Blog Post #16 – March 21, 2017


Hiya Pogoians!

Seven days have gone by! Siete. Sept. Sette. Where does the time go? Oh wait … I know. Cookie Connect!
Seven days ago, Cookie Connect was released for Club Pogo members (yay!). If you’ve been playing, I’m reeeeeally curious to know your thoughts and questions about the game. Comment below and I’ll answer some of the questions in next weeks’ blog. Include what level you’re on! (I’m on level 17 right now!)

Oh! Here is something SUPER exciting … our next Fireside Chat is THIS Thursday, March 23 at 2 p.m. (PT) in Cookie Connect chat. Please bring your Cookie Connect questions to the Pogo Team and let’s discuss all things Cookie Connect. Chat Rooms we’ll be in are: Badge Hunters, Badge Junkies, Badge Nuts and Cool Minis. (Bring some cookies, too. I’ll take them off your hands.) :D

In other news, I’m WAY excited for a fresh, new week of Wednesday Challenges (Iove ‘em)! Last week, I finished StoryQuest’s Frantic Search Badge within an hour once I started to go for it (whew). And let me tell ya, I really enjoyed getting to know it better while also scoring a cool new Badge.

P.S. & BTW … A few weeks ago, Wednesday Challenges introduced me to Puck’s Peak and I have been loving that game ever since!

Soooo … how did you find your favorite game in Pogo? Wednesday Challenges? A friend? Spill it. Comment below!


Sneak Peek:

Pogo artist, Tony, wanted to share the new badge for Stack’em from the upcoming Premium Badge Album 117 (PBA).  This is the Badge he came up with called Fox Throttled. This looks soooooo cool!

PBA117_stackem_Screen PBA117_stackem_Sketch
Tony says, “We called this Badge Fox Throttled. It sounds a bit harsh, but this is what happens when a sly fox tries to break into a hen house, and the hen house security just happens to be a big, square Bull. No animals were hurt in the making of this Badge.”


Cookie Connect Q&A with Developer

I have something ultra-fun JUST for you AWESOME Pogo Insider readers. Just a few days ago, I sat down with the Development Team for Cookie Connect. No lyin’! They go by the (cool) name CoolGames Studio and they were, well, super cool!

Pogo_Llama: Hello CoolGames Studio! Would you please introduce yourself to the Pogo Community?

CoolGames Studio (CGS): Hi Pogo Community! We are CoolGames, based in beautiful Amsterdam and we’re very excited to bring you Cookie Connect!

 Pogo_Llama: How did you come up with the idea for Cookie Connect?

CGS: We made a few puzzle games with levels in them before, but we wanted to try out a new kind of game, with new goals. Our goal was to make a game where it feels really cool to make long combinations and blow up the board with one move.

We also wanted to make a game that had a lot of cute characters in it. After the first try-outs with the game and testing it out, we also added the “Boss Bear” and made his levels special and gave him extra personality. We think in the end we have a very nice game with cool characters and challenging levels, and we’re very eager to know what the Pogo Community thinks of them!

Pogo_Llama: Are any of the cookies based off real recipes? If so, what are the names of the cookies?

Yes! Well, at least some of them are! If you look closely you can find the classic chocolate chip cookie, these are the brown cookies. The green one has a wafer pattern found on wafers or stroopwafels (although we made them green so that each cookie has its own color). The pink ones are inspired by jelly donuts and we have cupcakes and cookie dough!

Pogo_Llama: What’s your favorite part of Cookie Connect?

CGS: The Bear levels, definitely! You’ll need to reach level 10 for his first moment in the spotlight!

Pogo_Llama:  I love the scooter the mouse rides on! Do you ride scooters?

CGS: Actually, Amsterdam is buzzing with scooters. It’s a convenient way of getting around the narrow streets. But we prefer bicycles, they’re much more friendly for the environment!

Pogo_Llama: Speaking of the mouse on the scooter, does the mouse, or any other character in the game, have names?

CGS: That is an excellent question… actually none of the characters were given names… maybe we could turn this into a community contest on Pogo?!

The main character is actually a koala! But in making the koala cuter, we made some changes to the character design to make him a bit more mouse-like. I guess he does look more like a mouse now…

Pogo_Llama: Making a game is a ton of work and comes with so much learning. What did you learn from your experience by developing Cookie Connect?

CGS: We learn a ton of new things with each game, but with Cookie Connect we learned a lot of new things about character design and the design of the world map. We also had a chance to work with the awesome people behind the scenes at Pogo, which was a great experience as well!

 Pogo_Llama: How was the music made? Does the song have a name?

