Blog Post #11 – February 14, 2017



Happy Valentine’s Day, Pogonians!

Ahhh … can you smell that? It’s either Mom’s Tuna Noodle Casserole baking, or love is in the air. I know … so cheesy … but then again, I’m from Wisconsin!

Now then! Are your Minis feeling the love today? Good! We can’t wait to see ‘em dressed to the nines for the “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” Amazing Minis Show. See you in Sweet Tooth 2 at 2 p.m. Pacific Time. It’s a date!

Speaking of valentines, I was just playing Mahjong Escape to win that Wednesday Challenge (Makin Tracks) Badge and can you stand how cute the Valentine’s tiles are? I’m in love with the cupcake tile. (Mmmm … cupcakes.) What’s your fave tile? Do tell!

P.S. If you love Valentine’s Day—or any holiday, for that matter—Pogo’s Holiday Pinterest Board is a daily holiday smorgasborg!

Check it out on our Pinterest Page!


Sneak Peek

Pogo_Rachael is here with a new Travel Mini releasing on Thursday, February 16. About this new Mini, Pogo_Rachael says:

“We love to celebrate lots of different cultures at Pogo and after we received a few requests for re-releases of older favorites representing other spots on the globe, we thought: why not have a full travel-themed release? We decided to hop on a plane and visit Scotland, Japan, Egypt… and more! Here’s a little preview of what our Mini artists cooked up for ‘Travel the World.’ To be honest, if I could get away with dressing up like Cleopatra every day, I’d totally go for it. I’d just need a little help perfecting my cat-eye makeup, I think.”

Thanks, Pogo_Rachael!



We *Heart* StoryQuest

As some of you may already know, last week we launched our newest Hidden Object game, StoryQuest on Club Pogo last week! We’re in love (aw!) and reeeeeeally want to hear your feedback on the game below in the Comments. I’ve also seen some questions on how to enlarge the game screen so I fixed up a short how-to and you can find that by clicking here.


Poll Results

Community Poll
Q. “Do you like to play Pogo games against Bots?”

1. Yes
2. Depends on the Challenge
3. Sometimes

Community Poll
Q. “Poppit! Bingo rooms send Spike on travels near and far. Where would you like to visit with Spike, next?”

1. Historical sites and landmarks
2. More natural wonders of the world
3. Holiday-themed rooms

BTW, which specific historical sites, landmarks, natural wonders and holiday-themed rooms would you be most interested to see in Poppit! Bingo? Please leave your (constructive) Comments below.

2.01.17 Wednesday Challenge
(Find this poll on the Badges page)

  1. Which of this week’s two Challenges were more fun for you to win?
    1. 37% had more fun winning the Maxing Out Badge in Solitaire Gardens
    2. 26% said these Challenges were not their cup of tea
    3. 24% said they liked them both the same but for different reasons
    4. 14% had the most fun winning the Random Slide Badge in TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20
  2. How long did it take you to win the Maxing Out Badge in Solitaire Gardens?
    1. 50% took less than 1 hour
    2. 23% took between 1-2 hours
    3. 19% choose not to pursue Badge
    4. 6% took between 2-4 hours
    5. 2% took between 4-6 hours
    6. 2% took more than 6 hours
  3. How long did it take you to win the Random Slice Badge in TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20?
    1. 34% took between 1-2 hours
    2. 26% choose not to pursue Badge
    3. 20% took between 2-4 hours
    4. 8% took more than 6 hours
    5. 7% took between 4-6 hours
    6. 6% took less than an hour



Every week I answer a question or two (non-technical) related to Pogo. We get lots of questions every week, so I try to focus on common themes or the same question coming from different folks. To submit your questions for the Pogo Insider, click here!

(For technical issues, please go to Pogo’s Help Page.)

Why doesn’t Pogo allow gifting of the other HOG’s?
Right now, just so y’all know, the gifting of Hidden Object Games (HOG) is available in CLUE. Would you all like to gift the other HOGS to your friends? If so, tell us which ones in the comments below!


Thanks again for tuning in and I hope you all have a looooooooovely Valentine’s Day!






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  • Regarding the Java question, I realize you are no longer supporting or updating Java games. So just on a whim, I went through my favorites, I have 28 games on favorite. Ten of the 28 are java games. What I’m nervous about however, is not Java – I wish it were gone altogether – but it’s the TYPES of games that will be going away. Dice City Roller, Lottso, Spooky Slots, Thousand Island Solitaire, Pogo Addiction Solitaire, Pinochle, are some of my favorites. Most of the new games seem to be types of games I’m not interested in playing – such as the HOGs. Is anyone working on bringing more traditional forms of solitaire games and slots over to either Flash or HTML5?


