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AOL Browser Working, Dice City Switcharoo, Spooky Slots and MORE!

AOL Browser Works Again!

Dear Tahd,

AOL works!  Woo-hoo!  Thank you for working with them.  We appreciate it.




AOL Browser Once Again Works!

Hello POGO,

I am one of the AOL browser users who were unable to access many of the Pogo games.  I wanted to tell you that I am now able to access them all and I appreciate whatever part you played in solving this problem.

Way to Go!!  Thanks again!!

I will mention this in Pogo forums also.

Editor: While we’d kinda love to give the responsibility to Oracle for the problem in the first place and then take the credit for the fix, it was actually Oracle that fixed it. We’re delighted that it’s working again. 


Dice City Roller Limited Badge Switch-a-roo

Dear Editor,

I received an email from Pogo that contained a sneak peek of the Limited Edition Badge. “Wow”  I thought, “this is cool inside info”.

Saturday rolled around and first thing in the morning, I went to see what the M&M Badges were, plus I already knew I wanted the LE badge. Imagine my surprise when the challenge had changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I bought it anyway – I love Dice City Roller and ranked out in it years ago. I play every single challenge for that game. Just curious as to why the email stated star die while the actual challenge is for the bonus die auction card.

Curiously  yours

Editor: Looks like we neglected to update the e-mail in time. We do occasionally change the requirements of a Challenge before the Challenge hits the shelves. In this case, we were concerned that the Star Die cards were too infrequent and that the Auction cards were more plentiful.


Bridge Interruptions Annoying 


I have been a paying member of Pogo for many years. My favorite game is bridge, and I have been very unhappy with the recent 30 second advertisements/interruptions that have been appearing about 5 times in every bridge game.

I tried playing in a members-only room, but there are never enough players there to have a game without computer-players.

This is highly unsatisfying. Many players feel similarly and lots have begun looking for alternate bridge sites. I hope that Pogo will remedy this situation quickly. I would hate to leave them.



Editor: We are very sorry about this… we have been adding ads to some of our older table games, and this included Bridge. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize is that it would really disrupt the way that people play Bridge.

Fortunately, we have a very vocal audience, so it wasn’t long before we were made aware of this issue. 

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to fix this immediately.

Fortunately, we WILL be fixing it soon. We’ll be reverting the game back to its pre-intermission state soon. Later, we will be bringing the intermissions back, but in such a way that it will not interrupt the game.

If you are a Club Pogo member, you can avoid the intermissions altogether by playing in the Club Pogo members rooms.


I Love Halloween, Put Up Spooky Slots!

I love Spooky Slots,  but this year I hope you all have a new story line… I love playing, but something new would be GREAT.  I have been a member for sometime now and I just wanted to let you know that I love Pogo…

Thanks for listening.


Editor: Look for Spooky Slots next week – alas, it is the same version from last year.


UK Prizes Won By People in Other Countries


I have one question and hope you can answer it for me PLEASE.

What is the point of UK players entering their prize draws when they are won by other countries?



Editor: Sorry about that – alas, there is no way to keep people from entering these drawings. However, those who are not eligible are disqualified from receiving the prizes.


Possible Scam? Yup!

There is a rumor going around that  if you inbox all your friends, Pogo will give you 20 free gems.  I believe this to be false.  Will you please clear up this matter.

Editor: Sure – you’re correct.


Still Tired of Slots After 5 Weeks!

5 weeks without slots  IS NOT A WHILE!!!!

The subject of my email was posted in the LTTE on August 15. And oh, look, we have a slots challenge again on September 19.

One month is not a while. Lay off the slots for 3 months, and then you can say it’s been a while.


Are slots games the only thing on Pogo?

Editor: Well, “a while” is really subjective and dependent upon the situation. If you were to sit for five weeks in the dental chair having a root canal, then five weeks would probably be “more than a while” to you. If you were to fall in love, get married, buy a house, adopt some children, then five weeks would probably be considered too quick. 

Alas, there’s a slots Challenge this week.  But there’s not one next week!  


I Need to Earn a Backgammon Badge!

I am trying desperately to win a backgammon badge.  My problem is that it is very hard to find players and we cannot play with robots.  I find that sometimes when I am winning, the players quit instead of resigning and that does not count as a win towards my badge.  Is there no way that if someone leaves it could count as a win?  Can we not play against robots?

I would love to hear if you are considering any of these things.

Thank you,


Editor: We will not be adding robots to backgammon. However, you might try visiting the “Backgammon” or “Help” sections of the Pogo Forums and asking another player to help you earn the Badge. It may take a little while before you get a response, but once you find someone, you can activate that Challenge and start working on it.


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  • Dear Editor,
    Having contacted the Customer Experience Team on more than one occasions I think I would rather leave a comment now with you dear editor:
    No one in Pogo Land is able to tell me as to why I have to keep signing back into Pogo by just simmply switching from a game that I am done playing back to my Pogo Homepage OR clicking on a different game. Can’t expect me or anyone else to stay in ONE gameroom all night – or can you? This also happens in the middle of playing a game – just out of the blue the sign in screen pops up as if I never had signed in to begin with. I am not the only Pogo Player affected, the friends I play with experience the same problem and also get NO answers.
    Great Customer Experience indeed! (NOT!!)

  • Are they adding new ranks this year on Spooky Slots?

  • i’m curious if we are gonna have a badge in spooky slots

    • They say there is a badge – but I completed the requirements and no badge …..sigh

  • I guess I am going to reittereate a bit…Im so happy to get spooky slots back again but I don’t see that they have added the 10 ranks.. and I am assumming there will be 1 or 2 challenges for the game this season…On another halloween note, plz plz consider adding some fun haunted touches to pogo bowl this halloween as you do the Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are something many of use look forward to see…thanks for your consideration. Can’t wait to hear the booes of the ghosts in spooky slots….now just need the ranks added, thx…

  • what do we need to do to win the Dice City Roller badge ?

    • Make sure you are playing in auction rooms. You must win a specific auction card to get progress.

  • When are you guys going to add ranks to spooky slots? I am sitting here waiting for new ranks already.

  • Does anyone know how to contact Pogo UK I need to speak to someone urgently?

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