Blog Post #15 – March 14, 2017


Happy Tuesday to you all in the Pogo Community! Spring continues to draw ever closer (March 21), but I bet folks in the Northeast are finding that hard to believe, for the moment.

Hope you are safe and snug away from the cold and playing Pogo’s pipin’ hot game COOKIE CONNECT to stay warm!



New HTML 5 game: Cookie Connect

Ding! Cookie Connect is done.

Here are the delicious Badges we’ve baked up for you so far – scrumptious!

  • 5th Gate Badge at Gate 5.
  • 9th Gate Badge at Gate 9.
  • Junior Star Badge with 3 Stars in a minimum of 50 levels.
  • Super Star Badge with 3 Stars in a minimum of 100 levels.
  • First to 10 Badge with Level 10 completion.
  • 50? 50! Badge with Level 50 completion.
  • Century Mark Badge with Level 100 completion.

When you reach Rank 5, you will be awarded the High 5 Badge.

When you reach Rank 10, you will be awarded the Perfect 10 Badge.

When you reach Rank 20, you will be awarded the Sunny 20 Badge.


When you reach Rank 30, you will be awarded the Sturdy 30 Badge.

When you reach Rank 40, you will be awarded the Frosted Forty Badge.

When you reach Rank 50, you will be awarded the Nifty 50 Badge.

As you go up in level, Challenges change and become more difficult, and you’ll have new requirements to fulfill.

And here’s a taste of some delectable PowerUps!

  • Bypass Gate – Skip past a Gate if you when/if you lack Stars. (But don’t jump too far ahead! You have to be AT the Gate in order to bypass it … not before.)
  • Rolling Pin – Remove all cookies and one layer of multi-layer obstacles from the selected row. Great for getting things moving!
  • Oven Mitt – Swap any two cookies from any location on the board. Good for setting up longer matches.
  • Whisk – Randomly shuffle cookies on the board. Can be helpful when you don’t see any good moves.
  • Spoon – Remove one selected cookie or one layer of multi-layer obstacles. Especially helpful in a pinch.
  • Color Bomb – Remove all cookies of the selected color from the entire board. Great for making space and satisfying orders!

NOTE: Using a power-up doesn’t cost you a move. So, you won’t be penalized for using a power-up instead of making a match. Whew! :)

Aaaaand … guess what? If you have a touchscreen on your computer, you can use it for this game! Players may use their mouse to click or, with an  interactive touch screen monitor, players may use their finger. Whoa!

LISTEN UP (or not?): For the time-being, sound isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) browser – meh. If you want to hear Cookie Connect in all its crunchy glory, be sure to play on any other browser but IE. We’re working on resolving this issue, so thanks for your patience!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of Cookie Connect, so let us know in the Comments!

P.S. We’re also happy to answer how-to-play questions, as well, so ask away in the Comments.

P.P.S. Tech issues need to be sent over to our whiz-bang Customer Service team. Just click here.


Poppit! Bingo

We’ve seen people report they lose sound while playing Poppit! Bingo. If you’re using Internet Explorer, it’s a known compatibility issue. Gah! If you click out of the game window, that’ll cut out sound but it will return once you click back into game.

If you use another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, that will help. And if you are coming across sound issues in Firefox or Chrome, let us know so we can investigate by submitting a support ticket here.

Thanks for playing Poppit! Bingo and yup yup, the team IS working on new levels and ranks! WOO-HOO!


Premier Wednesday Challenge

Guess what game will be included in tomorrow’s Premier Wednesday Challenge?! If you said StoryQuest, you are correct!

The first Wednesday Challenge for StoryQuest is to find 200 objects this week to win the Frantic Search Badge!



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: What is HTML5?

A: Great question! It’s likely you’ve been hearing more and more about HTML5 (or H5), especially now that Java is being phased out by most supported web browsers. HTML5 a programming language, like Java or Flash. HTML5 is new, greatly supported, and is what all future Pogo games will be made in.

Why are we moving over to HTML5? Well, all web browsers are now supporting HTML5, so you’re less likely to experience technical issues. However!,H5 can be more demanding than Flash or Java if you have an older computer, so you may experience issues. Just a heads up! I hope this helps.