    • Ahhhh, I definitely hear what you’re saying and this is great constructive feedback. I’ll make sure the team knows the types of games being requested so we always keep a well-rounded bunch out among places. Thank you!

      • Unfortunately, I am having major flash player problems right now and can’t seem to figure it out. Java games I am have no problems with. There are a lot of good Java games, so I hope they don’t go away too quickly, especially with my flash player problems.

    • I TOTALLY agree with AdaMakawee7 regarding those games listed that are evidentially not getting picked up (from JAVA). I’m getting bored with POGO cause I no longer can play them. The newer games like Mahjong Escape and Solitary Gardens are okay BUT need GEMS to win and I can’t keep buys GEMS, as much as I’d like to. It’s enough I need GEMS to buys games to win special badges. It’s SO FRUSTRATING! I loved playing Dice City Roller, Lotto, Thousand Island Solitaire and Jigsaw. And I especially miss playing Spooky Slots at Halloween time. Bummer – so Sad!

    • I feel exactly the same from day one the first game that got me hooked on pogo was spooky slots, and it only went from there, after being a member then a premium member since around 1998 or so, I would feel like I was losing an old friend, I wouldn’t really have much I actually like to play. I pray they keep or add versions of the more traditional games that brought people here in the first place, these are the games and the people playing them that brought pogo to where it is now.Loyalty deserves the same in return

      • Thank you for being a part of the Pogo Community. Lots of new games in the works and lots of ones already available to explore when you have some time. :)

  • I would like to see new levels for pop it bingo. What happens to all of our level up points will they be there to level us up if and when you do add new levels? I love the game now that there are not so many problems with it. It would be nice if we could enlarge it though. Thanks for the fun.

    • Hiya DavPlatt,
      New levels of Poppit! Bingo are being worked out. Love that you’re playing some PB and enjoying it!

  • would love to see an update to what is in the chests in tripeaks. or what happens to our plucky adventurer

  • Hi.I would like to see more ENGLISH BACKGROUNDS and CLOTHES in Mini Mall as there are a lot of players that play and pay yearly to play the games there really are not enough for us in ENGLAND. Also ST GEORGES DAY is NEVER Celebrated on Pogo most disappointed and sad for the lack of us ENGLISH not being recognised on Pogo.

    • I feel the same as you, us brits seem to be second class citizens in pogo land next week yet again usa and Canada get an extra Wednesday challenge but not us

  • Weekly challenges 88 times, REALLY Pogp!!!! Way too many! Guess that’s why I don’t play those challenges very much. For whatever my opinion counts, that’s just way way too many times !!

    • Hi rettakaye42,
      Which games and types of Challenges would you like to see? Thank you for your feedback! :)

  • Just a suggestion. Love, love, love the new Fairy Tale gardens.

    I’ve been doing a quiet pole of my own. Some of us would be so happy if we could either share our items with each other somehow. or.. maybe exchange them. For instance, if you buy the wrong fence with your seeds (i.e.: left or right, etc.), you waste the seeds and can’t use the item.

    Is it possible that Pogo would consider some kind of exchange for us?


    • Hiya Sarah, Wow! I love your enthusiasm for Solitaire Gardens. A poll of your own shows your love for the game. Thank you for passing along the feedback you’ve obtained. I’ll send this around and let the team know the wishes of you all. Thank you!

  • I played story quest and it was fun – now I can’t get back in to it.

    • Hmmm, I’m sorry to hear that, Sparky0594, as that is not acceptable. Have you been able to get in since? If not, please go here and let customer support know what’s going on so they can dig into it. What are you experiencing when you try to get in?

  • thank you I smell the cheese and tuna casserole I am also from Wisconsin gl

  • Why has it been changed that you have to get 3 stars now to get all of your happiness badges in Solitaire Garden? Bad enough you have to get 3 stars for rank purposes. I have completed all 3 of the Hawaiian gardens, not with 3 stars though. I own all of the garden items and have seeds, but my happiness meter is no where completed so I do not all of the happiness badges. Makes it so I do not enjoy this game anymore.
    Why doesn’t Pogo bring back some of the retired PBA’s and MnM badges that have java games back out of the vault?

  • Just for the fun of it, I really love Poppit! Bingo. But, I wish you could make the Bingo title on each board to be in the different colors corresponding to where the numbers are already in color. Like, the B numbers in blue, of course, well, the Letter B in the title would also be blue. And, the red numbers, with the title letter in yellow, etc. Get the picture? Because many times I don’t know what column to look at, when I see the number and not paying attention to the colored number. I more likely look up at the top, and then look down to pop my numbers. It’s easier to see a colored letter in the title on each board! It would be nice if you could do it this way! There are probably more of us who would like to see colored letters on these bingo boards. Thanks!

