Blog Post #20 – April 18, 2017



Happy Tuesday, Pogonians!

First order of business … we’ve got an announcement to make:


What the heck does that mean? It means it’s time for Club Members to go play Phlinx II, y’all! (If you’re not a Club Member, you can sign up by going here!)
Get to it! Phlinx II is up and ready to play – just click here and be whisked away into the mystical world of ancient Egypt, in its prime. And I’m warning you now … this game ROCKS the Nile.

And because you guys are #1, I’ve got a look at all the Badges ready for the winning in Phlinx II ready for ya (they’re SO cool!)

Pogo_Cactuar and I have been playing Phlinx II like nobody’s biz, and we put together an article of questions we had and then answered.

Just give us a shout in the Comments below if you’ve got questions about the game. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

* If you have a technical issue (this includes game loading problems) head on over go to the Pogo Help  page and submit a support ticket so those mighty find Customer Service peeps can help straighten things out for you, pronto. Thanks!



THANKS MUCHO to all of you fine Pogoians who got into the Spring spirit and joined us for the “Spring is in the Air” Amazing Mini Show last Thursday! It was not only super fun, but super creative and colorful! I hope you all know that each and every single one of you had an awesome Mini. It is really hard to pick winners. Because … You. Are. ALL. Winners! :)


Pogo Insider Exclusive:

It’s the 20th Pogo Insider blog and I am going to do something I’ve never done before here. And that something is a special sale – just for you –  in Poppit! Bingo on Cactus Cash. Yippee!

Today only (April 18, 2017), purchase 4,000 Cactus Cash for juuuuuust 62 Gems in Poppit! Bingo.

Enjoy your exclusive-first from Pogo Insider.


Sneak Peek:

Pogo Artist Marshall has a Pogo Insider sneak peek into the world of three different Pogo games … one of which is coming soon (Poppit! Party). Check ‘em out!

Mahjong Escape (Mahjong Thru Time Badge)

Poppit! Party (Tall Order Badge)

Poppit! Bingo (All About Bling Badge)


Which one is your favorite? (Be sure to comment below.)

I like all three of course, but I think I most enjoy the Tall Order Badge for Poppit! Party because…how CUTE is it?! I mean, Spike dressed up as a knight and a big (but friendly from the neck down) lookin’ dino…be still my cutness overloads.


Coming Soon: Get to Know Your Friends at Pogo!

Ever wonder who’s responsible for picking Badge themes? Do you find yourself scratching your head wondering who determines those crazy PBA release schedules (there is a method to the madness)? Are you up sleepless hours asking no one in particular, “How the heck do they do it all!?”

Well! Wonder no more.

Pogo_Limes is the wizard behind the curtain managing content (Badges, PBAs, Sales, etc.) and he’s going to be divulging his deepest secrets (a girl can dream) to me when he sits down for an exclusive interview. (He wanted me to tell you he says, “Hi,” btw.) Aw. Such a nice guy!

Would you guys want to ask him questions, too? Then go for it! Leave your questions for Pogo_Limes in the Comments below and I’ll address as many as I can when I interview him later this week. Stay tuned!



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: I was wondering when more levels will be added to Cookie Connect. I’ve gotten at least 2 stars on all levels through 120, and I’ve gotten 3 stars on most of the levels.

Holy moly! How many of you out there have gone through to level 120 in Cookie Connect? Raise your hands out there and let us know. I’m writing an email to the game developers about this grand feat!

There are not currently any new levels for Cookie Connect in the works, but I will definitely put in the good word. Thank you for playing and wow! (I’m speechless.)


Phlinx II is calling my name (and yours, too … did you hear that?!?). So, I gotta run so I can achieve my goal of getting to the Celestial Level today. Woo-hoo!

Thanks for reading blog 20 and for being a part of the Pogo Community!

Have a great week.



NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • will pogo ever add more levels like scrabble, everybody bingo, some others i have played full levels

    • I’ll put the request in. Thanks for playing and enjoying those Pogo games, jster!

  • Is the issue with Mahjong Escape resolved yet.There was a problem with the badges at every 5th level and we were not getting them so I dont want to do anymore just in case the problem is still ongoing. Thank you in advance if anyone can tell me.

    • Yes, the Mahjong Escape issue was resolved. Please play the next level and the missing badges should be returned to you. If you continue to have issues, please go to the Help page and create a support ticket. Thank you so much.