Q: What’s with the Club Pogo subscription prices? I am being charged more than $39.99 and I’m in the United States.

A: Another Gem of a question! And the simple answer is … taxes. (Blech.) Sales tax has everything to do with different pricing on your Club Pogo subscription price, and based on a per-state basis. So, depending on the state you live in, the price may go up a bit. Here’s even more information about it.


Random Non-Gaming Stuff

“Random Non-Gaming Stuff” is just that … random, not about gaming, and just for the heck of it. Feel free to leave some thoughts in the Comments for any RNGS articles folks might enjoy.

In last weeks’ Community Poll, we asked what food item you enjoy baking most.

The second most popular answer? (I have fun baking anything was first). COOKIES!!!

So, In honor of Cookie Connect, I want to hear about your favorite cookie. Me? Chocolate chip … warm, gooey, and right out of the oven with a BIG glass of milk. SLURP. I’d eat the batter before my mom baked them and she always freaked out about the raw eggs. And look at me now! ;)

What about you? Share the delicious details in the comments – and recipes are welcome, too! Hmmm … maybe we need to dedicate a Pinterest board solely to cookies. I’m on it! (Follow us on Pinterest so you don’t miss out on a crumb of awesomeness.)


Cookie Connect calls. It’s a must! Enjoy and talk to you next week.



NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • When are they coming out with poppit bingo room 8, Shouldn’t we get that before other games are posted,

    • Hiya Chipawea9,
      Thanks for your comment and question. Pogo has multiple teams working on multiple games, so while it may seem like a game is forgotten, fear not as it just means another team is making progress on the game they’re working on while that particular game’s team is still working on any changes. Lots of teams, lots of games, lots of statuses.
      I’ve passed your feedback along to the team that you’d like to see more Rooms in Poppit! Bingo. Thanks for being such a fan of Pogo and Poppit! Bingo.

  • Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Cookies for me
    I see things have Moved up in my Mini Closet
    I do hope some of the rerelease Items for Thursday
    are from way back that would be nice

  • Thanks Pogo, I tried Cookie Connect today and I love it. Note: to hear sound you need to go on Google Chrome.

    • Thanks for playing Cookie Connect, dolphingirl20064! So happy you’re loving it!


    • Yay!!!! This is great to hear, soooo happy you’re happy now. Thanks for playing, Catherine0115.

  • I love Cookie Connect from the whimsical graphics to the challenging puzzles. Thanks for a great new game.

    My favourite cookie is oatmeal especially if it has a dash of cinnamon in it.

    • Yum yum, I’m a huge fan of oatmeal! I’m sure cinnamon would just add to the enjoyment of it. Thanks for sharing and thanks for playing Cookie Connect, SusyQ!

  • Almost Cherry Garcia cookies, dark & white chocolate chunks, macadamia nuts, brandy[-soaked cherries. YUM!

  • Thank you for the update concerning HTML5 games. It’s an issue that had been forecast at least 2 years ago and I am happy to hear that POGO may be converting their games to this code so that we can continue to enjoy playing, chatting, and meeting new folks. Thanks again and have a great day.

  • Real nice how you made a weekly out of StoryQuest, just so we have to buy new series with gems. There isn’t enough series to get the badge less you play the same one over and over. I know you wont print this, you never do if its a complaint …

    • Hi Stucknorthrip,
      I’m really sorry to hear you feel that way about StoryQuest. It’s so fun and I hope you do get to trying it out sometime.
      As far as getting the Badges for StoryQuest (and other Hidden Object Games), you can replay the same episode as many times as needed. I hope this tip helps. Thanks for being a part or the Pogo community.

      • StoryQuest is at the top of my favs put out a new episode, I’ll buy it everyday. Have a great week all.

    • I don’t like the game at all, Stuck. I didn’t have to spend any gems to get the badge. I played one of the games and couldn’t bear playing the series repeatedly. So….I let my 4-yr-old grandson play the game. He won the badge and I can actually say I found a way to have fun with that game! Hooray!

  • Cookie Connect is going to be a great addition to POGO games. I play most of the games on Chrome anyhow – it seems to handle the games better than the browsers but I know this is a personal preference. There are a few Java games I still play and have to go back to Internet Explorer but I think those will be changed or eliminated in time.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback on Cookie Connect. It’s a pleasure having you as part of the Pogo community. Thanks and very glad you have your browsers set to work for you and what you enjoy in Pogo.

