How to Pogo: Amazing Minis Guidelines and Tips

Get Creative! Our Amazing Minis shows are a great way to meet and chat with other players and show off your Mini making skills. Below we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know in order to participate in our weekly Amazing Mini shows.



  • Amazing Mini Show Dates & Times can be found here under the “Events & Contests” Section.
  • Judge’s selections are arbitrary and are personal choices. Judges may have certain preferences in terms of style, such as preferring puns or humorous Minis, or liking more meaningful Minis, but Minis are not at all chosen based on the member which submitted them.
  • Our regular Tuesday Events do not have a theme. Let your imagination run wild and be as creative as possible! 
  • Our regular Friday Events have an optional theme.  Feel free to decorate your Mini to suit our themes or, if the theme that week is not your cup of tea, go ahead and get creative! All Minis will be considered in the judging based on our general guidelines. To find out what the theme will be each week, check the “Events & Contests” page.
  • On our special Holiday Shows, the theme will be based upon the holiday being celebrated. Our holiday shows will always be held on a Thursday unless otherwise specified. We highly recommend that you adhere to the theme to increase your chances of selected, but Minis that do not adhere to the theme will still be judged and may still be selected by Judges. Occasionally, we may also offer a free Mini item during our holiday shows. To find out more about this, stay in the specified rooms and look for a global announcement.

Amazing Mini Tips

  • Be on time! The judges will be going from room to room, and if they’re in the middle of judging when you arrive they will not be able to look at your Mini, so get there in plenty of time! Please do not ask a judge to specifically check your Mini. They will be going through the list of the entire room.
  • Stay in your chosen room! Please, do NOT follow the judges from room to room! You can be disqualified for doing so.
  • And if all the rooms are full… We don’t foresee all the rooms being full, but if for some reason all rooms are at capacity, we’ll make future adjustments so there is enough room for every participant.
  • Judges can’t enter full rooms. If you realize the room you’re in is full, tell everyone in the room and make arrangements for a few of you to find a room less full.
  • Do NOT change your Mini until… Four hours after the event. This gives us time to make sure the “Amazing Mini Hall of Fame” is updated with the proper Minis.
  • What do you get if you’re picked? Lots of people ask this during the event, and the answer is: fame and fun! This event is purely for the fun of it… it’s about sharing your creativity and checking out what others have done with their Minis. It’s also a great chance to get to know some other Pogo players.
  • How will I know if I’ve been picked? You’ll see your Mini in the “Amazing Mini Hall of Fame” in the Mini Mall! 

And here are a couple of Amazing Mini tips and hints from a few of the judges:

  • Make sure every item is necessary! If you have Mini items that do not add to your Mini’s scene, leave them out!
  • Animations are nice… but they are not necessary for your Mini to be picked! We look for a thoughtful idea overall and we look forward to both animated and non-animated Minis.
  • Think about your caption! A caption of some kind make s a big difference. Adding a clever caption to go with your outfit will help make you stand out, though a caption is not required.
  • Be original… AND understanding! Don’t copy someone else’s Mini! And if you find someone with a similar Mini, don’t assume that they stole it from you. It’s very possible for two people to come up with the same idea!


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