CGS: The song does not have a title. It was actually made by the same composer that worked on Horizon: Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4.

Pogo_Llama: What level have you gotten to? What’s your favorite level?

CGS: We are most proud of the bear levels and the ones with a lot of customers. They are the hardest ones to make and test. But we are very curious what the community likes best!

Pogo_Llama: What does the future look like for Cookie Connect?

CGS: That all depends on the Pogo Community!

Pogo_Llama: What is your favorite type of cookie?

CGS: Stroopwafel! It’s a traditional Dutch recipe: two round, thin cookies with syrup in between. They’re great and best enjoyed when a bit warm!

Thanks so much for your time, CoolGames Studios!

And that, as they say, is the way the cookie crumbles. :)



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: Do you have any plans to convert more games from Java to HTML5?

A: This was touched upon in one of the first Pogo Insider blogs and I’d like to share an update, as this is something I’ve seen requested even more now that browsers are switching over to HTML 5 support.

The short answer to this question is that there are not any Java games currently being switched over to HTML5.

However, I am very (very) curious to know which games you like the very most. Which Java games would you fight till the ends of the earth to have converted to HTML5? Please name a few of your very (very) favorite Pogo games below in the comments section. I’ll take those comments and send the feedback over to our Team. I promise nothing but as your Community Advocate, I make sure your voice is heard!

If you’d like to understand more of the WHY behind HTML5 and its switchover, please read about here in the March 14th edition of the Pogo Insider.


Q: Why do you make new games and not fix the ones bugs in others first?

A: I know, right? This is a weird one, so let me clear it up for you.

Pogo is made up of different Teams working on different games in different ways. For example, we have a Team that builds games, and that’s what they do (hurrah!). On the other hand, we have another Team whose job it is to fix bugs (hurrah!).

This is to ensure that we’re able to have new games in conjunction with bug-fixing.

And then, there’s the bug itself (those little buggers). Fixing bugs is time-consuming – and sometimes it’s like a deck of cards. You touch one thing and suddenly, you’ve got a whole new issue! All that said, here’s Bug-Fixing 101 as best as I can summarize:

  1. A bug gets flagged.
  2. The Team has to figure out why and where there’s a bug at all (think of a needle in a haystack).
  3. Once that is sorted out, the Team solves it with a fix.
  4. Test, test … the Team tests around the fix to make sure nothing else breaks in the course of fixing.

It’s a pretty lengthy process, but we’ve got a great Team working as fast as they can on squashing those annoying bugs. Hope that helps!


Random non-gaming stuff

“Random Non-Gaming Stuff” is just that … random, not about gaming, and just for the heck of it. Feel free to leave some thoughts in the Comments for any RNGS articles folks might enjoy.

I have a question for you all: What do you do when you start feeling like a cold is coming on? I recently took a short jaunt back to visit family in Wisconsin and returned feeling a bit achy and my throat was sore. I took to doubling up my hot ginger water and added some lemon. I also added some Echinacea into my system. What do you prescribe, Pogo Community? Please (ACH-OO!) comment below with your suggestions and traditions. (Sniff.)


Thank you ALL verrrrrry much for reading and hanging out today. I really enjoyed it. Oh! And please don’t forget to connect with us on Pinterest and Facebook! See on Thursday (March 23, 2017) at 2p.m. PT for the Fireside Chat all about Cookie Connect.

Take care,



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If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!



  • Java games to HTML? Crazy Cakes!

  • Java SAVE! Makeover madness, Jigsaw Detective/Treasure hunter

  • Please convert: Word Search Daily; Hearts; Pinochle.

  • Pogo_Llama Is Pogo ever gonna add the spinner into the cookie connect,Gems, Planets V Zombies ect. new games that they have been adding as New Games?

    Pogo_Llama is Pogo figuring out a new way to let people win in games without the spinner ?

    Pogo_Llama I”d love a straight forward answer and I’d appreciate that this post doesn’t get deleted .

    • Hi Breeze958,
      Games that have the jackpot spinner (indicated by the star under “jackpot” in Games A-Z on are the ways to currently win prizes. Pogo does not currently have plans to add spinners into upcoming games at this time. Thanks for your question.

  • I really like the card games best and especially canasta. Hope they will be with HTML also. Monopoly world edition would be good also. It reminds me of when I was young and played with my family for hours on the weekends. This was long before computers were everywhere.

  • Word search pls.

  • Makeover Madness please!

