Blog Post #15 – March 14, 2017


Happy Tuesday to you all in the Pogo Community! Spring continues to draw ever closer (March 21), but I bet folks in the Northeast are finding that hard to believe, for the moment.

Hope you are safe and snug away from the cold and playing Pogo’s pipin’ hot game COOKIE CONNECT to stay warm!



New HTML 5 game: Cookie Connect

Ding! Cookie Connect is done.

Here are the delicious Badges we’ve baked up for you so far – scrumptious!

  • 5th Gate Badge at Gate 5.
  • 9th Gate Badge at Gate 9.
  • Junior Star Badge with 3 Stars in a minimum of 50 levels.
  • Super Star Badge with 3 Stars in a minimum of 100 levels.
  • First to 10 Badge with Level 10 completion.
  • 50? 50! Badge with Level 50 completion.
  • Century Mark Badge with Level 100 completion.

When you reach Rank 5, you will be awarded the High 5 Badge.

When you reach Rank 10, you will be awarded the Perfect 10 Badge.

When you reach Rank 20, you will be awarded the Sunny 20 Badge.


When you reach Rank 30, you will be awarded the Sturdy 30 Badge.

When you reach Rank 40, you will be awarded the Frosted Forty Badge.

When you reach Rank 50, you will be awarded the Nifty 50 Badge.

As you go up in level, Challenges change and become more difficult, and you’ll have new requirements to fulfill.

And here’s a taste of some delectable PowerUps!

  • Bypass Gate – Skip past a Gate if you when/if you lack Stars. (But don’t jump too far ahead! You have to be AT the Gate in order to bypass it … not before.)
  • Rolling Pin – Remove all cookies and one layer of multi-layer obstacles from the selected row. Great for getting things moving!
  • Oven Mitt – Swap any two cookies from any location on the board. Good for setting up longer matches.
  • Whisk – Randomly shuffle cookies on the board. Can be helpful when you don’t see any good moves.
  • Spoon – Remove one selected cookie or one layer of multi-layer obstacles. Especially helpful in a pinch.
  • Color Bomb – Remove all cookies of the selected color from the entire board. Great for making space and satisfying orders!

NOTE: Using a power-up doesn’t cost you a move. So, you won’t be penalized for using a power-up instead of making a match. Whew! :)

Aaaaand … guess what? If you have a touchscreen on your computer, you can use it for this game! Players may use their mouse to click or, with an  interactive touch screen monitor, players may use their finger. Whoa!

LISTEN UP (or not?): For the time-being, sound isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) browser – meh. If you want to hear Cookie Connect in all its crunchy glory, be sure to play on any other browser but IE. We’re working on resolving this issue, so thanks for your patience!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of Cookie Connect, so let us know in the Comments!

P.S. We’re also happy to answer how-to-play questions, as well, so ask away in the Comments.

P.P.S. Tech issues need to be sent over to our whiz-bang Customer Service team. Just click here.


Poppit! Bingo

We’ve seen people report they lose sound while playing Poppit! Bingo. If you’re using Internet Explorer, it’s a known compatibility issue. Gah! If you click out of the game window, that’ll cut out sound but it will return once you click back into game.

If you use another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, that will help. And if you are coming across sound issues in Firefox or Chrome, let us know so we can investigate by submitting a support ticket here.

Thanks for playing Poppit! Bingo and yup yup, the team IS working on new levels and ranks! WOO-HOO!


Premier Wednesday Challenge

Guess what game will be included in tomorrow’s Premier Wednesday Challenge?! If you said StoryQuest, you are correct!

The first Wednesday Challenge for StoryQuest is to find 200 objects this week to win the Frantic Search Badge!



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Q: What is HTML5?

A: Great question! It’s likely you’ve been hearing more and more about HTML5 (or H5), especially now that Java is being phased out by most supported web browsers. HTML5 a programming language, like Java or Flash. HTML5 is new, greatly supported, and is what all future Pogo games will be made in.

Why are we moving over to HTML5? Well, all web browsers are now supporting HTML5, so you’re less likely to experience technical issues. However!,H5 can be more demanding than Flash or Java if you have an older computer, so you may experience issues. Just a heads up! I hope this helps.

Q: What’s with the Club Pogo subscription prices? I am being charged more than $39.99 and I’m in the United States.

A: Another Gem of a question! And the simple answer is … taxes. (Blech.) Sales tax has everything to do with different pricing on your Club Pogo subscription price, and based on a per-state basis. So, depending on the state you live in, the price may go up a bit. Here’s even more information about it.


Random Non-Gaming Stuff

“Random Non-Gaming Stuff” is just that … random, not about gaming, and just for the heck of it. Feel free to leave some thoughts in the Comments for any RNGS articles folks might enjoy.

In last weeks’ Community Poll, we asked what food item you enjoy baking most.

The second most popular answer? (I have fun baking anything was first). COOKIES!!!

So, In honor of Cookie Connect, I want to hear about your favorite cookie. Me? Chocolate chip … warm, gooey, and right out of the oven with a BIG glass of milk. SLURP. I’d eat the batter before my mom baked them and she always freaked out about the raw eggs. And look at me now! ;)

What about you? Share the delicious details in the comments – and recipes are welcome, too! Hmmm … maybe we need to dedicate a Pinterest board solely to cookies. I’m on it! (Follow us on Pinterest so you don’t miss out on a crumb of awesomeness.)


Cookie Connect calls. It’s a must! Enjoy and talk to you next week.



NOTE: Comments may take some time to be approved. Those which are off-topic or counterproductive to fostering a positive environment will not be posted. Thanks for reading the Pogo Insider!

If you’re having troubles loading or getting into a Pogo game, please go to Pogo’s Help Page. Unfortunately, I am unable to help out with any technical questions via the blog. Thank you!

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  • This woman I know used to make Pumpkin Butterscotch cookies at Christmas…they’re delicious!

    What happened to all the Bingo Luau Wednesday Challenges? The Bingo Luau badge was the challenge last week, but the old Wednesday Challenges for the game have disappeared. Why?

    Thanks for the blog! It’s fun to read each week!

    • Hi KOSilverFrost,
      Are you still not seeing past Bingo Luau Wed Challenges? I just looked and saw them so please let me know if this is still an issue for you.
      Also…YUM to the pumpkin butterscotch cookies!

      • Hey, Pogo_Llama! Thanks for the reply. No, I still can’t see the other Bingo Luau Wednesday challenges. I tried to post a screenshot of what I see, but I don’t think the blog settings will let me.

        Sounds like I need to check out this Cookie Connect game…too bad we can’t smell them…

        • Thanks for trying to capture a screenshot. I’m going to send you over to our customer support team as they will be able to receive the screenshot and go from there. Click here and if you have any problems getting a hold of someone, let me know. Thanks!

  • Speaking of Spring, how about a sneezing face? Doesn’t need to be action style, just one that looks like a sneeze. As a personal fav, how about a sitting kitty who is holding a small umbrella in one paw over it’s head? Thanks!

  • love Cookie Connect !! the higher you go the harder it gets and it takes some real thinking once you are past level 30

  • While Story quest has items that are much easier to identify and find, with accurate pictures of the description (unlike some of the other hogs), I have to say I like cookie connect much better. Guess I’m more of a puzzly kind of person instead of a hog one. My favorite cookie to make are the no bake peanut butter/oatmean or peanut butter/rice krispies. Both are so yummy.