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Badges For 10-10-2012


Have a shockingly good time with Toothy in his candy factory with the Power Surge Badge for Sweet Tooth 2.

Fancy yourself as a savvy auctioneer? You’ll love this week’s Pick One Badge in Dice City Roller.

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  • I’m finding it impossible to achieve the Dice City Roller badge with the amount of people playing and bidding for the same auction card. Nonetheless, you got to be lucky enough to even have that particular auction card show up. I choose not to pursue, and reactivate it in a future time when nobody else is playing. WTG to those players who got that lucky :)

    • YIPPEE! After much frustration, I finally achieved the Dice City Roller Badge. I hope pogo reconsiders doing a badge like this in the future. There was no way I could achieve the badge without having a room to myself.

    • I agree

    • Sue, I got a bit frustrated also. So I went to a room with very few people in it and bid VERY high when the auction card came up. I prefer to play Dice City Roller without the auctions anyway.


    • My suggestion is finding a room with one or two other ppl, and working together to complete the badge. This is what I did, and after about 30-45 minutes, I not only completed my badge, but also had the opportunity to meet other players.

    • Being early morning I was in a room by myself, played 2 full games, of course bid on the pick one card, a total of 3 times, but it didn’t give me credit for those. This is just frustrating!!!

      • Oops!!, sorry I spoke too soon. It did give me credit when I returned to the home page, but didn’t update my progress in the room in the chat column, as is usual. Guess I’ll go back and see if the room is still empty.

  • The Sweet Tooth 2 badge was really easy. Wish it was harder. It wasn’t really a challenge to me

  • both were easy and doable no problems!!!

  • I think it is great that tips are given to us Pogo Players to help with playing the games on Badge Day! Some of these badges can be quite challenging for me at times. I am glad these tips are posted on Pogo’s News Page for me to read. Very helpful! Thks Pogo.

  • Dice City isn’t counting your wins. :(

  • what’s a win in Dice City … won high score and had high score in pick a card and no credit ??????????

    • It is the Pick One, not pick a card. It does not come up every round and starts at 100. Good Luck.

    • you have to win the bid on the auction card that says pick one. It’s the one where u can win 500 points

  • i recommend for dice city roller is bet all of your tokens. i did it that way and i got the badge fast. u have nothing to lose if you bet all of your tokens that u have won.

  • SueBee if you wait a few days and find an empty room, this badge will be really easy.

  • I am having a lot of problems with the Dice City Roller badge this week. I went into several game rooms yesterday afternoon & evening & only succeeded in achieving 1/5. I will try more of it soon, but this might be a badge that is way out of my league & one that I will need to ask for from Pogo Customer Support Services because I am finding it harder than I thought.

    • Brock. The badge is easy to get. I tried yesterday but no luck. This morning I got up early and went into a empty room and got the badge. In one game i got 2 of the pick one. it took me only 4 games. Good Luck!!


  • Sweet tooth2 will not load for me. Second day trying no luck

  • is there a particular auction card you need to get and win in order to win the badge in this weeks challange?

    • Yes, look for the auction card that says “Pick One” on it. There is usually one per game, (but not always!)

      • You might want to run a picture of the card, or when a challenge has something that is particular. Then people could look at it and say oh now I see. : )

  • I’ve tried empty rooms and rooms where i won the bidding against a player and did not get any my wins are not being counted!!! help!!!

  • I got my badge in dice city in 3 games because I lucked up and got 2 in one game. The card you wanna pick has only 3 options on it 100, 300 and 500 and reads Pick one. Way too easy of a challenge if you ask me.

  • i did not get credit in dice city roller


  • I have played about 15 games and have not seen any “pick one” cards yet!

  • Love playing Sweet Tooth, but I gone as far as I can go. Can you make more challenges?

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