Blog Post #12 – February 21, 2017


Hello Pogoians!

Welcome back to the Pogo Insider—I’m sure glad you’re here.

So, whatcha been up to all week? Poppit! Bingo? More of the new Solitaire Gardens Fairytale Garden?

Well, I’ve been getting reacquainted with Dominoes so I can win the Clear Strategy Badge. It’s really made me think of my grandma a lot, to be honest. She and I would play Dominoes on the floor of her living room together. But (don’t tell), I haven’t played much Dominoes since, so I need to refresh! BIG KUDOS to all of you who provided tips and tricks on the Pogo Facebook fan page to get me jump started again. (Have I mentioned we’re now on Pinterest, too?!)

You know, thinking about it, lots of the games on Pogo take me back to happy memories playing games with friends and family. Does that happen to you, too? Are there any games that give you major nostalgia feels? Like playing Hearts with the grandkids over summer vacation, or SCRABBLE on family game nights. So much fun!

We’d love to read some of your fondest game memories in the Comments. Please share!

Sneak Peek

CLUE Secrets & Spies

Okay … I admit it. I’ve still got HOGs on the brain, thanks to Pogo’s latest HOG, StoryQuest. So, I couldn’t help but get curious about some of Pogo’s other HOGs and decided to learn more about CLUE Secrets & Spies.

CS&S launched In 2012 and now has over 300 episodes (!!!), to-date. Our very own Pogo_Rachael has been Pogo’s CLUE writer for a loooooong time. Longer than any other writer ever, in the history of Pogo. WOW!

So, Pogo_Rachael … what’s the deal?

“I write all episodes of CLUE at this point – I also come up with any of the locations that our artists are drawing (I say ‘here’s the spot I want you to replicate’ and give them 10 – 15 ref images to work with, then I coordinate with an art advisor to approve the art process after that point). Claire Hart’s roughly the same too, it’s just more writing intensive since it has an actual script that includes back and forth in a way that CLUE doesn’t.

I think my favorite episode that I’ve written is Episode 260: Peculiar Potion. Halloween’s my favorite holiday, so I always like to do something over-the-top for it, and I thought it’d be silly to have witches “take over” the HR department of a spy agency and force one of the characters to register their black cat, Ferdinand, as a Familiar. Ferdinand the Black Cat is my favorite low-key recurring CLUE character that I’ve come up with, I like to have him appear at random in episodes. “Here’s a picture of her favorite Episode of CLUE (Episode 260) and the Badge that went with it.” How many of you won the Badge?


Pogo Insider BONUS:

Pogo_Rachael has also included a sneak peek snapshot of the next CLUE episode set to arrive February 27th! This is for CLUE Episode 336. Please comment below and tell us the FIRST object you see!


Here’s the animated gif of 336!


And here’s a sketch of 336!



Poll Results

Community Poll
Q. “Which Pogo character would you send a Valentine’s Day card to?”

1. I don’t want to send a Valentine’s Day Card to any Pogo Character (WHAT?!)
2. Spike
3. Clare Hart

I’m going to weigh in on this and let you know I, personally, would love to send Nestor a good ol’ Valentine’s Day greeting. I mean, c’mon … those cheeks. The guy’s stinkin’ cute! <3



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Where have the Sunday Tokens been?
Sunday Token Social (STS) are a fun way to earn Tokens AND be social with your fellow Pogoians.

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Are you guys planning any ways to make organizing our Minis easier?
We are trying to figure this out!

There were plans for a Mini Trunk feature that would allow players to put items into any trunk of their choosing. Neat, huh? You could organize it however you want, like having one trunk for all of your holiday items.

Turns out, it’s a lot harder to do than we thought! And we’ve been so busy whipping up new games (with lots more coming soon), we had to re-prioritize Mini Trunks for later.

So, the good news is … this is on our radar!

Random Non-Gaming Stuff

“Random Non-Gaming Stuff” is just that … random, not about gaming, and just for the heck of it. Feel free to leave some thoughts in the Comments for any RNGS articles folks might enjoy.

Ginger. Let’s talk about ginger.

No, not the character on Gilligan’s Island! (You know you went there.) I’m talking about the root.