  • Hi Pogo_Llama…

    Enjoyed your column….who knew the cookies were made all the way from Amsterdam……

    The games I would like to see in HTML are Makeover Madness, Hearts, Spooky Slots, Thousand Island Solitaire, Perfect Pair Solitaire

  • I am Playing Cookie Connect and am at level 32. I am unable to remove the cupcakes as needed to win. I have played at least 100 games and cannot remove the cupcakes…I tried to get EA help and was told that they didnt have a clue! NEW games are good but NOT if they dont work. grrrrrr

    • Level 32 is super hard but definitely possible! Good luck!

    • I too have a problems with level 16 & up. They don’t give you the cookies you need, so how do we fulfill the rank???

  • Favorite Java games that are still Java: Roller Dice, Makeover Madness, Crazy Cakes

  • My favorite Java games are: Dice City Rollers, Lottso Express, Word Search Daily, & Wonderland Memories. Honorable mentions: Makeover Madness, Sci-Fi Slots, Harvest Mania, & Spooky Slots. I’d love to see any or all of these converted!

  • I’d like to keep Aces Up (great game if you have just a few minutes to kill), Lottso, and Pinochle.

  • In Cookie Connect I’d like to know more about the details of playing. There is not much under the How to Play tab. I’ve know learned how to create the horizontal and vertical arrows and the stars.

    I imagine there are ways to play these together to remove more cookies. Or maybe other special objects I can create. Can you tell me what these might be, how to create them and then how to use them?

  • Pinocle please

  • hearts

  • A lot of my very top favorite games are java games. I am very saddened that Pogo is not planning to save them. Here is my list of those it would upset me the most greatly to lose: Aces Up, Dice Derby, Dice City Roller, Hearts, Penguin Blocks, Quick Quack, Qwerty, Shuffle Bump, Turbo 21, Word Search Daily, Word Jong and ALL the Solitaire games. Sorry I couldn’t shorten this list further as I really love all these games equally. There are more that almost made this list too.

  • There are a number of Java games that I really enjoy. However, my request for a conversion of a Java game would be Texas Hold ‘Em & Spades. These are the only 2 games that my husband plays any more on Pogo. And Pogo is the only site he plays on. He’s been a club member almost since the beginning of Pogo. Hubby is disabled, 83, and visually impaired. I have not told him about the challenges with Java. It’s a good thing I’m pretty computer literate so I can help him switch browsers, change zooms, use Microsoft’s magnifier, etc. to keep him playing

    • Hi signslady,
      Thank you so much to you and your husband for being a part of the Pogo Community. And, thank you for helping him so he can play and have fun on Pogo.

  • I used to get colds several times a year; I often work in hospitals and do home visits with kids. I started popping Zycam tablets as soon as I’d leave a hospital, get on a plane, or knew I’d been exposed to a cold. I haven’t had a cold in over 4 years and that’s remarkable for me! So, whoever mentioned zinc is right. Games – occasionally, Pogo creates one I crave! I haven’t enjoyed the HTML games other than bingo. Board games, card games, word games, Hidden Object (w/good graphics), jewel games. Llama – as I’ve said before, your enthusiasm is infectious! And, it’s still not enough to get me to spend gems on the games you advertise – sorry!

  • COLDS OR COUGHS: Suck on a whole cloves. Cloves, the kind you buy in a grocery store to flavor a roast ham, etc. It anesthetized your throat, breaks up phlegm and kills bacteria. You will get over your cough quickly and cheaply. Throw away all those cold remedies. This is crazy, but it works. I grab a whole cloves at the first sign of a scratchy throat. Not bad tasting (kind of like a pumpkin pie taste). Haven’t had a cold or bronchitis for two years! And I used to get bronchitis from a cold every year for over 30 years. This is the first cure for a cough I have found. I am so glad a friend told me about this.

  • Pop Fu please!

  • Pinochle.
    Jungle Gin

  • pinochle.

  • I sure do miss playing Dice City Roller, Lottso, and Word Search.
    Any chance they can come back?

  • Sorry you sick but i like most games on here but favorit id say is canasta gen spades popit bingo and many more list goes on

  • please convert Aces Up to html

  • Love, love “COOKIE CONNECT”. I completed level 120 and open up all the badges for it, except the “badges for ranking” which I am now rank 18. Replaying ones that I have only 1 or 2 stars.

  • games to convert plzz: Golf solitaire, pinochle, pogo addiction solitaire, Thousand Isle solitaire Thanks we old timers like those gamesand there was a regular poker one I couldnt find on the list..I love the blog. It gives a human touch to pogo.

  • Is there no sound on Cookie Connect? If there is, why can’t I get any?

  • Panda Pai Gow Poker, Lost Temple Poker, and Casino Island Blackjack please!

  • Java games
    Aces Up!
    Dice City Roller
    Wonderland Memories

    Thank you

  • Would really like Canasta, it’s the reason I rejoined POGO in the first place.

