9/9– New Episode – Clue – Playtime

The smartest kid in the world, a pint-sized nuclear physicist, has run away from home after threatening to join C.L.U.E.

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  • flash player notice wont let me play what the heck

    • I`ve been getting that again in some games. It`s a darn nuisance. Make sure you click the ‘Don`t block’ box and it should go away and let you play.

    • could try adjusting flash player and allow more space useage. I always tell it unlimited. the sims social and SimCity social used to do this too. those games wouldn’t load right either because they take up a lot of room. these hogs do too. tell it unlimited and it should load/play. could also revert back to java 6 and its last update. download for java site. im on windows 8 ie 10 and I run java6 and its last update. find it on the java website in the archives. Norton says its safe. and don’t forget to tell flash unlimited.

      • I use java 6 and its last update on the firefox and pert browsers also. I don’t use chrome it demands java 7 and then it renders my machine nonresponsive. and it still has issues with java 7. java 6 works on all browsers but chrome. I think the other browsers have compatibility issues with java 7 too why else would so many have problems. everyone on java 6 was fine.

  • would be nice when they come out with new hidden object games that they let you get some of these for free. in stead of using the gems. I don’t buy the gems I think you pay a yearly fee for playing pogo should get some of these things for free with out using gems

    • *yawns*

    • Pogo DOES give us free episodes of both Clue: Secrets & Spies and Claire Hart: Soul Searcher four times a year.

      • I have done all the free episodes in both game , I think it should be made a free game compeltely. and let us buy gems with tokens.

    • instead of just giving token rewards I think Gems could be given in spins, also

      • its rare, but they do. i have won twice over a few years time. each time i won 10 gems. i was shocked and happy at the same time. :)

        • I was in a room the other day where the player got 100 gems in a spin, I thought that was pretty cool because I got Gems in spins twice when they 1st came out but then was only 5 gems per spin (2 different games).

      • I SUPPOSEDLY won 50 Gems on a spin one time. Darn Pogo didn’t add them and, when I went in to CS to try to get my Gems, the CS person didn’t believe me so I got cheated again. This site is nothing but a ripoff, all the way around.

        • If you win something it will be on your prize list: go to top of screen, click on Prizes, when the new page comes up click on Recent Winners then at the top of that page click on Prizes I’ve Won. There’ll be a list of everything you ever won since you 1st started playing in Pogo. Good Luck

    • YAWN as well – the I wish it were free is getting so so so old. Pogo gives many of these for free every year.

      I don’t usually spend gems purchasing new episodes because you can do the first part of every episode for free.

      If you don’t want to spend gems then don’t –

  • does any 1 know why i cant get zuma revenge to load,tried everything ,using firefox windows xp i use to play it but now i cant get to load

  • whats going on with Lottso getting too many team lottso or charity cards

  • I don’t play C.L.U.E at all no this lolo

  • bring the price down put it in a book at 10 single 20 come on know whats up;all seak games/

  • You should update some of your badges. Ive been a member for 5 years or better and I’m running out of weekly personal badges to do.

    • LOL the personal challenges are old weekly challenges that you missed because you weren’t a member yet when they were first offered, so how would you suggest they remedy that? Add more weeks to the calendar for the last 10 years so you can have more personal challenges? lol lol

      • Oh geez, I have suggested before that when they bring games back from the vault, the badges be from earlier years. Not everyone was a member in 1999. I have been a member FIVE years and I am also running out of weeklies.

        • I don’t think you’re understanding…ALL the past weekly badges are available to earn through personal challenges. There are no weekly badges “in the vault” and there are no badges before 2003-the year CLUB Pogo was launched!

          • Edited to say-*with the exception of 4 Buckaroo Blackjack badges which are now special edition badges since the game no longer exists*

  • I used 16 gems to get the Earn Keen Eyes Badge in Claire Hart Soul Searcher where you have to find 100 objects in 2 weeks why isn’t it working? I am finding the objects but it isn’t given me credit for them. I do finish the whole thing. Please get back to me on this.

    • are you finishing the episode? several badges require that you finish the game, the round, the episode to get credited.

