Badges, Challenges|June 1, 2017 12:00 AM

Badge Magic Brings Exclusive Badges Every Month


Due to popular demand, we’ve made some big improvements to Mix-n-Magic. Presto chango! Say hello to all-new Badge Magic, your source for exclusive Mix-n-Match Challenges not available anywhere else.

Here’s how it works: Starting the first Thursday of every month, you’ll have 21 days to unlock 21 exclusive Challenges, including new Skill Badges. With Badge Magic, each turn guarantees you a new Challenge. You can unlock one or two Challenges, or go all out and unlock all 21.

Each turn costs 14 Pogo Gems, and you can play a maximum of 21 times every month.

Flip the Cards, Unlock New Challenges

After the 21 days are up, those Challenges won’t be available again, so you have one chance to get them. But, you can wait for a whole new batch to arrive the next month.

Once you unlock a Mix-n-Match Challenge, don’t forget to activate it and win the Badge!


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