5 New Archive Puzzles Added to Jigsaw Detective

Feeling puzzled? We dusted off a Club Pogo classic and added 5 new archive puzzles to Jigsaw Detective. Click “Change Puzzle” then scroll to the end of the Archive Puzzle list to play the new puzzles Bike, Pond, Alley 1, Alley 2 and Arcade.

Please note that we have not added any new Cases or Badges with this update.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Which is your favorite of the new puzzles? Which is your favorite Archive Puzzle? Are there any Archive Puzzles you don’t care for? Do you have a “go to” puzzle you like to do over and over again when completing a Jigsaw case? If you could have more archive puzzles what kinds of locations would you love to see? Have you already completed all the cases for Jigsaw? If not, how many cases have you completed?

Thanks for your feedback.

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  • Sadly, I have finished all of the cases a while ago. I also ranked out on the other jigsaw game. I love the games… and always appreciate new puzzles… but what would really make me extra happy was if there were more cases added to the Jigsaw Detective game. I still play the cases over again – but it isn’t as fun if there isn’t a goal in mind. I hope you guys keep that in mind – and maybe decide to bring back the new cases. Again, however, thank you for the extra puzzles to at least give us a new puzzle to work on.

  • Ty Pogo for adding 5 new archive puzzles.Maybe you can find the time to fix the glitch with Jigsaw Detective not awarding or losing progress when you play on hard.It has been this way for as long as I can remember.

    • Yes please. I’d love to play on hard, but I can’t because it doesn’t give credit for the case.
      Fix this please.

  • I can’t play the new ones due to my cases are all closed. Nothing new is showing up. Are these new cases or just more lame puzzles?

    • Ok, I see. Well, I won’t be playing this if no new badges are in it, not worth it. Thanks anyway.

    • I agree!!!! Nothing is showing on mine either. Help POGO What am I doing wrong

  • I would love to have more cases. Aren’t they supposed to add new cases every month ? when you finish a case you get a badge ?

    • Nayna,

      They quit adding new cases quite some time ago. When the game originally came out a new case was added every month. I believe the last case was released in 2010. Pogo keeps the game up there so that those members who have not yet finished the game and new members who wish to begin the game can still receive the badges.

      • I also completed all cases..the last being august 2011..can’t believe that long ago..enjoyed doing them..just did the latest 5 puzzles..please add more..badges or not..very relaxing..

    • I agree. It is a joy to see some new puzzles in the archive. It would be nice if it could change monthly, with a few new ones added each month. The are still adding a new case each month aren’t they? I love the stories.

  • WHY cant we send gifts and when will the glitch be fixed?I’m going through shopping withdrawls here lol. PLEASE FIX ASAP TYVM

  • I have only solved 3 or 4 cases, since I recently discovered this game, so I’ve got plenty to work on – but I do like a few of the puzzles. There’s one with a radiator and tiled floor which I find easy and a few others. I do NOT like the puzzle that has a bunch of leaves.

  • I love to play Jigsaw Detective, but in the last month, the game will not load. I sent a message to the Tech center, but received on reply. Perhaps I will get help here. Also, this does not happen on any other Pogo games. Can you help?

    • If you received the Images Will Not Load error, that was fixed as of yesterday. Try the game again.

  • This was one of my favorite sites. I was sorry when it stopped adding new ones. The three yellow trolley puzzles were some of my favorites. I have enjoyed the five additional ones. More would be nice.

  • Will we get credited the badges for the 5 new cases in Jigsaw Detective at a later date after we have completed them?

    • @ KJe1971535

      Pogo didn`t add cases. They added 5 new PUZZLES. So, no there won`t be badges to get credit for.

      • Thank you SusyQ151, I realized that but it was to late ( lol ) I had already hit submit comment thank you for your fast response

      • Then what is the point of doing the puzzles. Personally I was relieved the game ended. Got tedious working new cases every month once I completed all the cases. Keep it gone. please.

        • Um, no one forces you to play them. Why not let those who enjoy it, keep enjoying it? Are you the only person on the site who counts?

  • would like to play them. can not, game will not open. my son has done every thing they say to do bstill unablr\e to play
    ng they say to do

  • why no badges? that is what pogo is about, the badges. I can play games anywhere, but on pogo i earn badges. this takes the fun out of playing the game.