  • Word search has been at level 70 forever. How about going to Level 150.

  • The challenge for this Wed, the TV game, can you make it so the screen can be enlarged. It is very hard to see

  • In Sherlock Holmes, there is reference to a story, yet I cannot seem to find what the story is. Is there a way to access the whole story, or is Watson’s brief comments all that we can get? Thank you for your help in checking this out.

    • Hi basicmomma, Thanks for the question! I will inquire and see what I can find. So happy to hear you’re interested in the story. It is super fun!

  • Crazy Cakes, Casino Island Black Jack, Lottso, and Dice City to name my favorite Java games I’d LOVE to see converted!!!!

  • Crazy Cakes, Makeover Madness, Jungle Gin, Mahjong Safari

  • Hello Pogo Blogger Representative ~ My Subject ~ Mix and Match gift badges

    I, as a very long time paying member enjoy Pogo very much! However I would like to bring this issue to your attention in hopes that some changes will be made.
    This concerns my personal purchases of the ‘mix and match’ badges that go into my personal mix and match albums, in which I purchase simply because I love them and they are badges that I enjoy, and can play at my leisure when time allows. I only purchase the mix and match badges that I love to play. This is my prerogative right? Yet when ‘Pogo Spike’ or others send me a surprise ‘mix and match’ gift, it automatically goes into my mix and match badge albums, creating a problem for me, with badges in my albums I do not want or like, yet must complete them in order to close up a ’20’ badge album book. Please do something about this, maybe place them in a separate ‘gift’ type album or create a program that allows me to ‘delete’ mix and match gifts or move it to a ‘free gift badge’ type folder. I appreciate the free gifts, however it places games I do not like in with my personal albums that I do like and purchase with my money.
    Last – I’m left with incomplete albums filled with mix and match badges I do not like, nor want to play. I truly hope that you will bring this to the attention of those who make these decisions to gift me these badges I do not like. Currently I received the new ‘Cookie Connect’ mix and match “gift’ badge from ‘Pogo Spike’ I do not like this game, nor do I want it automatically stuffed into my personal badge albums that I purchase.
    In retrospect I know there is an option I can set up via my account, not to allow gifts from anyone, I do not wish to choose this option, I would like to, as a paying member have the say so in what I accept verses what is forced upon me to accept placing unwanted mix and match badges into my personal paid for albums.
    Thank You.

    • ChoyTrisha,
      Thank you for taking the time to write out your feedback on the Badges, gifts, and album completion. I have already sent the feedback on to the Team. Thank you for being a member of the Pogo Community.

  • I have finished every Level on Match and Merge And Tumble Tiles …would love to see more levels added Thank You!!

  • please convert canasta monoloy slots oh heck all of them please im playing on a tablet and i cant play my favorite games i miss them thank you

  • I’m so glad this was asked. I miss so many of those games.
    Turbo 21

    Pogo™ Addiction Solitaire
    Dice City Roller
    Crazy Cakes
    Aces UP
    Golf Solitaire
    Makeover Madness
    Panda Pai Gow Poker

    Thank You so much. I hope some of these will move over. There are so many games I miss playing and I’m starting to get bored with the others.

  • Hi Pogo_Llama…a little off topic but are their going to be any site wide challenges in the near future? I really enjoy when the whole pogo community comes together to beat what seems like impossible odds. As far as I know there is only one badge that did not get completed. Please tell the powers that be to give us an awesome site wide challenge..Thanks for any info you can provide!

    • Indeed we will be having more Site Wide Challenges in the near future. I love the community feeling as a whole, too! Love that you’re feeling the same way. Thank you!

  • Would love these favorite games to be upgraded from Java – Hearts, Jigsaw Detective, and Aces Up … Please!!

  • There are only 11 games listed under the “Java Games” category however there are many more, Makeover Madness & Crazy Cakes to name a couple & because I was using Fire Fox I never really paid attention to which were Java or not. Now that they don’t support it, I’m finding out just how many game I can no longer play (I hate Explorer but may just have to bite the bullet on that one). What will happen when Explorer no longer supports Java (will prob. happen sooner than later)?? ….. I <3 <3 <3 almost all of them, but Dice City Rollers & Lottso are my absolute favs. Thanks for listening

  • Dice City Roller and Thousand Island Solitaire .. Even though I have ranked out in most of the java games (sometimes twice or three times LOL) I still play all the java games by using Explorer and have no trouble at all but I do understand that many people don’t use IE … It would be great if all the java games could be converted over instead of all these new games which truthfully all seem like variations on the same theme.