  • I play Poppit Bingo every day i’m at level 50 I can’t go any higher but I never got the last badge. I did contact the help line but they weren’t any help I still haven’t received the badge.

    • The way that the room badges work is you get the room badge when you’re ready to go to the next room and since there is not a room 9 yet, room 8’s badge is not available. Adding more rooms to the game is in the works although I can’t promise a time. Thanks for your patience.

      • Thank you I played the new phlinx game I liked it and the new badges I also like can’t wait till they come out

        • Thank you, Sweet19506. I’m glad you enjoyed the game and Badges. Have you gotten to Noble Phlinx yet?

  • This is for Pogo_Limes. Doesn’t it make sense while people can still play java programming games, to bring out of the vault a large number of java M&Ms and albums with java challenges?
    People want to buy them so it would increase customer satisfaction (and sales).

    • I totally agree with dryphoenix. As a VTP member I can say that I would buy every single Java based game badge made available from the vault.

      Please look into this. Thanks

  • In the [ sneak peek } I Love all three of these Badges, But my Favorite game is Mahjong Escape. Kiddos to the artists or artist…Very Well Done.

    Thank You

  • I would like to know just how many have completed 120 levels in cookie connect? I have spent 17 days and over 24 hours on just one level only to complete it with just 1 star.. myself and many other pogo members are on a set income so buying extra power ups are not a option.. when we spend that many days and hours on just one level it take the fun out of the game and in return members stop playing the game… so please tell me just how many have completed 120 levels WITH OUT BUYING ANY POWER UPS? And please be honest… GOOD LUCK to everyone that does still play the game

    • Players, how many of you have completed all 120 levels of Cookie Connect without PowerUps?

      • I am happy for those of you that have been playing Cookie Connect, however I have posted many times that I am not able to even get into the game?? I sure wish I could…

        • Hi Venusmiles,
          For all technical issues, please go to the Help page and submit a support ticket. Thank you!

      • Level 59 was brutal…broke down and bought the five extra moves. Got one star on that level. All other levels are two and three stars with no power ups. Finished all levels so now working to get three stars on all. I sure hope there are going to be more levels added very soon. :)

    • Cin48P Thanks for asking this. I feel the same about Escape. I love it but not having to buy the Gem helps. It took 10 away straight after I bought them one time. So please no more having to buy Gems. Good for you but not for limited incomed players. We do LOVE Pogo though. Hugs to all. Good luck to all .

  • More Rooms for Poppit Bingo! I’m still waiting for Room 8 badge to be awarded!

    • Indeed those rooms are in the works. Can’t wait, it’ll be fun fun fun!

  • I love Poppit Party!

  • I have finished Cookie Connect as well and am looking forward to new levels. Thank you Pogo Llama for checking into it for us. On my way now to look at Phlinx II to check it out. Thanks again

    • Have fun, Pundits. Let us know what you think of Phlinx II. Congrats on going through all 120 levels on Cookie Connect! That’s amazing!

  • Can you ask Pogo_Limes if he could incorporate more cats into the badges? Also can you please have more kitties in the mini mall. Us cat lovers/owners are left out in the cold a lot of the time.

    • Ditto!

    • I agree with you 100% Maddogturkey1 about POGO not giving us enough variety of cats in the mini mall. I have sent Pogo several messages asking them to add some TORTOISESHELL cats in the mini mall but they have ignored my messages. Maybe they have no clue what a Tortoiseshell cat looks like? Come on Pogo add more cats & some TORTOISESHELL cats to the mini mall please.

      • Thanks for the feedback on more cats. I’ll pass this along to Pogo_Rachael. :)

  • It took me about a week to complete all 120 levels in Cookie Connect, and get the badge for earning 3-stars in 100 of them. Some of the levels can be frustrating and require some luck to have a chance of winning, but it is possible to finish them all without power-ups.

    That said… I really don’t want more levels added.

    • Congratulations, WilliamPorygon, on completing all 120 levels of Cookie Connect!

  • I LOVE THE SPIKE BADGE. Its so sparkly… love it…

  • When are we going to have more badges for Poppit Bingo?

  • Thank you for the Poppit Bingo cash for fewer gems.

  • phlinxII is not working please fix it i just tyied to play it it wont work please fix it and thank you so very much

    • Hi ottawa35p,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for re-releasing some java based badges from the vault. I loaded up my cart. Keep them coming! Will they be releasing some PBA’s from the vault as well?