Ginger is how I start every day. Truth! For me, a good dose of ginger in warm water is bliss. I would say a hearty serving of ginger, but thought the better of it … a hearty serving might hurt. Ha!

It’s super easy and really invigorating, if you want to try it for yourself. It’s a beautiful thing!

Steps to Pogo_Llama’s ginger in water preparation:
1. Peel the ginger. (TIP: Use a spoon to take off the outer layer. This is so much faster and easier to clean than the average peeler. Use the head of the spoon and flick the layer away from yourself.)
2. Cut yourself a few pieces and place them in your beverage container. (I LOVE ginger so I go for four-five pieces).
3. Put either hot or cold water over the ginger—for me, it’s hot!
4. Drink up.

NOTE: Ginger is a bit spicy, so start small. For extra fun, add some lemon! And now you’ve got a very refreshing drink to get you ready to start the day.

P.S. Another Pogo staffer recommended adding bit of maple syrup if you like things on the sweet side.


And that’s it for this week … but before I get back to Dominoes, I have a question for you guys.

The Pogo Insider is in its 12th week now (!!!) and I would looooove to know what content you’d like for me to cover.

What’s working well? What’s not working so great? What’s your favorite? Please let me know in the Comments below so I can make sure the Pogo Insider is super awesome for you.

I’m off to lunch now! I think I’ll have some lentils. Bye for now, friends!


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  • A Suggestion for Poppit Bingo

    Old age for me and vision not like it use to be
    any way they could change the Star Color on the Free space one
    I keep missing the diagonal bingos
    I think it is because the row the free pace is on
    the stars and their backgrounds are green and that is right next to the Green row of Balloon’s the G row

    • That’s a very good point, Miladylc56. Thank you for reporting this and I’ll forward it on.

  • Story Quest is the only game for me that wont open.How can I fix it?

    • Hi Pookaloon,
      Please go to our Help page and submit a support ticket detailing what is going on with your game situation. Thank you and sorry for the issue.

  • I tried to load scrabble sprint several times. It says only available in US and Canada. I am in Canada but won’t load. Talked to tech support and they were suppose to send e-mail telling me how to fix this problem. But got a thank you for using tech support but no solution. Why won’t this game load.

    • Hi ETroy23, Could you please tell me what the support ticket confirmation number is for that? Thanks!

  • Hi Pogo Llama, I can appreciate your information on Ginger and healthy eating. I am in the same thoughts as you on this. However, I think you can best help the Pogo players by answering Pogo based questions. I am just being honest. We are still wondering if we will ever get new games in the tournament and I see many people in the forums still fighting to open and play games. I have been having problems getting Majong Safari to load. It is great to have YOU, a real person, to work with on these troubles.

    • Hi foreversapphire,

      Thanks for your feedback and question. If you’d like to ask a question, definitely keep posting them right here. I’m here for the community and my ears are open to listening and helping out where I can. If you have a technical issue, such as loading Mahjong Safari please go here to the Help page and submit a support ticket as the support team will be able to guide you on how to fix that.

      If you’d like to read more about Tournament games being switched, please click here for the December 27th Pogo Insider where I took on that question. If I receive an update on Tournament games, I will be sure to post here on the Pogo Insider first to let you all know.

      Thanks again for reading and always feel free to send me your thoughts, issues, questions and concerns.

  • Hi, just lately a few of my favourite games are not loading, none of the Mahjongs, WCS<, first class, payday, any reason why? Also I know lots of people must put requests in, here's mine, its been over ten years since I ranked out in RAINY DAY SOLITAIRE, please make it game of the month or just add new ranks, its the only game that keeps me sane lol

    Kim x

    • First off, 10 years ago you ranked out of Rainy Day Solitaire and that means you’ve been with Pogo for at least 10 years, so thank you for that! I’ll forward your request on. For the game loading issues, please go to our Help page and submit support ticket and our support team will be happy to help you out. Thanks again and have a great Pogo day!

  • when will part 3 be out on fairy island on garden solitare????I’m caught up with the other levels n gardens.please let me know,i love this game.thank-you.

    • It’s so super cool you’re loving Solitaire Gardens so much! I’ll keep you posted on part 3 of Fairtale SG when I hear something. :)