    • Opera browser works very well with all games, including Java. I have used IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and became totally frustrated at having to switch between these browsers to find one that wold work on whatever game I was attempting to play. At this stage of Pogo’s evolvement, I highly recommend Opera. I love it! Good times and great gaming to all!

  • Carrot Cake Cookies… everything in a carrot cake less a little moisture to help the cookies hold together. Cream cheese icing makes them irresistible.

    • jungman1959, that just sounds amazing and carrots make it healthy, right? ;)

  • I Love Story Quest but its so small I cant even see it with my glasses on is there a way to make it larger


    • Hi Wawaschurchmouse,
      Are you able to see the mouse on the scooter? When you first enter the game, the first level will auto start so also make sure to stick around to see if that is happening. Thank you.

  • Snickerdoodles! Best cookies ever. Haven’t made them in a while, so I need to search for that recipe.

  • I agree with stucknorthrip, to get the badge on Wednesday we have to play the same episode 4x to get the badge. I don’t find the graphics in Story Quest good enough (like Sherlock Holmes) to spend gems on. An idea for cookie connect might be to put the powerups and what they do in the “how to play” section. Better instructions might be nice also. My favorite cookies are chocolate chip with nuts fresh from the oven, yum.

  • when will crossword return??????????????????????

    • Hello drpepper303,
      Daily Crossword is currently working. If you’re getting errors, you may need to clear both your Flash cache and your browser cache. Thanks for playing!

  • I just celebrated a birthday! Do I still get a mini item? Also I did not get anything for playing January’s challenge of the month! I believe it was the Zombie’s game! May I get that mini item, Please! Thank you! You rock, Pogo!

    • Happy happy birthday, Pmprdldy763! You should have received a coupon code for a Token Mini item for your birthday. If you’re missing that or anything else, please contact customer service by going to our Help page. Thank you!

  • the new game is so cute and I love it.

  • When are you going to add the third game for fairy land in Solitaire Gardens? It has been a long time!!!

  • I’m glad there are some members that can play the new game cookie connect. Unfortunately the rest of us have not been able to due to various problems. I have been a member for 10 years now and have never had as many problems playing new games as I have this year. When the rest of us can play could you please post something letting us know the game is fixed.

    • Hi vldinroanoke,
      What issues are you having when trying to play Cookie Connect?

  • I like to use Toll House cookie dough and put a Rolo caramel candy piece in the middle. so yummy. crunchy on the edges and gooey caramel in the middle. Big favorite at my house. Try it.

  • I’d like to see a Wheel of Fortune game like they have in Casinos and add free gems here and there.

  • does the HTML5 change over mean we will lose many of the old favorite games? sorry, this is a complete foreigh concept for me!

    • Hi Rwosenga,
      Thanks for your question, no need to apologize for it. :)
      HTML5 is a newer technology that browsers are using and so to go with the technical flow, Pogo is using it to add more games to the site. We have no plans to remove any games off the website as long as there’s a browser we support that can play the games. I hope that helps. Thank you!

  • I like COOKIE CONNECT but I have no sound and now when I click on the PLAY button It doesn’t let me play really disappointed

  • Favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip, that is if I don’t eat the CC’s first or if I make them, I too love the dough. I am 72 and have never gotten sick from eating dough. I have done it plenty of times. I even once told my mom I just wanted to eat the cake batter instead of baking my birthday cake!! Didn’t win that one though.

    • Haha! Thanks for sharing your story, sharbear565. I’m of the opinion that the batter/dough/raw stuff is always better! :)

    • Eating cake batter is just as bad as eating cookie dough, because of the eggs. You can get sick either way.

  • My favorite cookie are the tollhouse chocolate chip cookie BARS! Add pecans and I am in heaven

  • I love Story Quest! Can’t wait to get the badge! Now I gotta go be a Cookie Monster! lol!
    Really enjoy your blog – THANKS to all the great people at Club POGO!

  • Do lemon bars count as cookies? I make mine extra lemony – sooo good! Looking forward to playing Cookie Connect!

  • i shall give it a try…though it sounds awful to me…if you like it…enjoy!