  • Yes I am finishing the episode. I did more then once and still no credit. I think since I am not getting credit for this I should yget my gems back.

    • then contact customer service via live chat with EA, it happened to me last year with a Plants vs Zombies’ badge, they did verify my account and then I got the badge.

    • Are you sure you activated the badge?

  • Stop making us pay more than we already do. Come on pogo…..we freaking pay enough!

    • pogo isn’t ‘making’ you pay for anything and quit complaining…you don’t ‘freaking pay enough’. a yearly subscription is $39.99…divide that by 12 months and you get $3.33..divide that by 30 days in a month and that equals a whopping $.11 cents a day. they give the opportunity to get gems free through surveys and offers. every day they have 1 gem videos..you watch a video and you get one gem…do that each day for a month and now you have 30 gems! i’ve been doing offers/videos for a few years now and i have earned quite a lot of gems. give it a try….

      • I agree with everything you say , but where does one find the 1 gem for watching a video? I have tried many times on the surveys but they say I don’t qualify on every one so gave that up.

        • the videos are always below the ‘survey’ listings and are under the ‘offers’ category. they are usually listed first. lately, i have had 3 videos every day. most run about 1 minute in length and then you may have to ‘like’ it or answer a few common questions afterward…like age, married/single, etc. one of them currently running is called radioloyalty and you click on it and have to play it for 30 min…its an internet radio station…and then a caption pops up and you put it in the designated area. i agree it can be tough getting the surveys, but i have done many offers…none that require purchasing anything…only those that might say…sign up for our newsletter or submit email for something..but you can always go back after you are credited and unsubscribe from things. earlier this year i did my taxes via their turbotax link and got 17 gems! you just gotta keep at it, look on all pages to see offers and have patience! :)

          • Sounds like an awful lot of trouble for a few gems. Don’t think I need free gems that badly.

      • It wouldn’t hurt to give a good freebie once in a while. They advertise that they have 1.3 MILLION paid subscribers. That’s a nice chunk of change every year. And it’s not like they are paying you real money. Except for the jackpots and I have been on here for years and not won a dime nor has anyone I know.

    • You don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to. Pogo isn’t make you do a darn thing.
      Play the games – and have fun.

  • Pogo is not awarding me the clue Fog cutter badge, is there a problem, I have completed four episodes and nothing comes up in the chat box to show my progress

  • you gotta complete an episode where there is a fog cutter to find, like the”Certified Public Assassin” épisode.

    • I hadn’t completed the entire second episode when the notice came up saying I won the badge. Left the game, and sure enough I had the badge. Very happy!!

      • yeah yeah, she meant doing one with the fog cutter, we know that as soon as you get one, you are credited for, episode finished or not.

        • The first credit did not come up until I finished the episode. The second appeared as soon as I got the fog cutter. Yeah, yeah, *sigh*, why so snotty?

  • What do you expectfrom a company whose comes from The Netherlands

  • here are the clue games for the *fogger badge** episodes >>> 3 8 16 29 56 72 & 102 <<< just make sure you ACTIVATE the badge & that you play the shadowed game.

  • The nive me the other ew hidden object album why cant we play another game and get the badge?

  • I was able to complete the Claire Hart badge last week. Since I like hidden objects I purchased the badge album. I completed 3 of the 4 badges and haven’t been able to get any of those games to load. This happens to many other games as well. Up until Sat last week I was able to play any and all of the games listed. Now I can only get half of them to load. I am so fed up with all the nonsense going on with Pogo since EA games took over that I’m leaving after membership runs out. Why bother to contact EA games cause all they do is patronize you and send you off. If they don’t fix this problem by next week I won’t be able to do the hidden object badge listed for then.

  • is there anyone else having trouble with getting the ( find 2 fog cutter ) badge i have done and redone and can not get the badge that is one of the reasons i seldom by albums can never get it all any help would be welcome ty

  • hello everyone… I need help. I can play all the games without any problems EXCEPT scrabble. I used to play everyday until about 2 weeks ago when it froze: it loads ok but after it starts, I can’t put any tile on the board… Can anyone help? please!!!

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