  • I can’t play story quest it says starting but doesn”t do anything whats up

    • HI slmjdc0607
      I’m sorry that’s happening to you. Have you contacted Customer Support? Please go here and let them know what’s going on with your game. Thanks!

  • I use to enjoy solitaire gardens and Claire hart. Now pogo will not let me get in these two games. can you tell me why?

    • I’m sorry that’s happening to you. Have you contacted Customer Support? Please go here and let them know what’s going on with your game. Thanks!

  • Will we ever had a challenge in super dominoes????

    • Hiya windy,
      Unfortunately Super Dominoes will not have further challenges as it is a Java game. Thank you!

  • Still looking for a answer as to why I can no longer load Claire Heart hidden object game. I have played right along until the last few months and realy like the game.

    • Hi there mekittykat4,
      I’m sorry that’s happening to you. Have you contacted Customer Support? Please go here and let them know what’s going on with your game. Thanks!

  • I’d like to be able to buy Claire Hart episodes for my daughter. Please add that to your “gifting list”. Thanks.

  • Would be nice if the hog games excluding Sherlock Holmes, were able to gift episodes. Just makes sense it can be done in Clue why not the rest. Thanks.

  • Would like to be able to gift episodes in all Hog games. Thanks

  • Is there a mistake on the token price for the Japanese Kimono? It’s very high concerting the prices of the other mini costume choices? Thought someone might want to look into it.

    Great collection this time! Thank you

    • Hi KZCAT, the price on the Kimono is correct. Thank you for checking and super happy you’re loving the mini collection!

  • I love the HOG’s but don’t like to spend the gems to get them. Why can’t Pogo give us some of the older episodes for free. Clare Heart did this one time and I was thrilled to get to play some new episodes. I would love to see this happen with Clue. Please, please. Thanks

  • Hi, I don’t know who else to ask about this slight problem I have. I changed my mini from winter clothes to a valentine’s theme about 3 weeks ago and although it’s my new mini on my page, if I win a game my winter mini shows and the tiny mini at the top of my page still has her bob hat on lol Thanks

    • Hiya Shazzi6,
      Wow, that’s an interesting one! It appears your Mini really enjoys winter! ;)
      Please go here and submit a support ticket on this so our team can gather the information they need and help you out. Sorry about that, and thanks for asking.

    • shazzi6 this happened to me also, but someone from Pogo suggested that you take a snapshot of your mini and then hit the save and it will fix the problem and it did for me.

  • Regarding your community poll results and places we would like Spike to visit in Poppit! Bingo. Being from California, Yosemite is close to my heart so I would love to see that.

    Speaking of Poppit! Bingo, I’m curious about something. Why is it that when I use the Badges tab at the top of the screen to “Find a Badge” for that game, I find a Room 8 badge, but when I am playing Poppit! Bingo and look under the “Challenges” tab (where you can see badges available for the game), I only see through Room 7?

    Also, will our XP earned to that point automatically grant us the Room 8, etc., badge (if we have reached/surpassed that amount of XP or will we have to complete additional XP somehow to earn it?


    • Yosemite is great! What’s your favorite place in Yosemite? Thanks for the suggestion and I will pass that along.
      As for your Poppit! Bingo question, you can actually read the answer to that question here in a recent Pogo Insider blog post. Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

  • Hi Pogo Llama,
    I absolutely love PB! Every new game is going to have it’s kinks worked out and I am glad I
    never experienced any of those problems. I Would love to see Yosemite also because it was my Father’s favorite place in the world. He passed last March. The spot in Yosemite I would like to see is standing in the valley facing Upper Yosemite Falls. There are lots of examples on the internet. I would also like to see Mt. Rushmore, or the Great Smokey Mountains, or Canadian Rockies, or Panama Canal, or the Florida Everglades on an airboat. I would even like to see simple scenes like a beach sunrise; sunset, or Mt. Hood, or Mississippi River, or The Keys. Sorry for all the suggestions, I got a little excited.

  • .In poppit bingo I think that the music is unecessary it is loud and distracting

  • I totally agree with the comments on updating the traditional games. I have to use two different browers so I can play some of the ‘old’ games but they are like old friends and I’m not ready to give them up. That’s why I joined POGO almost 20 years ago. I’m a club member under 2 ids. Some of the ‘newer’ games I never play. Mainly because you have to stop and buy extra gems for the next level or another badge. I buy gems to dress my mini sometimes or to buy a new HO game but I don’t want to have to pause in the middle of a game to find out I need even more just to level up.
    And everyone seems to love Spooky Slots at Halloween – count me in that group. Can’t believe you can’t find a way to update the programming.
    I love when I open a game and it’s got a seasonal/holiday theme, all year long.