this site. I still come here frequently but not nearly as often because those are my favorite games and I cannot play them because JAVA isn’t installed (and WON’T be) on my computer.

    I know recoding a game isn’t an easy snap of the fingers and it’s done kind of thing but some of those JAVA games are very well liked and truly missed by many of us. Please ask someone to give recoding these games some more thought.

    Thanks for you time.
    Happy gaming everyone!


    Janey :>)

    • Hi Janeybird13,
      Thanks for taking the time to submit your comment and thoughts. I’m really happy you’re reading the blog and enjoying it. I’m also glad you didn’t leave Pogo last year! I’m definitely here, with my ears and eyes open for you all. I love being here.
      We are working on seeing what we can do to transfer over Java to H5. I know I’ve heard a lot of requests for those games and I’d love to see them available to play again for you all.
      Thanks again for writing in. Happy Pogo-ing, Janey. :)

    • I downloaded Firefox ers and now i can play all the java games

  • If you’re working on new badges, how about making them ANIMATED??? I only look for these kind of badges to play the games. I like the jumpy red rose, the blinking xmas star, the red heart, etc. I like these because they show up in my chat games. Nearly all other badges do nothing and you can’t tell what they are. Also, how about setting aside once a month to have a day to bring back all items of the MINI MALL from years past so those of us who weren’t here from the beginning can have a chance to add to our collection.

    • Hi PattyCakes! I LOVE animated badges! Yes! Which is your fav from the past? I’ll submit that request…thank you!

  • Hi Pogo_LLama

    I enjoy column. When an artist creates a badge, could they please create a face of an animal or person rather than an obscure part of the background—like part of the background, an obscure part of a flower stem etc. I want a character’s face!!! Also can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a Phiinx II Nile Cat badge, with the icon of Nile’s face?

    • Are you reading my mind, spurt81? I may have just the thing for you next week. And thank you for the suggestions. :)

  • Having trouble with Java on Windows 10 sure miss my Java games

    • Hi Usorryuask,
      Java is no longer supported on most browsers. I believe Internet Explorer still has it available but we cannot control if Microsoft chooses to change this. Thanks!

  • I wish you would bring back Buckaroo BlackJack…

    Alice’s Restaurant was such a fun room to play…

    When there were problems with other games loading, you could always bet on Bucky load…

  • I am a chef ..chasing the runaway chicken….dinner will be Late Tonight….LOL

  • I have every badge since I started with pogo and I want to protest this weeks bingo badge …. it is not fair we have to pay bingo bucks to try to win if you don’t play all the time you can’t do it AND I have played for 2 days and spent $250 bingo bucks on EVERY crappy power up and NOT ONE is the golden balloons. THIS BADGE SUCKS

    • Hello Chippenator-822,
      Thanks for your comment and I hope I can help with any confusion about the All About the Gold Badge for Poppit! Bingo.

      As you may know, Power Ups in Poppit! Bingo are given at random. However there’s a neat feature called the Trashcan. (Please see image below. The Trashcan is circled in red in the bottom right hand corner). If you click the Trashcan, you can trash whatever Power Up is in the balloon and it won’t cost you a Power Up activator. Yay! The balloon will then have a little bit of downtime and then refill with another Power Up. Keep doing this until you see the Golden Balloon icon and then go ahead and activate it. You’ll continue to earn Cactus Cash as you play the game so no money should be needed to purchase Power Ups as you’ll use Cactus Cash that you earn in game. I hope this helps and that you have a much better experience in your quest to get this week’s Wednesday Challenge Badge for Poppit! Bingo.


  • I like the new Phlinx game very much and have managed to acquire the Celestial badge for this month already. I have two questions. First I noticed that each Glyph has a slide at the bottom with a number at the extreme right. Is this the top amount for that glyph and do we get a badge for achieving this number. The second question doesn’t have to do with Phlinx but Poppit Bingo. I like this game very much also and would like to see more badges and ranks for this game. I am hoping that Pogo will consider increasing them in the very near future. Thank you for your support blog and happy “Pogoing” to all.

    • Awesome job on getting to Celestial, Rjmarek5NLR!
      Now for answers to your questions…
      1. There are two Badges in Celestial. One Badge is getting one piece of each Glyph for a total of three. The second Badge is getting those three pieces ranked up to Diamond level. That number is the number it takes to get to the next level.
      2. The Pogo team is wokring on new ranks, levels, and Badges for Poppit! Bingo as I type this.
      Thank you for your questions and I hope I’ve helped by answering them.

  • HOW about having a badge to support our Veterans and/or Wounded Warriors…. Feel it would be a great thing to honor that that served our country. Remember.. ALL GAVE SOME… SOME GAVE ALL

    • Great suggestion, schr8er2000_. I will pass this along. And thank you to all who have served.

  • Thanks for the updates on Phlinx 2. They were helpful to me. I finally reached Celestial, then the 3 glyphs in Celestial for the monthly badge. Once there, I earned the Diamond monthly badge too. It represented about 20-25 hours of gameplay, which I don’t see happening each month for me. Even though I played straight through to the gates in Royal level, once I completed that, I felt very disappointed to have to start over in Common level even though I had completed the Royal Gate. Beyond that, I was surprised that there are 4 separate gates in Royal level, each requiring you to start over once you achieve them. If you don’t lose, you shouldn’t have to go back. It is especially punitive to have to go back to Common level. I lose interest there. Additionally, the 5,000 point requirement in some games is too high if you are going to make people go all the way back to Common. Lose one level, maybe; all of them, I will probably not play the game. Also, show people how to check their progress in Celestial. I thought I had made diamond only to find out that you can check the 3 individual Celestial glyphs, and that one was as much as 17 ahead of the last of the three … making it look like I had won Diamond but that it wasn’t awarded. More game play to get them all over 60 each and I FINALLY won the diamond level.

    • Thank you for writing in about Phlinx II, encouragement_. And really nice job reaching Celestial and obtaining the Badges. I will take your feedback over to the game team. I thank you for putting your thoughts into it and showing your examples. Thanks again!

  • hi, i love the new Phlinx, my question is, how in the world do u get 5,000 points on noble phlinx and also when i lose on that it resets common phlinx like i never played it, can u explain this, ty so much and i’m still loving me some pogo after all these years. =D

    • OOo petals oOo thanks for your question. Players, any tips? It IS doable. I like to try to build up a lot of balls for a big drop.
      As for being in Noble then going back to Common…progress is always made. Once you lose to Noble, you go back to Common and once you pass Common again, you will be back at the same place you left off in Noble. I hope this helps. So glad you’re enjoying Pogo. We love having you here. :)

      • yes that makes sense, thank you so much for responding and explaining it. =D

  • I want to thank Pogo for Phlinx II. I finally got the Diamond Tut Badge and it took a lot of work but it is very doable every month. I very much enjoyed the challenge.

    • Wow! Nicely done, Lucy13Hu7. Very happy you were able to complete the Diamond Tut Badge and that you shared it with us. Any tips?

  • Thank you, Pogo_Llama! My only tip would be to just keep playing.

  • Regarding Phlinx 2 I love the game but do not like the fact that every month we have to start over. Too much of an effort to have to do the same levels over and over again. Too bad as it would have been a fun game. My renewal is up in June and I am finding less reasons to renew. Pogo just isn’t the same anymore. Sigh….

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Debbie. What are some of the games you love on Pogo?