  • A lot of times I have to shake my head here. I’m very happy they added some new puzzles. I have played all of the cases on hard with no problems and am playing them all over again for fun. Do we ALWAYS need a new badge? Not me, I play for the fun of it. Doesn’t anybody else just play for fun?

    • @Vicky – I agree with you; I enjoy playing games on Pogo whether or not there is a badge involved. Of course, I haven’t ranked out on any game so I have a long way to go. I have only completed 7 of the cases on Jigsaw Detective since my first one in 2004. I enjoy it and should play it more than I have. I always enjoy it when new puzzles are added or opened for my cases. Thank you, Pogo.

    • No. Not anymore.
      I’d be bored already with all the games on Pogo if it wasn’t for the badges.
      I have 8 more badges to get in this game, then I’m done with it.

      By the way, what did you do to make it work on hard and get credit for the cases? As soon as I unlock a case puzzle I don’t get credit for it on hard and all my friends have the same problem
      What am I doing wrong?

      • I guess the game loves me as much as I love it. I don’t even have to flirt with a tech. :) I started on easy and went up from there to hard and got all the tokens and badges and on this second run through the cases again I only get tokens of course. I have no idea why you aren’t getting what you are supposed to. I never had a problem with that game in all the years I have played it. Badges are fun to earn but the fun is in playing also so good luck to you.

      • Check the Forum… there was a post about a glitch re playing on hard level…

  • why play jigsaw if we get no badges, what`s the point, i ranked out in that a long time ago and loved the game, but will not be playing if no badges, waist of time, come on Pogo and rethink that. Thanks anyway, not a good idea !!!!!!!!!!

  • Badges are a nice perk, but i play the games that are fun for me. After all what good are the badges if we have to beat our brains out to get them.. Pogo is for entertainment, not rewards, though we appreciate them when we get them. Just have fun.

  • does not show up. unable to play the puzzsle

  • I’ve ranked out in this long ago and tried finding the new puzzles. I have no idea where you put them, so have no feedback either good or bad. Why didn’t you just add them to jigsaw treasure hunter instead and create more ranks?

  • Wow! You fixed the missing archive puzzles issue too. There were a few regular archive puzzles that did not display in the archive list, but they would show up occasionally if we let the game choose our next puzzle. I see the missing archive puzzles are in the list now. Cool!

    Of the new puzzles that are just added, I like Bikes the best. Or maybe Pond is my favorite. It might be Arcade though. Hmmm….

  • Why can’t new cases be added to this game? I have ranked out, but still love playing this game!

  • I completed 70 cases. How many cases are there?

  • dont know why we have to pay extra for the rest of the cases,i do love to play all the cases.

  • Jigsaw Dectective got me started to get a badge a day. have everyone hope you start something new and badges to go with it. until then will wait. thanks anyway

  • Jigsaw Dectective got me started to do a badge a day. Will look forward to new puzzles with badges. Thanks anyway

  • I’ve ranked out in Jigsaw Detective and Jigsaw Treasure Hunter…I did all the ranks for JTH twice, after Pogo lost all my ranks afterwards…I love doing Jigsaw puzzles. Would like either more ranks for JTH or JD, something new anyway. What I don’t like in JD is that you get puzzles over and over. I would like NEW puzzles!

    Pr Chris

  • How can you make the puzzles a little bit larger?

  • I’m ranked out in both Jigsaw Detective and Jigsaw Treasure Hunter. I would love to see more ranks or a new jigsaw puzzle game. Thanks for the extra puzzles!

  • I would love more Jigsaw. I completed all ranks and puzzles in Jigsaw Detective and Jigsaw Treasure Hunter a long time ago and loved them but never go back because there aren’t any new puzzles or badges.
    I don’t understand why your putting new puzzles on there and no new ranks or badges.
    I think you are doing a survey to see if people want more and then you will add more ranks and badges but you will charge extra for them just like Clue and Claire Hart, I also love all the new hidden object games but do not feel you should be charging extra for those games.
    We already pay a yearly fee to play Pogo games and all the games in Pogo should be included in that yearly fee. Lots of people are getting disgusted with Pogo and bored with the same games, then when you do bring out new games, you want to charge extra money for them.

  • I love the jigsaw puzzle games. Don’t play them a lot anymore because I don’t have the time. I haven’t ranked out in them yet, but am close in jigsaw detective. I love all the new puzzles. I do hate the leaf puzzle it is too hard for me.