  • LOVE phlinx II,even more than reg phlinx…on level 5 already

  • Thank for the new game. Phlinx was the reason I joined Club Pogo. I finished a long time ago. I wish for me the new game would load more than 1 level at a time. I have to exit my browser and come back to keep playing. SIGH. I like fast play games. The game is very pretty. TheQ9999

    • Joined for original Phlinx and now there’s another Phlinx (II) to play. How cool is that! What browser are you playing on?

      • I got the game to work like a dream on Edge. I love the new Phlinx. Yes, I will plow through the ranks like I did the original game !! I just have to remember to play it in Edge. Thanks again.

  • Some people were having trouble with Phlinx II, but it worked fine for me. I have a newer (5 mo. old) computer. That may make a difference.

  • How do I continue Phlinx II after I finish the night game. I waited 10 minutes and nothing happened, any help?

    • Hi Sapphireeyez2u,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it. Thank you!

    • I had trouble in IE. The game kept sticking. (as in not continuing) and not keeping count of my glyphs. I played in Edge and the game ran like a dream. Nice and fast. Nice and fun. Edge is a FREE browser from Microsoft. TheQ9999

  • the one with spike of course. i love love love spike

  • Pogo Marshall did a wonderful job. Can’t pick a fav. Great jobs all of you.
    More cats and dogs please. Thank you, LOVE pogo.

  • Please, please, I need more badges to earn in these my favorite games: Payday Freecell, Mahjong Garden, Mahjong Safari, Jungle Gin, Rainy Day Spider Solitaire, and World Class Solitaire. Also in Java, Pogo Addiction Solitaire, Perfect Pair Solitaire, Stellar Sweeper, and Thousand Island Solitaire. Thank you thank you. I love these games.

  • I have a question for Pogo_Limes: Can you please bring back the Best of Bowling PBA Album? There are badges in there I would love to have since Pogo Bowl is one of my favorite games. Another request I have: Can you make it possible for us to choose which rank ball we play with (like the cups in Yahtzee or the pieces in Monopoly)? I think it would add a little extra something to the game. Many of us discuss this as a “we wish option”. Is it possible?

  • I have an old computer and have IE, also have Chrome and Foxfire, but they are both really slow and neither will load on IE, cannot upgrade, tried to no avail. Are all the newer games only playable on the Chrome and Foxfire? Just wondering. Thanks to all of you for bringing us great games to play!

    • Hi DDJANE,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it.

      The new HTML 5 games are available on all supported web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox, and Microsoft Edge.

  • I love you guys. keep up the good work. love new game Phlinx11.and most all other games too.

    • Thank you, goodietosho. We feel the love, and LOVE having you as part of the Pogo community.

  • I have completed all levels in Cookie Connect also. Would LOVE more levels. The game hooked me right off. But I did buy a few power ups. Only the lowest amount possible to move ahead. More levels please!!!

    • That’s awesome! Great job getting to level 120 in Cookie Connect, hartnsc1.

  • I love this game im having a hard time
    stopping because i want to see what is next.

    • Haha that’s pretty great to hear, coffee12316! You’re playing Phlinx II, I take it?

  • we can delete gifts we don’t want or like why cant you make it where we can delete badges we don’t like or want. .. and since some have so many .. maybe you can come up with something to organize where its easier to fine em

    • Hi Em, Thanks for the suggestions on badge deleting and organizing. I shall pass this along.

      • I can’t imagine deleting a badge lol but I have a lot of items I would like to delete that have come from the mini mall lol

  • I’d like to see more ranks in Bowling !

  • This question is for Pogo Limes. Payday Poker was released 3/17/16 and there has never been a badge, weekly or premium. Why? It’s a great game, but without badges there’s really no incentive to play it. Thanks!


  • Like the look of the new Phlinx 11
    not sure what I did wrong got over the # of points it said I was to get on first try
    got the first glyph and the game just sat there no changing at all finely gave up after 10 minutes

    • Hi Miladylc56,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it. Thank you!

  • I love them all!!!

  • Will playing Phinx II count toward the tournament?

  • Phlinx 2 freezes up too much. and my computer isn’t old and is up to date. It would a fun game if it worked

    • Hi HERA758,
      Thanks for trying out Phlinx II! Please click here if you have posting issues so we can collect data for the team and look into it. Thank you!