    • Awwww…..why does it sound awful to you, Veyauxbrain?

      • it’s a fun game actually, but I am not going to use gems…I just choose not too so I am stuck on some level after the first badge lol. I will keep on trying for awhile but like tumble tiles after getting stuck I just gave it up.

  • Brownies, brownies, brownies! Greatest cookies EVER!

  • when is pogo going to fix the minis so that which we change the head shots they show up next to our player( they don’t match) also the token count doesn’t match what shows up in quick, can YOU please fix it. Thanks

    • Hiya lani6_,
      Did you recently update your Mini? If so, please try to refresh your browser and that should work. Thank you!

      • I had the same problem with ‘headshot’ not matching up. I found if you take all your things, (clothes, goodies, BG off) and start from scratch you won’t have the problem. Refresh too and that will do the trick.

  • So is the bottom line now that any of the games brought in with HTML5 are not going to fully work with IE? (particularly sound).

    • Hi AmyLDaniels,
      Unfortunately the sound issues are on IE’s end, nothing to do with us or the game. It’s something Pogo is keeping in mind when making games, however we’re unable to guarantee that all sound will work. This may be something you would like to express concern over to Microsoft as they are the only ones that are able to fix sound issues with IE.

      • Thank you Pogo_Llama. Appreciate the response and will check with Microsoft.

  • Chocolate chip straight out of the oven with a big glass of milk for me too!!!! And eating the dough before it’s cooked = Nirvana!!!!!! :)

  • I tried the Cookie Connect
    It was fun until I got to a point where there is a Lock
    Badges and mini Items are More important for me to spend my Gems on
    Not High Priced Power ups, Sorry Pogo_Llama

  • I like storyquest…I have a question please and thank you…when I went to a Smartphone and learned about Apps I was really excited…I thought for sure I’d be able to play on Club Pogo…it saddened me that Android Smartphone and tablets blacks flash…this is my question…my computer is way old and I have to get a newer one…but until I can afford a new one…I cannot play but 4 games on my Smartphone..I know it is not Pogo or Club Pogo that is at fault…but do you think when you change to HTML5 games…that Android will accept that and we will be able to play on our Smartphones just like we can on our laptops and desktops? Thank you as usual for Always Having a Great Blog!!!! Take care and God Bless all of you hard workers that make Club Pogo so much fun! And thank you for the Amazing Mini Contests over the holidays! See you next week! Your Fellow Club Pogo member! Pogo is the best gaming sight there is…I especially love how when we chat we can help each other to brighten our day! Love and Blessings to you/us all!

    • Hi there safirerlover,
      Thanks for your feedback. StoryQuest is super fun, isn’t it? What’s your favorite book so far? I’m partial to Beauty and the Beast at this point. Just finishing up the last episode.
      Love that you’re part of the Pogo Community, thank you!

  • Ginger Snaps. The spicier the better. One can never add enough ginger.

  • is anyone having probs sending or receiving guestbook messages since yesterday????,,or is pogo aware of this issue,,cos im not sure where 2 go 2 bring it to their attention????,,

    • Hi shadeharison, What errors are you receiving when you’re trying to send in GB?

  • GM, I was hunkered down on Tuesday and the dug myself out this AM here in snowy Maine.
    Im looking forward to trying out the new game. I would like to suggest adding a new
    column to he Mini Mall: ReReleases That way we can go there quickly and see whats been
    a redo. Also what is going to happen to the old Java games that cant be updated to Flash
    or Html5? Is Pogo going to eventually eliminate them? Its really a shame if so, there
    are some great games that everyone would be sorry to see go.

    • Thanks for the suggestion in the Mini Mall, kayaker1358.
      The browsers are moving their technology over to HTML5 so to stay current, we have to go with that technical flow. They Java games will be available until the browsers stop supporting them. Which games are your favorite?

      • Flash games and Java games. I cannot play HTML5 games because i do not have HTML5!

        • Hi ilovepoundcake1,
          Great news! There’s no program for you to download to play HTML5 games as long as you have the most recent version of the browser you’re using. The only problem one may have is if they are playing on an older computer, such as one running Windows XP.