  • I love Jigsaw Puzzles and wish you would add more in the future. I’ve ranked out in Jigsaw Treasure Hunter and have done 33 puzzles so far in Jigsaw Detective. My favorite of the 5 new archive puzzles is the Pond. Some of the puzzles I don’t like are the bathroom ones, gates, pipes, Ugly Carpet, parking garage. Some of the Puzzles I love are Scenery like Night Sky, Up the Creek, Sunset Bay, ones with trucks, bridges, or boats. If you add any new archive ones I would like to see scenery.

  • I cant find the new puzzles in Jigsaw Det. Also I finished all my albums that we we’re suppose to complete for the 1,000th badge but never got the badge that I worked so hard for. Can someone please tell me who to contact about getting the badge?. I sent the email like we we’re supposed to, to recieve the badge but I never got mine. Im still hopeful that someone out in Pogoland will help me figure this mess out.

    • I didn’t think I got it either but one day went through all my badges and I found it

      • Areel it was put in our Special Edition album but mine isnt there nor is it in any of my badges. I have ran out of options just didnt think it was fair I earned it and never got it and I did everything Pogo told us to do even tried sending an email to them and still nothing never heard a word from them :(

  • any one can tell me how i can get the torch bearer badge been playing it for a chellanges for a long time only badge need to fill my 2012 book if some one will help me or do it for me send me a message please i give you my password thanks

  • Please do more cases and badges I really miss this game

  • How do we get a hold of tech support I have tried cant find it

  • I love Jigsaw Detective. Thank you so much for adding some more puzzles. I finished all the cases as they were offered and would love to have more. Keep up the good work.

  • why is it every time i try to play the game this white square comes on and asks if i want to wait until it starts or kill the game then i kill it cause it won’t start until i close the computer off and try again then i can finally play it does it on some games too can you kill that white square??

  • I have done all the puzzles sure would be nice two have more

  • I was very happy to read that you had added 5 puzzles, and I have done them now. When are you going to expand this game, add more archives and more puzzles? I finished them all years ago. So I was surprised to read in the news that you had a few more. Keep up the good work, and add, add, add, some more. Thank you.

  • Nice to have five new puzzles. Would be even nicer to have new cases added as well. Most of us have ranked out of Jigsaw Detective and Jigsaw Treasure.

    Thank you for asking our opinion.

  • I love Jigsaw Detective so I’ll take what I can get and appreciate anything new!

  • as much as I like jigsaw puzzles, and having finished all the badges I just really don’t see the point in doing puzzles with no badge goal in site. I like having a mission (case), you really shud add more, I was so disappointed when you stopped. It used to be one of my go to favorites but not so much now.

  • My favorite case was Rest and Relaxation (#23). I love the scenic portion of the puzzles with the old time wooden shed and gnome. I replay it several times a year.
    Thank you.

  • Yippee! New puzzles! Thank you, Pogo! I adore Jigsaw Detective. However, I don’t have nearly as many case badges as you would think because I like to play on hard, and that level doesn’t really award case/badge progress. If I could suggest 1 thing, it would be to fix that glitch, please!

    At any rate, I cannot pick a favorite puzzle. All of them have a time and place :)

  • Why aren’t the new puzzles awarded with a badge? It seems to me POGO is only interested in selling more CLUES & Spies for money than in keeping their word and adding more cases to Puzzles as they have said they would do. With the economy in such dire straits, some of us cannot afford to buy gems to purchase CLUES & Spies. POGO keeps adding CLUE cases each and every week, but has forgotten about those of us who do not care to do Clues all the time. How about keeping your word and adding badges to other games instead of only the CLUES and SPIES. Thank you for listening to my rantings

  • Have tried and tried, but cannot find the new puzzles. I clicked on change puzzles — and try to scroll but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

  • I have enjoyed Jigsaw Detective since I found it. I have only about 30 of the cases finished but intend to do them all. Yes the leaves are hard but so is the white carpet in the last case I did but it gets me interested in doing a new puzzle. I have done all of the new puzzles and like them all. I prefer doing outdoor scenes but always like to do a new one. I really do not have a favorite but when I need to do extra puzzles to continue a case I seem to always go to the outdoor woodsy or outdoor water puzzles. Thanks again for the new puzzles. Keep up the great work.

  • how many levels are there in Jigsaw. I am on 70 and wonder how many I have to go to get to the end Thanks in advance for the answer to this

  • Hurray! Love the new puzzles…. Would like to see more added!