Art, Hearts, 1,000 Badges, Java Smarts and MORE!

The Art of the Matter

I loved the article. I think that I will enjoy each badge I earn, even more now and will pay a lot more attention to the care creating it.



Interesting Read!

Very interesting to read about one of the badge artists! We  all know that a lot of people help make Pogo fun to visit and play on and the badges are an important part of that. I would be very interested in reading about others who contribute.

Thank you

Editor: Glad you enjoyed the interview! We will be doing more of these again. We’ve had quite a few “Behind the Scenes” interviews over the years, and we’ll be doing more going forward, and we’ll post some of our favorites from the past as well.


Valentine’s Day Promotion Thank You!

Just want to thank you for all that you do for us.  You make the holidays so much fun.   You all do an excellent job, and please just know, that you are appreciated !  Thank YOU.


Big City Wonderings

I tried to play Big City Adventure today, and because I did the trial previously it would not let me play for the badge.

I would have thought because a badge was offered it would or should have let me play.

For your information.


Editor: Thanks for your letter – you can play Big City Adventures for free and earn the badge even if you’ve used a free trial in the past.

Simply click “Start Game”, and then choose either New York or London. from the Episode Menu, look for one of the free episodes. You may need to scroll down a bit, but they’re there!


Java Issues? Check Your Security Software!

In reference to the letter, Is Java Jinxing Pogo, I was having the same issues with Java. I was constantly being told to update Java, which I did several times. Some games wouldn’t play at all, others would not let me choose a chat room, I could only play by clicking the “play now” button. I finally gave up trying to fix the problem.

The other night, my son (a computer genius) told me that my computer needed some cleaning up. In the process, he got rid of the virus protection I was using (Avast) and replaced it with Windows protection. The next morning when I went to Pogo, every game I played worked without a hitch. I sometimes get a popup that says it’s checking for Java, but it goes away on its own and it only comes up for each game once.

What a relief! No more java issues. (knock on wood)

Editor: Thanks so much for your letter. Indeed, we are becoming more and more aware of certain security programs getting in the way of playing Pogo.  While we don’t normally suggest one type of software over another, I’ll quote a colleague of mine, who also uses Microsoft protection: “I would suggest using Microsoft’s Free Security Essentials for Window XP, Vista and 7.”


Perfect Pair Pondering… 


I was playing Perfect Pair Solitaire and saw what looked like a Pq2 in a heart on the side of the boat. Is that the name of the ship? The Pq2? And, if so, what does the Pq stand for?

I am going to guess it’s for Pequod, (the name of Captain Ahab’s ship in the book Moby Dick by Herman Melville.) Is that right? Am I correct?

Thanks for your time!

Curious Card Player,

Editor: I love your question, and I’d love to be able to answer that you’re spot on. Alas, the PQ2, in this case, stands for the “Pogo Queen 2”.  Which is good for all those passengers, I suppose. 


Pogo Is No Place for Filthy Language!


I have reported this problem before but you STILL haven’t done anything about it.

In the game High Stakes Poker, high rollers tab and Aces Up room lobby, every day the language is absolutely filthy, racist and homophobic.  I have reported the people individually and I know other people have also reported them.  I know, I know, we can mute them, but why the heck should the people that abide by the rules have to do this.  Seems to me, it’s up to you to get rid of these people.  Put one of your “cops” in the lobby of this room for a while and maybe they will be able to do something.  It’s getting worse.



Editor: Unfortunately, we can’t control the behavior of our players. If we could, we’d have at least a few of them come clean my cubicle every once in a while. I have a coffee cup from 2008 that… well, never mind. The point being, we can’t control human behavior anymore than we can control the rate of mold growth.  

Seriously, all you can really do is report them and mute them. If you find that the behavior in this one room is too much for you, you might consider finding another room in which to play.


Does Double Earning Count? 

Will you count the times we earned a badge more than once, as part of our Personal Challenges? For example: I have won the Baby Carrot Badge 41 times; the Slice and Dice Badge 33 times and the All hands on Deck Badge 15 times. This added to the weekly badges that I have earned I am well over the 1000.

There are some games I absolutely will not play but I am on Pogo and playing.

Thank you for your consideration.

Editor: In a word: no. But you know I can’t stop after a single word. I’m a wordaholic!

Alas, the deal is that if you’ve earned the 1,000 separate challenges, you’ll get the special commemorative badge that has not been released yet (sigh – read the next letter!) 


The Woman With the 1,000th Badge


Last night my friend came into a room where I was “badging” to show me her 1,000th Special Edition badge… I saw it… and wondered why I hadn’t been issued mine. All the buzz in the Forums has Club Pogo Members believing that it hasn’t been released when in fact I saw it not only as her badge icon, but in her badges earned.

Why the misinformation? Can we get clarification why some have clearly earned this “milestone” badge yet not all who have earned it gave received it?

PS: BTW, I have 1,004 Weekly badges since last week.

Editor: Congratulations on earning 1,004 badges! The 1,000th badge is on its way! People who have earned the badge will be introduced to “Patience” and will get to know “Patience” well.

As for your friend – she may have somehow managed to get to the right person in our Customer Experience team who mistakenly gave her the badge. The badge has been removed from her account, and our Customer Experience team has been reminded (very sternly) NOT to give those (or any) badges out.  If you see anyone else with one of those, please send the screen name to: and we will remove it from their account.  

We will make a big announcement to the community when we do award the badges to those who have earned it. 


Earned ’em All & Appreciate the Appreciation!

In answer to all the complainers about the special  badge for us old-timers I must say THANK YOU POGO for finally recognizing our loyalty. I do hope you don’t change your mind about not letting everyone else get that badge as you have in the past. When you had special or limited badges or group challenges in the past I’ve seen you change your mind about who can get them and when. That put the damper on the fact that those of us who got them thought it would be just for us and made us feel special. Please don’t ever change your mind about the “1,000” badge.

A Loyal Fan Since The beginning of Time ( or Pogo )

Editor: Don’t worry, once the Special Edition 1,000th badge is awarded to those who earned it by 2/26/13, we won’t be changing our minds.  



Quit Yer Grumping! 

I just have to comment about the 1,000 weekly badge badge.

I am tired of all the grumping and complaining. I have  been a club pogo member since it was started. I am not going to get the badge and I am not complaining.  I have 685 right now. There are challenges I can’t do, like some of the card games.  While I  have learned to play a lot of games only because they were challenges (like Mahjong Safari which is now one of my favorites) , I still cannot figure out Stellar Sweeper.   So I am not getting the badge, I am not complaining… I say congratulations to all of those who have earned it!

And to everyone else–quityourbellaching.


Not Just Hugs…

To Whom it may concern;

I am so completely happy and excited.  I just completed the 1000th badge for the special commemorative badge.  I joined Pogo many many years ago, way before this whole new forum.  I played euchre before Pogo even started charging.  I do believe the year was 1998, I’m not sure but that’s how long I have enjoyed being here.  I have met many interesting people from all over the world and have even traveled to meet different ones and their families.  Continue the way you are doing things.  It’s an awesome program.

Hugs and kisses,


Editor: Hugs *and* kisses? Why, I think you just made my day! Congrats on your achievement, and thanks for being a super-long-time Pogo supporter! If you joined in 1998, it was when we were still “”. It’s really awesome you’ve actually traveled to meet some other Pogo players. Thanks for your letter. :)    


Music to My Ears, Exercise for My Eyes!

I Love the music on the Claire Hart games.  Sometimes I could solve the puzzle faster, but I get engrossed in the beautiful music.  Thank you so much!


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