      • GM Pogo LLama
        My favorite old Java games are: Pogo Addiction Sol, Golf Solitaire, Pinochle, Cribbage,
        Aces Up, Lottso, Dice City Roller, Lost Temple Poker, High Stakes Poker, and Thousand
        Island Solitaire. I havent played them in a while because Java is problematic.
        I know there is Payday Poker but a Html5 w/at least 4 players would be nice to have.
        HAGD and thanks for listening.

        • You have a great day too and thank you for letting me know which Java games are your fav. I’m looking at all of them and seeing which are most popular. Thanks!

  • Snickerdoodles are the best. Why is the Crossword Cove Sunday Challenge coming out on Tuesday now?

    • Hi brat794684,
      Snickerdoodles are amazing, to be sure!
      What do you mean by Sunday Challenge? Thanks!

  • I have to admit Cookie Connect has challenges and I love that !! My favorite cookies are Oreo’s dipped in milk lol…As for homemade, definitely Peanut Butter cookies..

  • I guess us with the older computers are out of luck with the new HTML5 games. They will not load, just get a black screen and as for Chrome, I dumped that a while back. It causes too many problems with my older computer. As for the weekly challenges with the h5 games, we sit on the sidelines? Cheyennejp5

  • Just tried Cookie Connect and I am loving it. I can see that this game will satisfy my wanting extra levels in Tumble Tiles and Match N Merge which never materialized as was promised some time ago (admittedly by your predecessor, Llama). So, I will enjoy moving up the levels and getting 3 stars on each. This was a nice surprise!

  • Just a reminder
    the XP OS is no Longer supported and you are really taking a chance
    by using it

  • Best cookies ever, Haystacks!!
    1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
    5oz can of chow mein noodles
    1 bag of nestle butterscotch chips

    In a double broiler melt peanut butter and butterscotch chips
    Take off heat mix in chow mein noodles thoroughly
    Using silverware large spoon drop on wax paper
    Scrape extra creamy mixture from bowl over stacks, let harden and cool

    • Wow! I have never heard of those but they sound delicious! The chow mein noodles must be a great addition for texture, too. Thanks for submitting this. Has anyone else ever tried these?

  • Okay, that Cookie Connect game is amazing…

  • Tried Cookie Connect last night, well early this morning when I should have been in bed thinking about getting up! I made it to level 10, all but one level was 3 stars. The lone one without 3 stars was the angry bear that wanted his cookies. Guess I didn’t get them to him fast enough. Will try to rectify that after I have worked on weekly challenge. Think I am hooked on it.

    Wish though there were better instruction on how to play especially how to initially start it. I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t “start” the game. Seeing my desktop isn’t working at the time, I am down to laptop, and needed to be able to play on that. Would be lost without no puter that I can play on. I am a ‘pogoholic’!

    • Thanks for tying out Cookie Connect, MizScarlette610. I had the exact same experience with that angry bear. He really is an angry one.
      What instructions specifically would you like to see more detail for? Please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks mucho!

  • sorry.. not impressed with this game or the format.. gl everyone

  • “SLURP. I’d eat the batter before my mom baked them and she always freaked out about the raw eggs. And look at me now! ;)”

    We’d fight over the batters from the mixers and there were four of us. My mom never gave a second thought about raw eggs. Speaking of…yeah. Let’s get a look at you now! Please?

  • ♥♥love the new games pogo is coming out with♥♥ cant wait to play them.THANKS POGO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.U ROCK

  • I have tried all 3 browers to play Cookie Connect and the only thing I can do is access the
    “how to play” screen and then it will go no further. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hi windysea68, Oh no! Please go to the Help page and submit a support ticket. They will be able to help you out. Thanks so much and sorry for the loading issues.

  • I love Cookie Connect. Level 16 is driving me crazy. I started getting the 5 extra moves but that didn’t help. lol I would love to get to the next level. I do like the M&M badges available. I am working on “Customer Service Award. I can’t wait for the other new games. I hate waiting on a game to load and then seeing the message your flash/java is out-dated. 3 ring circus with a MAC always says they are up to date.

    • Thanks for the Cookie Connect feedback, elbowfudd2! Players, anyone have Level 16 (Cookie Connect) tips?

    • yes I am stuck on level 16 too, got oh so close, guess next time I am down to one I will give in and use gems ;-)