  • Poppit Bingo Spike is the winner, of course. BLING, BLING, BLING

    And to all Pogo staff…. thanks for having a great game site. Only a 10 year member, but you are a huge part of my stress relief in this hard life. Love and thanks to y’all.

    • Thank you for the kind words to the Pogo staff, SJEngland. i will pass them along. And never say ONLY followed by the words “10 year member!” LOL. That is amazing and we love having you here in Pogo. Life IS hard and I’m so glad this helps.

      Yes, the bling bling bling is super fun, isn’t it?! Have a great day. :)

  • Hi Pogo_Llama!
    Do you think there will ever be more games added to the Tournaments? It does get boring playing the same ones over and over. I’m a host,and have lost many good teammates because they get tired of the lack of choice. I think we would all be so appreciative to have some new games added.
    Here’s hoping!
    Thanks SO much for your consideration ~

    *BTY …. Loved the last site wide challenge!! The Best one ever!!! : )

    • Hiya Loviesxo,
      There are no current plans to change up Tournament games but I know it’s high on the list of wants from the Pogo Community so I have been passing that message along. Thank you for participating in the last Site Wide Challenge!

  • pop it party :)

  • six badges earned, rank 10.i like it.

  • Thanks for Phlinx II! Am addicted to it now! Darn you Pogo!! Just when I thought you had figured out all the ways to get us hooked you bring another one!!

  • I love the last 2 with Spike but any you pick will be great. I too haven’t received Room badges {2}, 1 old one and one more recent. At help, they said they were working on it but that was weeks ago. Could they still be working it out? Maybe it’s called patience.
    Thanks for being here for us!

    • Indeed, the new rooms for Poppit! Bingo are still currently being worked on. Thank you for asking and yes…patience :)

  • I don’t like regular Phlinix and I have played this new one for about 30 minutes and don’t like it either. This probably won’t pass the censors, since my last comment was negative about cookie connect and it was never posted.

  • why does it take forever to load the html games ? Not to mention at times it says your not connected, yet your playing the game. I went into Phlinxll tonight, black screen, finally loaded, started playing and game gone, black screen again, I could not get back in. This happens all the time with the html games. PLEASE NO MORE OF THESE TYPES. Poppit Bingo and Cookie connect freezes a lot, always after I have used a power up.

    • Hi missyn69,
      For all technical issues, please go to the Help page and submit a support ticket. If you’re having issues playing Phlinx II, please go here to post about it. Thank you!

  • I love Phlinx11 a very nice change. Really like the bright colors!

  • I am loving the new Phlinx II…I’ve unlock 6 badges including rank 10 badges. Without using gems mind you :)…Now I can’t wait for Poppit Party.

  • ty for all the cool games coming out♥ will u please think about adding more ranks to pogo addition,been ranked out there some time now,but keep resetting stats ,LOVE THE GAME.WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE RANKS THERE,TY HAVE A BLESS WEEK

  • Is there any possibility that you will bring back Mix and Match badges from 3/15 and 10/14? They are the ones I need to add.

  • I like the badge for Poppit Party best!

  • Will there be mini clothes that can go w/ the new phlinx 2 game n as we earn new ranks n badges as we play along w/ the game as well ?? How many badges n ranks will there be when we play the new phlinx 2 game n once we max out all levels can we still earn ranks n keep going even though we haven’t each the rank goal n the new game it self ?? I also would love 2 c Pogo n this new game come together n put new things w/ it n the mini mall 4 when it comes 2 new things 1 day when it also comes 2 new items 4 every 1 too by n gives us all something exciting 2 wear n by 4 new release n the mall it’ self base on the new games as well n it would b cool if we did something like that 4 some of the cooler games we have n pogo 2 go n but it n the mini mall n 4 us 2 wear as clothes 2 Hope I was helpful n gave some idea’s n the long run take care n always Plush Puppy

    • Hi PlushPuppy! Thanks for your comment.
      There are no plans on Phlinx II Mini clothes but I will let the team know about your suggestion. Lots and lots of Badges and Ranks to come, stay tuned. Thank you for playing and for being a part of the Pogo community.

  • I am totally confused with this PHLINX game while it’s similar to the reg game i don’t get all these glyphs ad selections then as i finished the first round it said i failed and retry after that it froze not convinced i will play yet

    • Hi there,
      Please take a read through this Phlinx article and let me know what specific questions you have.
      If you’re having freezing issues, please go here to post about them so I can have our team look into it.